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  1. Thanks dub. Sony MDR7506 wasn't on my radar, but I'll try to check them out somewhere. The price of just over $100 seems a bit sketch though. haha. Ironically, I kept the m50x's because they were so cheap that I didn't feel like returning them. lol. Sound quality is pretty nice too, and they are only slightly too big on the smallest setting.
  2. Hi, I am 27 yr old male, about 5'7, but sadly I have a pretty small head. I've used earbuds for most of my life, but I've been looking for a solid pair of over-the-ear headphones for working with Logic Pro X to make remixes of songs and some original music too. I've gone through shure 1450, Beyerdynamic DT-770, and audio-technica m50x. All of them are too big for my head even at the smallest setting. I can feel the earcups pulling my ears down, and I have to like turn the headphones to where the headband is just above my forehead to prevent this. Anyway, whenever I try to google for this I always end up on, "headphones for petite women and kids" articles. It would be nice if you guys could give me some recommendations for legit mixing headphones that might fit me (or possibly a serious model headphone that comes in kid's size? Is that even a thing?). Thanks, FartyPop Jr.
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