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  1. Can someone explain all the technical differences between SPDIF Ipurifier and SPDIF Ipurifier 2? It's somewhat unclear from the marketing. And how much better are the SPDIF Ipurifier 2 than the original version?
  2. 3A to dirty side and 1A to clean side of the DigiOne Signature.
  3. Thanks for the comparision magnuska. If I may ask, what have you since moved on to for an upgrade?
  4. Has anyone experienced differences from new versus properly burned in routers, switches etc? Or is burn in time of network equipment just nonsense?
  5. @magnuska; Have you directly compared the Inakustik USB reference to Triode Wire Discrete?
  6. @antonellocaroli Just installed gentooplayer, but I can't login to webinterface I get ' "rpi ipadress" rejected your connection attempt '. Nor can I change the volume or mute in mplayer. All this worked out of box with other distros like moode, dietpi, etc. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  7. @clipper: No, It doesnt need to be over upnp. I am currently using dietpi w/allo gui and there are many built in streamingservices in that f.ex. sqeeze lite, shairport... I just cant understand why the major radio app makers like tunein can have native possibility to stream through upnp just like mplayer and bubbleupnp. It only has chromecast. I will check more into LMS and its possibilities. @Cebolla: I'm foremost after as easy as possible way to stream internet radio. Not lots of custom installations and scriptswriting. Willing to use networked device, but wondered if there were
  8. Hi How can I get internetradio to raspberry pi streamer through upnp, just like I stream Tidal to the rpi with bubbleupnp or mplayer? Or are the only option to stream internetradio through airplay? Thanks
  9. Hi What are the best sounding distro for rpi digione signature, someone listened to them all? Some told moode but personally I find dietpi-allo-gui sounds better. And how do I configure the distro for best sound with oversampling and more?
  10. Since it sometimes work out good and other times not have you considered checking your up stream equipment. Your network equipment, internetconnection. Maybe your internetconnection get clogged at special times due to heavy traffic, overheating router, qos in router not enabled, etc..... Just some ideas.
  11. Ifi ipower 5v is reported by many to underpower the dirty side of allo signature player and cause issues. Allo's cheap 3amp supply is good or any other quality with 3a output. Or you can try to disable rpi's wifi, bluetooth and other functions to save power and see if it works better then.
  12. Hi Its Allo DigiOne Signature, control point android smartphone - also nice if possible to control via apple macbook and ipad. No locally stored music - only tidal and if possible internet radio stations.
  13. Have done some more testing now with the shanti and as I have gotten better equipment else in the hifi-chain I now prefer the 3A over the 1A output of the shanti to the IFI Ipurifier SPDIF reclocker. Less noise, more dynamic, more musical - overall better. The streamer is Bluesound Node 2i and dac is Hegel HD25. Theroretically it shouldn´t matter because the IFI ipurifier only needs 500mA but it is actually very obvious if the rest of the system is good and transparent. As the Allo DigiOne Signature only needs power of maybe 50mA or something this doesnt need to be the case here.
  14. Have tried MyVolumio with tidal but was not satisfied with the graphic userinterface, nor the pricing.. Are there other ways to have Tidal on a Allo device without using a separate physical server(minim or others). The server working with Tidal have be on the image or a plugin to the image on allo device, just like MyVolumio. Can someone point me to an idiotguide how to do this. Or write one here. I have googled and havent found anyone yet.
  15. One more viewpoint. The maybe biggest pitfall of LPS 1.2 versus the shanti with ifi ipurifier is the bad timing. The band or orchestra is not playing well together.
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