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  1. MetalNutz, do you have questions about the new renderer ? I have found the MSB tech support to be very responsive, you will likely get a response from one of the owners. I had an issue with my Renderer occasionally freezing up and they worked with me very closely, even after business hours, to get it resolved. As for control apps, I use Roon and am very happy with it.
  2. I was able to demo my MSB Discrete DAC for two weeks. I did have to buy it first, but was guaranteed a full refund (minus shipping) if I didn't want to keep it.
  3. The MSB Select System at RMAF 2018 sounded awesome ! If I remember correctly, the speakers were Magicos. I love the sound of my MSB Discrete but admittedly haven't compared it to other higher end DACs. For me it really shines playing DSD files, there thicker the better.
  4. I have an MSB Discrete DAC and am considering upgrading it to the Premiere. The upgrade price is basically the difference between new prices of the units (thanks for that MSB). As far as I can tell, the upgrade consists of one more DAC module per channel and an upgraded clock. I'd really like to hear from anybody who has heard the two units and could say something about their respective SQs. I don't see many posts about MSB products on CA. There is an MSB forum on audioshark but very little traffic.
  5. That is my feeling as well ralphcooke. In total I've only wasted around $2500. Could be worse :). On the other hand, I don't feel all that bad about allowing some "magic" into my listening life.
  6. Please someone knowledgable comment on this ?
  7. This is an interesting thread. I have an MSB DAC with the newest renderer module. I am curious as to the SQ differences between all of the different "renderers" that are currently out there. Is it the same range of SQ difference that exist among different DACS ?
  8. I've seen several posts which reference very poor customer service from Schiit. I'd be really hesitant to buy anything from them regardless of the quality.
  9. I'm just getting started with higher end digital audio and really don't know much ! I've recently done a massive upgrade to my system and am looking for the way to play the highest quality music possible, given some limitations. I have a Lumin D2 streamer and have been using it with Roon to stream music from Tidal. The D2 has a usb input. What is the best way for me to play purchased DSD 128bit (5.6 MHz) music ? I'm currently putting this music on a usb stick and playing it through the D2. As of now the D2 is the only DAC I have and usb is its only input. What are the considerations that I need to pay attention to if I hook up a larger usb drive ? Thanks if you can help !
  10. I think its for real. Some of us can become pretty conflicted with respect to audio equipment purchases. Especially at the prices for some of the mid level equipment. The conflicts are just exacerbated by all of the controversy surrounding many of the products like high end cables, power cords, interconnects , etc. Add to this the extremely subjective element of audio perception. I just completely upgraded my system after close to 20 years of abstinence, but I'm hoping to get back on the wagon soon !
  11. I have a ton of CDs ripped to a library, just no DSDs. I'm going to follow your advice and stick to streaming. That DV-50s is weird because it was a high quality DVD player as well, but became quite obsolete when Bluray came out. I'm pretty happy with the Lumin D2 so will probably stick with it for now. Thanks for your words ! Dan
  12. Thanks audio.bill and firedog. I'd rather know this ahead of time. I know the DACs in my old DV-50s are not even close to todays standards. I double blinde A/B compared songs from the DV-50s against Tidal CD quality stream from Lumin D2 and both my wife and I preferred the stream 100% of the time. I guess if I wanted a new spinner I could perhaps trade it in, but I'm not convinced putting $$ into physical media these days. Any advice here ?
  13. Actually Shawn your comment about the PS 5 has me reconsidering my priorities. I'm going to get a dedicated 20amp line installed ASAP and either buy a P15 or a refurb P10. Once that gets all settled I'll look into the DS Sr..
  14. Thanks-- I def will do the home trial ... so easy since PS is only a couple of miles away, although I've never been there and don't know for certain if their distribution center is also in Boulder. Music Room is also a couple miles away, but for this trade in, PS will give me more $$.
  15. Thanks-- I'll have to experiment and see if I like the DSD sound or not. Generally speaking, I prefer warm and musical over analytical. I am in no way unhappy with the Lumin D2 -> Moon 740P via XLR. I'm just curious about improving SQ and also want a DAC to play my esoteric SACDs. Right now the DV-50s is going straight to the Moon pre with XLRs. I did double blind A/B tests with an SACD playing on the DV-50s vs the flac version streaming through the D2 and my wife and I choose the D2 version 100% of the time. The songs were synced perfectly and volume balanced. I assumed the difference was related to the 20 year old DACs in the DV-50s ?
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