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  1. Since it sometimes work out good and other times not have you considered checking your up stream equipment. Your network equipment, internetconnection. Maybe your internetconnection get clogged at special times due to heavy traffic, overheating router, qos in router not enabled, etc..... Just some ideas.
  2. Ifi ipower 5v is reported by many to underpower the dirty side of allo signature player and cause issues. Allo's cheap 3amp supply is good or any other quality with 3a output. Or you can try to disable rpi's wifi, bluetooth and other functions to save power and see if it works better then.
  3. Hi Its Allo DigiOne Signature, control point android smartphone - also nice if possible to control via apple macbook and ipad. No locally stored music - only tidal and if possible internet radio stations.
  4. Have done some more testing now with the shanti and as I have gotten better equipment else in the hifi-chain I now prefer the 3A over the 1A output of the shanti to the IFI Ipurifier SPDIF reclocker. Less noise, more dynamic, more musical - overall better. The streamer is Bluesound Node 2i and dac is Hegel HD25. Theroretically it shouldn´t matter because the IFI ipurifier only needs 500mA but it is actually very obvious if the rest of the system is good and transparent. As the Allo DigiOne Signature only needs power of maybe 50mA or something this doesnt need to be the case here. Anyway the shanti ps needs to be vibration decoupled from the underneath or it is just ok/good imo, not very good. And it needs vibration absorption on the top to be at a very very good level. I myself use some sorbothane hemispheres bought from ebay with some weight on them on top. Sorbothane with 50 shore density is very vibration absorbing. And of course the venting holes must not be blocked. I have also tried the LPS 1.2 on the Allo DigiOne Signature and it was much worse than shanti on the clean power on the DigiOne. But as I wrote over the shanti needs to be vibration controlled and decoupled.
  5. Have tried MyVolumio with tidal but was not satisfied with the graphic userinterface, nor the pricing.. Are there other ways to have Tidal on a Allo device without using a separate physical server(minim or others). The server working with Tidal have be on the image or a plugin to the image on allo device, just like MyVolumio. Can someone point me to an idiotguide how to do this. Or write one here. I have googled and havent found anyone yet.
  6. One more viewpoint. The maybe biggest pitfall of LPS 1.2 versus the shanti with ifi ipurifier is the bad timing. The band or orchestra is not playing well together.
  7. Hello I have compared the shanti vs lps 1.2 on a ifi spdif ipurifier which needs 500mA. I clearly prefer the shanti, but the 1A output of it then. I feel 1A output of the shanti is a little better than the 3A output. The Uptone LPS 1.2 seems more mechanical, more muted and with less resolution than the shanti 1A output. Shanti just seems more musical and released. With the LPS I want to turn the volume up and with the shanti I don't feel so, so there seems to be no placebo effect and I have switched back and forth many times with very little time between only swapping the dc cables. And same results every time.
  8. Thanks,, but do you think minimserver is the best free option for rpi for use with tidal and internetradio?
  9. Can Myvolumio work as a standalone software player on a raspberry pi or does it need a servercore on a pc or stream from smartphone?
  10. Best to worst: Digione Signature Bluesound Node 2/2i Chromecast Audio Ieast M30 Stream Pro
  11. Is it possible to run a type of "server" software on digione signature itself so it really can act as a server and not just like a endpoint. Like Bluesound Node 2 which I also have. I only use tidal and internet radio, no nas etc.
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