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  1. I'm selling two pachanko sata cables. One reference and one pure reference.
  2. I don't know if it's better than a DX or if it is it's not by much. Unless you have money to burn, cx+ex is not the best value (you'd have to have some serious gear to make it worth your time/hard earned money).
  3. I've opened up my EX. Not much to see inside there. A motherboard, 2 SATA cables, and just thick aluminum separating the drive bays and the linear power supply.
  4. @geekuix Any ETA on my cables? Full month has passed. Has been quite a wait for just SATA cables...
  5. Thanks, I will try an Ethernet link from jcat net femto on my custom music server to the ex. Are you using roon from your phone to have the configuration of the server to the ex? My music server is a win 10 machine.
  6. @magnuskaI thought the direct Ethernet link on the EX worked only with Antipodes products (CX)? How did you manage to use your prestige as server and ex as endpoint/renderer?
  7. Will be getting a reference and pure reference soon. Any noticeable difference between the two in terms of low end? Already happy with my high frequency airiness and detail. Wouldn't mind a little mid bass and maybe slight more low end. May have to change my DAC. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the link, I currently have an galvanic isolation/reclocker device in my usb chain before the DAC (JCAT/intona usb isolator). I'm using my PC as a source and looking to get a something improved for the USB signal at the source (don't want to add more boxes).
  9. Ah ok this has Ethernet as well for isolation. Good luck.
  10. Something similar: https://www.hifistatement.net/tests/item/2362-artistic-fidelity-isolator-und-usb-audio-interface
  11. I have found some more and looks promising - I heard somewhere here that USB 3.1 gen 1/2 sounds even better than 3.0 spec. I'm looking at the Matrix USB card. 1. Matrix X-Hi USB http://matrix-digi-usa.com/other-series/x-hi_usb 2. Sonnet Allegro Pro USB https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1143180-REG/sonnet_usb3_pro_4pm_e_allegro_usb_3_0_pcie.html 3. Startech USB 3.1 https://www.amazon.ca/StarTech-com-Port-10Gbps-Card-Type/dp/B071DFQ6TW?th=1 4. High Point RocketU 1344A USB 3.1 https://www.amazon.ca/RocketU-1344A-PCI-Express-Four-Ports/dp/B0797HL9Z3 Any experience with any of these or opinions? Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm new here to the forum and have 95% completed my computer audio 2 channel setup. I have a dual purpose listening/monitoring setup on my studio desk where I have one set of monitors for listening/enjoying music and a pair of LS50 for monitoring/mixing. I'm curious if one of you guys could help out with the options out there with USB and LAN PCI-E cards that are out there and any opinions/recommendations. So far I have seen: JCAT FEMTO LAN/USB Pink Faun LAN/USB and The Linear Solution TCXO/OCXO LAN/USB. Any recommendations or perhaps a shootout between these? Not sure if there are any more out there worthy of a mention. I'd like to get my PC SQ as good as my streamer - I've been able to get a lot closer recently but haven't been able to close the small gap. I have an Antipodes EX music server/streamer connected via ethernet to router and USB to my DAC. Also have a Pink Faun LAN Isolator before the LAN port going into my PC/streamer. Thanks!!!
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