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  1. Hi @Miska, is this a new filter? I only know of poly-sinc-ext & poly-sinc-ext2. Dirk
  2. Better ask Chris to remove the whole tread. I love a tough rugby or hockey match, but to describe in succer terms ( don’t know the correct english term) here people are kicking afterwards, when the bal is long gone. Dirk
  3. That is indeed a steal compared to the european price. Dirk
  4. Qobuz sublime : 24,50€ for 24/192 version. Same price for 24/96. Dirk
  5. I fully agree, 1) as dbPoweramp is integrated in the 'shell' of Windows File Manager , it is an easy 1st check and alert . If MQA authentication is mentioned, it makes 100% sense to check in depth with your tool 🙂 My aim is is to build a list of albums and their production labels, such as 2L, that are misleading customers. I hope my list will stop at 1 'music label' entry. 2) as dBPoweramp is indicating MQA identification, we better make sure not to make them spread the word that MQA is Perfect (Losless). There are probably more users using dbPoweramp, than readors of the MQA is Vaporware topic on the forum. Dirk
  6. Hereby the email I have just sent to dbPoweramp
  7. A big thanks to @mansr; @john dyson & @PeterSt for all your support out here. In the mean time I have found out that dbPoweramp also is providing information on track level about MQA authentication The only problem I have is that dBPoweramp is stating an MQA encoded file has still perfect Audio Quality: Perfect (losless). I will need to send them an urgent message 🙂 Dirk
  8. Hi John Could you please explain to me which executable to us and how to use it? I have unpacked your zip file, resulting in 3 executables - mqascan, mqbscan & mqbgen. When I try to execute mqascan, nothing happens (except some security warnings, which I all have 'accepted') Thanks in advance Dirk
  9. I fully agree, MQA tracks should not be on Qobuz. Dirk
  10. Excellent! Even if you personally wanted it the other way. Up to now, Qobuz has resisted to actively support MQA and I sincerely hope to keep on doing this forever. (It is unavoidable that once in a while they will offer MQA downloads/streaming as there are companies like 2L that are by providing mqa files without identifying it as such, jcheating on everybody). Dirk
  11. Sorry for maybe a stupid question, but how do I get this to work under Windows 10? I have downloaded the mqa-master.zip file and unpacked it. I don't see any executable however? What am I overlooking? Dirk
  12. How can we be sure that we do not receive an 'mqa'-ed download when buying a regular flac (or aiff/wav) album? Anybody in the house capable / interested to develop a small app(lication) for that? Long time ago I was using 'flactest' utility to check ripped tracks. As mqa is wrapped in flac, this will not be the one, but it gives an idea what I am asking here. Dirk
  13. Because it will take care of MQA in the very near future? Dirk
  14. Don't know if it will help, but when I am experiencing strange behaviour on communication level, I power everything down, restart my router and power things up one by one. If it does not help, it certainly will not hurt. Dirk
  15. Sorry but your message would make more sense if you had corrected the real MQA file description iso of the Hirez one. Dirk
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