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  1. Just got back from my dealer and heard the CX+EX combo. Sounds quite a bit better than the old Antipodes GT. Much easier to listen to, smooth but with good resolution. CX on its own is not the greatest. Either EX on its own or the CX+EX are very good sounding.
  2. Sold my reference SATA. Still have pure reference SATA available.
  3. @freesteve what's your budget?
  4. Antipodes is still at 2.7 there haven't been any recent updates.
  5. Thank you guys for the input. Trying to arrange a demo at my dealer. Yes the ex is great and cx will only be an improvement if you are playing local files and streaming won't make a difference.
  6. Selling: Pachanko Reference SATA 20cm $200USD/$250CAD Pachanko Pure Reference SATA 40cm $250USD/$325CAD Both cables in excellent condition - parting out my audiophile PC. Here is my post on Canuck Audio Mart/US Audio Mart with my account/feedback https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649570844-pachanko-reference-sata-cable/ Thanks for looking!
  7. Anyone? Also wondering if its only Roon that would take advantage of a CX+EX pairing as I'm looking at other software solutions besides Roon. Thanks
  8. It's an audio server so technically it is a PC but not a desktop as most here have. Antipodes EX and I'm using the pure reference in there for the storage disk.
  9. Ok. I have the pure reference right now and seems good but my server was already low noise to begin with. I'm not using a PC for music playback. Yes, the price of the new one is will quite high. Bit too much imo.
  10. Has anyone else tried the CX? I have EX and thinking of going to the combo as I upgraded my DAC among some other things. Just would like some feedback on how the combo sounds. The EX is a pretty musical sounding server.
  11. I'm still selling my pachanko reference and pure reference.
  12. I'm selling two pachanko sata cables. One reference and one pure reference.
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