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  1. That's great! Thank you very much for the input.
  2. Sorry, I didn't understand. Keces P8 costs about 700€, but it can power 2 devices(well 3 if you count with the 5V/1A USB output). It's a well regarded LPS and with it I can power 2/3 devices, with only one box, and it is in the price range that I'm looking for. I know that can be better options out there but for the price and with the ability of powering multiple devices, I don't know any(I'm not interested in HDPlex ones). My problem is to know if 12/15V(4A) is enough for the NUC. Because I really want to avoid buy the Keces P8 with 18/19V(4A). In this tests playing FIFA in NUC r
  3. Yes, the NUC is capable of running at 12V, my problems is knowing if 4A at 12V(48W) is enough for the NUC to operate properly. Thank you for the suggestion but that seems to expensive for what I'm looking for.
  4. I'm thinking of buying an Keces P8 to power my NUC8i5BEH. Will the 9/12V(4A)+12/15V(4A) version be suffice? I can go to the 9/12V(4A)+18/19V(4A) version, but in the future, if I change NUC to another streamer, probably I will end up not being able to use the 19V port on any another device. The NUC has 28W THD, it only has 2x 8Gb RAM + 16gb Optane driver inside it. Also as an DAC connected to it, but the DAC has is own power supply. 12v*4a = 48W, should be enough power the NUC, no? If this is not enough can I power the NUC with 15V*4a(60W) port? Thank you i
  5. I think it is not only in your system. I've an IFI iPower(SMPS) powering my WDMyCloud that is way better than the one that came with WDMyCloud. But I notice a huge improvement in sound quality when IFI iPower is not plugged in the same distribution block as the rest of system. To me SMPS radiates lots of noise, that contaminate all the cabling/devices in the neighbourhood. So if someone can't afford an LPS to all the devices, I recommend plug the SMPS far, far way from the system.
  6. I manage to make my NUC connect to the WDMyCloud. To do so, I've to enable network related services in AO3. In the JPLAY manual they state that you can use disable network related services option in AO3 if you are using Static IP, but I couldn't manage to make it work. But I will try again. I've compared WDMyCloud DLNA server vs JPLAY Femto Server, and Femto Server is indeed superior. One thing that I really don't like in it, is that you have to navigate in a "folder" way, instead of the various ways(Albums, Artists, etc) that WDMyCloud provide. Local playback is also clearly superio
  7. Thank you @FelipeRolim You are right, I misunderstand the question that AO makes regarding JPLAY. My router does not allow me to configure static IP for my devices, so I have done it each one. I will plan to buy a router in the future, but I have to do it with caution, because not everyone can replace the one from my network provider. I've installed WS 2019 non core(in the future I plan to install core edition, but right now to simplify I prefer install "graphical" edition) and follow your advices, I'm really happy with the results. But I still have one problem: - Li
  8. Thank you @FelipeRolim for your input. Strange that a different Android phone as impact in sound quality. In mconnect I understand, because mconnect downloads the song and then sends it to the JPLAY(so a better cpu, wireless module, etc can impact sound quality), but in BubbleUpnp the song is downloaded by JPLAY. I will try to test it with different devices and see what happens. I will try to implement your recommendations regarding Home Network Configuration. And thank you for your posts here in Audiophilestyle, you are one of the persons that make me give Windows/JPLAY another
  9. My goal is to stream TIDAL to my NUC8i5BEH with JPLAY Fetmo + AO3 + Fidelizer + MinorityClean. I was looking to the best way to control Tidal and stream music to JPLAY, so far I've tested: - Audirvana in Macbook streaming to JPLAY - Best sound quality, but I don't want to use it as it required that my MAC is always on; - BubbleUpnp(Android) - Pretty good sound quality, slight worst than the above configuration but still great; The problem is when the phone is locked, the next song on the queue does not play; Also doesn't support MQA, but this isn't a big deal; - Audirvana
  10. Yes, I found out that the drivers that I was using are not the correct ones. MQA problem seems also to be resolved, in the Roksan Dac settings I changed Output format from 2channels 16bits to 2channels 24bits and that did the trick. Thank you Marcin for the fast support. I will do more tests, and see if everything is working properly if so I will purchase an JPLAY license. Best Regards, Mário São João
  11. Related to crashes in JPLAY, I think I found the problem. I was using the wrong DAC drivers, I downloaded them from Roksan Black Integrated Amplifier page because there is no Roksan K3 DAC page(old model). Although they work, apparently they don't work properly. I contact Roksan to find out if these are the proper drivers and they send me the link to the K3 ones. I installed them and until now no crashes from JPLAY. But Audirvana/BubbleUpnp MQA files still don't play and I'm pretty sure that in one of my previous installations I was able to stream MQA files throw Au
  12. You can see my configuration in the attached file. I also have tested with other "DAC Link" values with same results. I already tried with Bubble UPnP app, but for me Audirvana sounds better. I also have an Beresford Caiman Seg Dac that I've tried but it crashes always, I can't even make it work.
  13. I recently bought a NUC8i5BEH, with 16gb Optane and 1x16gb 2400mhz in order to test various Linux audio distributions and stick with one. In the process I read some posts/reviews saying JPLAY is superior, so I give it a try. I have to agree with them, to me JPLAY is another league, much more musical, less harsh, music has flow, it's fantastic. I'm planning to buy an JPLAY license but first I have to figure out two problems that I have. What I've test: I have installed it in several windows versions(10, 2019 server and 10 enterprise LTSC). I have installed Roksan driv
  14. Do you have some tips on the best BIOS's setting in a NUC to run Euphony. Or there are any post with compiled information about it? Thank you in advance.
  15. I don't understand what do you mean in step 1). Euphony detects my Optane drive, at least it appears in "Internal Storage" section, I can locate is an Option to copy/transfer my installation to Optane. I'm using a 32gb USB to boot Euphony, maybe the problem could be that my USB stick has more GBs than my Optane, and Euphony hides the option to copy/transfer because it can't copy the full structure?! Thank you @davide256
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