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  1. The only reason why they would go direct is to improve the bottom end, i.e. Improve margin. There will definitely no (significant) price drop Just my opinion Dirk
  2. I agree with your statement - accuracy is better than an apology. For this reason, I would not use 'writing the thruth', but rather say 'hinting at the truth' Dirk
  3. Sound is quite good, in terms of realism! It is however not neccessarily good publicity for McIntosh, if these are the amplifiers used, as on several tracks, e.g. Melanie, the amplifier's hum is coming through loud and clear. Dirk P.S. If you like the Creedence, have a listen to their new 'Live at Woodstock album. It is really good, both on music and on sound quality.
  4. But sometimes clouded by rainclouds. There are many types of rain clouds, including the three most common types: stratus, cirrus, and cumulus. From there, you can get variations of rain clouds like stratocumulus, nimbostratus, and cirrostratus and more. https://sciencetrends.com/the-types-of-rain-clouds/. These are all the kinder ones. And then you have the more persistent ones such as MQA, TAS, Sterophile, etc......
  5. Are you maybe working for MQA and looking for a way out? (just joking) Dirk
  6. I suppose it is this one (did not find any other Symphonies 1-9 set) : https://www.qobuz.com/be-nl/album/beethoven-9-symphonies-herbert-von-karajan-berliner-philharmoniker/0002894793782 For me, price is consistent : If in your case, price doubles, I would contact support and claim the lower price. Dirk
  7. Are you sure you did not have to click on the 'Sublime +" subscription button? Can you give the example. Woulmd like to check here in Blegium. Dirk
  8. The video card used in my PinkFaun server is : https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/293518/sapphire-hd-6450-2gb-ddr3.html Dirk
  9. I have downloaded at Qobuz the album 'Friday' from the band Monkey House. This is supposed to be a 192 kHz/24-bit hirez album. Looking at the music information using Xivero's Musicscope, I get the weirdest frequency band I have ever seen Even upsampling does normally not show like this. Anybody an idea what's wrong here? Dirk
  10. 1) Some people like to discuss, just for the discussion. 2)Hi, some people love to discuss with themselves. 3) Other people cannot resist in entering the discussions, which only make up for more discussions. This site has a nice tool, called 'ignore list'. If everybody, and I do mean everybody, would not react for 2 weeks to the topics posted by the 'people mentioned in 1) than it will be very funny to see how 2) will develop Dirk
  11. Nice recommendation from Duncan Smart in the Roon Community : if you like Steely Dan, you will like Monkey House - Friday album https://community.roonlabs.com/t/what-are-we-listening-to-2019/56776/4393?u=dirk_de_taey
  12. One could also say people seemed to prefer the sound of hires over MQA in about 50% of the cases. Although I am saying exactly the same as you, it still ‘reads’ different. Dirk
  13. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    It is linear phase. Only filters with explicit '-mp' are minimum phase Dirk
  14. Are you sure about 'resell? No Way'. In the Western world, I believe you are quite right. Talking with my hifi dealer, he sees a total shift of the attention of audio manufacturesr and service providers shift to the China, India (with probably other countries in the regions to follow). I can very well imagine that 'local' music overthere will be resold as this has happened overhere. Dirk
  15. Maybe already answered somewhere in this forum, but cannot find it. Is HQPlayer Client for Windows included in the HQPlayer embedded, or is only HQPlayer Client for Linux included is included? Or is a seperate license required whatsoever? Thanks for helping out. Dirk
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