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  1. Thanks dub. Sony MDR7506 wasn't on my radar, but I'll try to check them out somewhere. The price of just over $100 seems a bit sketch though. haha. Ironically, I kept the m50x's because they were so cheap that I didn't feel like returning them. lol. Sound quality is pretty nice too, and they are only slightly too big on the smallest setting.
  2. Hi, I am 27 yr old male, about 5'7, but sadly I have a pretty small head. I've used earbuds for most of my life, but I've been looking for a solid pair of over-the-ear headphones for working with Logic Pro X to make remixes of songs and some original music too. I've gone through shure 1450, Beyerdynamic DT-770, and audio-technica m50x. All of them are too big for my head even at the smallest setting. I can feel the earcups pulling my ears down, and I have to like turn the headphones to where the headband is just above my forehead to prevent this. Anyway, whenever I try to google f
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