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  1. If David Ceaff is informing eveybody that the Qobuz servers are down, and the first question starts with Uhmm.... What is the relationship between Qobuz and Amazon, this question is not really about whose infrastructure Qobuz is using. And for the answer on the dumbest question, as you have good and personal relationship with David Craff, why don't you ask him. And if I am still the stupiest asshole, well be my guest. Dirk
  2. I don't know whose infrastructure Qobuz is using. But the question definitely suggested that Amazon was responsible for the downtime of Qobuz. But Amazon would not have grown so succesfull, by far number 1 worldwide in providing webservices and cloud/server infrastructure, if they did not offer a more than excellent service. Recognized by Gartner year in, year out as the market leader and visonair in this market. And it is very well possible that a server(cloud) goes down, even at AWS, but there are contracts with uptime and service restore requirements. Amazon would not be so succesfull with million of small and big companies in the world, if they did not honour these contracts. And again, I do not know if Qobuz makes use of AWS or not. Dirk
  3. Sorry, but this is one of the most stupid questions I have read on this forum. Look at the Gartner Quadrant and you know why. And if you do not know about the Gartner Quadrant, than please catch up before you ask IT-related questions. Dirk
  4. I can only confirm what Jud has just responded. I have no experience with Tidal, but I do listen a lot to Qobuz. Streamed tracks at CD quality are as good local ripped cd tracks. But why do you not try for yourself for 1 month? Your ears, your music! Dirk
  5. And how did you get past the payment page? Dirk
  6. It is indeed available in Germany (and Austria) too. Although I am a customer at Amazon.de, I could not register (even not by trying to fool the system). It checks the origin of your credit card country. Picture is in German, but I assume the message is clear. Dirk
  7. Just be aware if and where they become downloadable. Living in Belgium, these albums are not available at 7digital Dirk
  8. Van: Onkyo Music <[email protected]> Verstuurd: woensdag 4 september 2019 21:06 Aan: dirk.de.taey Onderwerp: Important Notice: Onkyo Music being discontinued Important Notice: Service being discontinued Dear Customer, Onkyo Music’s mission has been to provide music in the best quality available to audiophiles and music lovers since its launch in 2015. We’ve been continuously improving our offering and trying for the listener to experience music in its purest form. Following developments in the industry and trends in how music is consumed, Onkyo Corp. has decided to close down Onkyo Music services in all territories where it is available (United States, United Kingdom and Germany). E-Onkyo will continue as normal in Japan. Henceforth it is announced that the Hi-Res music service Onkyo Music will come to an end on the 6th of October 2019. Users that have purchased music and would like to download it can do so until this date. We encourage users to do this as soon as possible. We are immensely grateful to all our loyal customers, from the ones that have been with us since the beginning to the ones that have joined throughout the years. Also, we are incredibly grateful to all our partners who have made Onkyo Music possible and enabled music lovers to experience High Resolution music in new ways. Thank you.
  9. gdpr

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated as I was going to test the latest pinkfaun audiolinux upgrade using ramroot. will need to verify with Jord first Dirk
  10. Some weeks ago I have complained at Qobuz about 2 highrez albums I bought After some email exchanges, I received a final response this week, acknowledging issues with these albums. They announced they would resume sales of these downloads (but as far as I checked yesterday, they are still on sale) Apart from that I received a nice commercial gesture Dirk
  11. I plead guilty as charged. My arse is still itching Dirk
  12. gdpr

    Pink Faun 2.16

    I am trying to follow the different topics about Audiolinux, HQPlayerEmbedded, ramroot, .... but you lost me here. Would you please be so kind to ellaborate (or refer to specific topics) about HQplayer and ramroot not being friendly with each other just yet? Thanks Dirk
  13. Hi Miska I am still struggling with the difference - non-difference between the single stage filters and their two-stage variant. Is the end-result of the filter calculation of .e.g. poly-sinc-xtr and poly-sinc-xtr-2s filters the same before sent to the DAC, or is there a difference? If no difference, why would one use a single stage filter? Thanks for your insights and feedback Dirk
  14. Hi Miska I still try to get my head around 2 issues, of which this is one of them. I understand that from a technical point of view the 'clean' analog filter looks nicer than the 'wide' analog filter. I remember some months ago you have published some frequency plots about this, where you commented on the use of DSD256 with 'clean' and Wide only with DSD512. Still I hear a big difference between teh 'clean' state and the 'wide' state. In fact , the name 'wide' is exactly what it means, the soundstage gets deeper end especially much wider. However, instruments/voices keep their focus. What is than the technical explanation for that? Am I just listening to noise, which makes for a more 'enjoyable' (not necesarilly correct) soundstage? And how as a non-technical user, can we know for sure about this. E.g. T+A is recommending 'Wide' choice for everything equal or above DSD128 , if one's amplifier supports it. Thanks for your insights and feedback Dirk
  15. The only reason why they would go direct is to improve the bottom end, i.e. Improve margin. There will definitely no (significant) price drop Just my opinion Dirk
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