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  1. If you really believe you need 200 hours, it takes approximately 1 full week. Just decouple your speakers and let you amp do its thing, playing music continuously. Dirk
  2. I am not a big fan of Radiohead, although there are quit some tracks that I like. I just bought the Minidisc collection, downloading right now, help Radiohead to make a point (and probably unexpected lots of 'extra' money) I really like their move and attitude. Dirk Hovwever, minidisc ????
  3. @porkchop has created a topic "Metadata the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry" in the Music part of the forum. Dirk (sorry but I have not found a way to refer directly to this new topic)
  4. When they pay, the streaming service companies are paying extremely small amounts to artists for every streamed song/album. If they are willingly (or at least are aware that they are) not paying the artists , the streaming business model will just die. Artists will need to look for other alternatives to sell their music, otherwise they risk of having no income at all. In the bigger markets like the US, services like Bandcamp and Juno are already trying to offer a valid alternative, especially to the newer artists. But for the more local oriented artists living in e.g. Belgium or one of the Nordic countries, it will be extremely hard to get be known outside of their own country. Anyway, this only re-enforces my attitude in supporting artists, in buying their album if I like it and want to have it in my collection. Question remains if the same issues with the metadata could impact the payout of purchased (downloaded) albums to the artists as well? A lot of issues to be concerned about Dirk
  5. [email protected] would you mind to make this a separate topic (without the MQA stuff) I strongly believe that what is explained here have possible bigger impact on the music industry than MQA. Dirk
  6. Pinkfaun does make use of Audiolinux, correct I don't know about Jriver. Normally they have Roon standard and HQPlayerEmbedded optional. Dirk
  7. Sorry that I have disrupted this topic. But you are absolutely right, I have chosen for a Pinkfaun server because I wanted something simple, worling, stable and supported. Windows was out of the question as I have been using that in combo with Jriver. I was more updating than listening to music. I have no knowledge of Linux, and in my ‘role’ of audiophile, I am not willing to invest therein. On the level of flexibility, it is up to Jord to respond, but from a support point of view, too much flexibility will kill the business. I will refrain from further responses in this topic Dirk
  8. Have you ever performed an inhome comparison test betwwen the Taiko Extreme and the PinkFaun 2.16x? I have not, and I am convinced it would cost me several weeks, before I would be able to ‘define’ the difference between them, if at all. I am no saying the Pinkfaun is better than the Taico. I am extremely happy with the 1-box Pinkfaun server and although still very expensive, it is nowhere in the order of 30k€. And The processor used is AMD 7 Ryzen 2600X processor with 8 cores and 16virtual processors. My next upgrade will be an update of Audiolinux to be able to dedicate processor to different tasks and applications. Dirk
  9. Alternatively, you can buy the 'best' linux server/streamer Pinkfaun 2.16 Dirk
  10. Ry Cooder "Paris, Texas" is available at Qobuz in Belgium. Bob Dylan "Oh Mercy" apparently has disappeared also in Belgium. A couple of months ago, this album was even granted a Qobuz Discography 'label' (or award). I know this for sure as I have tagged (and added) all Qobuz Discography albums to my library. Now it is even not mentioned there anymore (search and manual check of about 800 albums). However, as I own this album, I still have it in my library . Dirk
  11. Which would mean that it is best to aquire an active speaker, with builtin dac !? Dirk
  12. These prices look indeed to be on the high side. Qobuz download 24/96 normal price : 22,49€ Hifi Sublime : 15€ Dirk
  13. Hi Matthias I do understand that Qobuz or Tidal or Spotify or .... can have different SQ due to different IT infrastructure in their own and/or rented datacenters. At the other hand, I am sure that either streaming company will make a lot of efforts to standardize their IT 8!frastructure, even if they will rent it as a service from e.g. AWS (Amazon). Big part of the infrastructure delivering the goods(digital data) in your home, are the local telecom provider(s). Nothing the streaming companies can control. The point I was trying to make is that I would not immediately think about moving from Belgium to e.g. France it Qobuz would be delivering better sound quality over there. Dirk
  14. If there would be differences, how would we know? As far as I am concerned , I am living in 1 country. Most probably there are people that live in 2 countries, but again 1at the time. And if those people would make use of Qobuz at these different homes, the chances are nill that they would listen to the same setup. The telecom provider is by definition different. Not wanting to offend you, but your question is really not relevant Dirk
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