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  1. Interesting, I'll try without the switch/isolator but with those it's cheaper to have just the ex so still in my case probably too expensive for the CX for what it did in the setup.
  2. Yes, I believe it's just my setup that already has a good quality network signal with minimal noise. I have an audiophile switch before the servers and a pink faun lan isolator before that switch coming from the router.
  3. Hi guys, Just a quick update as its pretty late but for my system - the CX+EX is a bit overkill and didn't any difference for me in terms of streaming sound quality (TIDAL lossless). When comparing local playback of EX vs CX+EX (both with P2 board), there is a small improvement but its so minor that you have to listen super carefully to catch it (at least in my system). As described above, its already very musical with the EX and the CX added as a server and EX as renderer, it slightly improves on the flow of the music - unfortunately not enough to warrant spending the additional big expense of another server. Will be returning it to my dealer in the next few days. Test Setup: CX+EX+P2 (Antipodes) Kinki Studio Vision DAC1 Burson Audio Timekeeper Virtuoso (2x amps in bridged mode) Esse Quadro L'Una 177 Speakers Cables: Interconnects & Speaker Cables by: Albedo Silver Power Cables by: Acoustic Revive Digital Cable (USB): Hemingway Audio (Coax/SPDIF): Inakustik Referenz Digital
  4. Selling an excellent/mint condition Keces S125 Power Amplifier 2 x 125W into 8oh Class AB Balanced & Single Ended Dead quiet A link to my audio mart AD and profile with the pictures: https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649539612-keces-s125-power-amplifier-125w-to-8ohm-class-aab/ This little beast kicks serious butt. Serious inquiries only. Thanks for looking!
  5. @adamaley I don't have my main speakers back yet and I've only tried on a backup pair of smaller bookshelves. So far I like the EX by itself better than the CX on its own. The EX is more musical by itself while the CX is quite fast and detailed/transparent. Both together, I get a bit of an improvement in terms of overall presentation sounding like it flows it bit better and is a touch more organic but I need to spend some more time with my main speakers. Just getting them back from a review, they just got reviewed here: Esse Quadro L'Una 177 Review
  6. Agreed with the above post. I have the EX and P2 reclocker and I'm demo'ing the CX as we speak. The EX is really really good. I wouldn't call it an entry but on its own I prefer it's sound to the CX on its own. Musical and smooth. Both of them together still sound musical but has an even more organic presentation with better detail as separation. If you have any more questions, shoot!
  7. I just borrowed the CX from my dealer a few days ago and trying it with my EX. Will update with impressions once I get to spend some decent time with it.
  8. Thanks! Yes I think you're right especially for streaming it's not really much of a difference, even the antipodes guys say so. Local file playback might net a bit better gains with the combo vs just a server on its own. I never could test though since my dealer didn't have his drives with music installed on them.
  9. Has anyone compared CX+ex to just a single unit (CX or EX) on their own?
  10. Just got back from my dealer and heard the CX+EX combo. Sounds quite a bit better than the old Antipodes GT. Much easier to listen to, smooth but with good resolution. CX on its own is not the greatest. Either EX on its own or the CX+EX are very good sounding.
  11. Sold my reference SATA. Still have pure reference SATA available.
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