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  1. Same ballpark price, both SS and both respected asian manufacturers. Has anyone experienced either or compared them?
  2. For those of you who have compared the various outputs of the u1 mini, do you prefer one over another ?
  3. @gmgraves thanks for this. I am interested in recording sound demos of hifi systems. Looking to spend under about $500 if I can on the mics. I first tried a blue yeti in stereo mode and it was surprisingly good (connected to my pc via usb). But would like something better. Thoughts on the Rode M5 as a good options? NT5 maybe a bit better.
  4. Really? Unshielded is better ? The Keces powering the switch is a brilliant idea. I wonder if it will work, will look into that, thanks!
  5. What ethernet cable are you using ? btw one thing i like about the u1 mini is that its actually warmer and smoother than di20he so on some tracks that are fatiguing on the di20he i switch to the u1 mini and it just lets me relax and enjoy without being assaulted with bright detail
  6. I want to say I really like the u1 mini and I think the keces p8 does a great job with it! But I do kinda feel like my bad network switch is holding it back. I actually found compared to the di20he alone with usb out of my pc the sound quality was better. That really makes no sense to me. Many have remarked how doing streamer + di20he is better than di20he alone. I really want to try the uptone.
  7. Hey @wklie and all. For those of you running u1 mini. Did you find your network switch or ethernet cable was holding your lumin back? I am using a generic switch with generic smps and amazon cat 7 ethernet cable. I wonder if getting an uptone ether regen + better ethernet cable with 'unlock' the full potential of u1 mini ?
  8. Hes a dealer. And the best dealer Lumin could ever dream of.
  9. Hey guys I just wanted to update everyone that my AES out problem wasn't u1 mini's fault. It may be a cable or dac issue. Still working it out. But I confirmed its not Lumin u1 mini. The Mini is a rock solid tank and incredibly reliable. I will be doing a review in the future of my front end on my site www.sonicvisions.org. Props to Steven Huang from audiosensibility. He is an audio master, a great guy and I consider him a friend. Highly recommended. Lumin you are lucky to have him as you representative. I have dealt with dozens and dozens of dealers and reps and Steve
  10. Btw I settled on this. I love Streamer + DDC approach. Seems to bring amazing SQ and if you buy the right components for not an insane price. Of course lot is dependent on your system and what streamer + ddc you choose.
  11. Zerung Im sure you should be fine. I switched to I2s output and have u1 mini feeding it coax and the cut out problem is gone but now i get this sound shift / volume shift issue for 0.5 to 1 sec and a tiny pop that happens every 5 minutes. Its much more tolerable but if it doesn't go away I may have to still return. Let me tell you that this unit sounds incredible. And when you combine with a good streamer you get real magic out of it. The sound is just addictive. If I do end up returning it ill probably try to get a replacement.
  12. Hey peter just did the factory reset, set my terminator to AES, and again no sound out of the u1 mini. Coax and usb out work perfect. I took the AES out of the u1 mini and plugged it into my di20HE and it works perfect. Same goes for AES out of my sotm dx usb.
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