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  1. I have been in regular contact with T+A myself , and I have been testing 4 different firmwares on my T+A 8 DSD dac during the last 4 months. Pinkfaun, manufacturer of my streamer, is also producing Dac's. They use Amanero also, and they have not yet achieved/received a DSD512 capable linux firmware. I have never been in contact with Amanero . If you can indicate me either a new Amanero USB module with cooresponding Linux firmware, or just new firmware that allows flawless DSD512 with Linux, I am eager to find out about it Dirk
  2. ddetaey

    Reading digital liner notes

    I use an ipad to control Roon. I also read liner notes on this ipad. Any pdf file placed in the album folder, is accessible in album/track view in Roon, so I do not need to do anything extra myself Dirk
  3. Please be aware that today there is not one single Dac with an Amanero USB input module is capable of playing DSD512 flawlessy with Linux.
  4. If Qobuz US has the same rights on her catalog, compared with Europe, you can except to see 7 albums Dirk
  5. ddetaey

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Nothing to do with Qobuz US as such, but just wanting to express my BIG thanks for the integration between Qobuz and Roon. Your streaming SQ is really, and I really mean REALLY excellent, even at Redbook quality. integration with Roon, being able to bring albums in my library and have all the benefits - just think about lyrics as one example - and also on audioquality - I am finally able to benefit from HQplayer upsampling/filtering. I have a lifetime Roon subscription, I will keep subscribing with Qobuz all my life. Dirk P.S. Let this not prevent you to further improvements and innovations 🙂
  6. ddetaey

    Is 100 Mbit/s Ethernet enough for audio?

    Yes it will do DSD512, but I believe 1Gb routers are the standard today. I would go for 1Gb if I were you. Dirk
  7. ddetaey

    Europen Jazz On Qobuz

    Qobuz subscribers are welcome to suggest additions to their catalog. Sometimes this works, other times not but worth to try anyway Dirk
  8. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    When you uninstalled, did you check in the appropriate WindowS Prgrams folders all HQplayer content is deleted. I have had kind of similar problems in linux, where a specific HQplayer file needed manual removal, in order to get new install of HQplayer running correctly. of course Windows is not Linux. But does not hurt to check if you need to re-install again. Dirk
  9. ddetaey

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    You can have 3 devices associated and playing at the same time. You can eventually try to clear the list of assosciated devices in Qobuz - My account - My settings - My devices . Devices will (re-)associate when you start playing . see also Qobuz - Help - Help Center (left down the page) Dirk
  10. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    Thanks Miska, very insightfull. Dirk
  11. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    Problem is most certainly in your dac (or micro rendu). I personally would go for a more standard samplerate, 44.1 × 256, as I am not aware of any device running 48x250. I find it curious that Miska has foreseen this rate. Dirk
  12. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    Can you try limiting to DSD256 to 44,1kHz multiple? In HQplayer settings (outside Roon), disable autorate & set max. Rate to 11289600. Dirk
  13. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    No for different reasons: - I loose my warranty - System is headless, and for Bios updates, you need to communicate with the hardware (no remote software access to that) I would need to open case and put in videocard , warranty again plus all risks that go with that. - risk of impacting hardware signature towards HQplayer Reasons I do not want to: My fanless streamer is at this moment in perfect ‘power balance’ with capabilities of my Dac. I.e. It is running (hand)warm but not hot! I like to keep it that way Dirk
  14. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    Sorry but cannot help you with this one, as my streamer - Pinkfaun 2.16 is a 'closed' system, which I cannot experiment with. (Not that I want to) In my streamer hypertreading is active Dirk
  15. ddetaey

    HQ Player

    To be honest, for me filter is more important than upsampling rate, at least with the T+A 8 DSD dac. To be complete, I do prefer the heavier filters, and as said before, I prefer DSD256 with a single step filter (non-2s) than DSD512 with 2-step filter (-2s) Due to this preference I have not tested the lightest filters such as poly-sinc-short, neither in DSD256 nor DSD512. Please take into account that DSD512 on native Linux does not work with the T+A 8 DSD Dac (or any other dac using the Amanero USB module). Apparently it works fine using Windows but I have not tried that (nor am I interested to try that). On an ifi Micro DSD dac, DSD512 is working fine (with a poly-sinc-xtr-lp-2s filter in my case, as my streamer processor cannot handle the load of the 1-step filter). However, for me there is a hugh SQ difference with the T+A 8 DSD, which is much better even with DSD256. To conclude, for me DSD256 is as good as DSD512 for what I can hear, and due to my fanless streamer, this matches nicely with my streamers capapilites of handling Jussi's top filters. Dirk