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  1. Thanks Richard. Using wife and dotter is a good way of keeping grounded cheers!!!
  2. Hi Richard, hows the tz cables performing with ur rest of your system? Ie switch, nas etc. Am keen to hear ur impression. Thanks
  3. Totally agree. the range of valid values are huge - was hoping that someone here figured out the optimal values already. Cheers!
  4. I do listen to Tidal with sms200 via lms/ squeezelite. You’ll need to run the logitech media server (lms) software though - although sms200 does have lms installed - I find it too slow. I run lms separately on a dedicated music server. Squeezelite (sms200 must be running in this mode) is the client software that interface with lms. Both squeezelite and lms is free. the offical instruction from sotm : http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=how_to_use_tidal_in_lms The better mobile/ tablets apps can be obtained for a small fee. Am using ipeng (app) - its a few dollars if I rememb
  5. Hi all, I know most people run the sotm streamer in Roon mode. Hope there're people running in Squeezelite mode here who can share their squeezelite settings. The release notes for firmware v4.54 states the parameters for squeezelite as follows: Valid setting value Buffer Time: 10 – 1000 Period Count: 4 – 256 Internal buffer: 1000 – 50000 The default values however are wayyyyyyyy lower: Buffer Time: 160 ( vs 10 – 1000) Period Count: 16 (vs 4 – 256) Internal buffer: 32768 (vs 1000 – 50000) I have constant ski
  6. extremely happy that it works for you. congratulations
  7. Thanks Tom This version is flawless. Works great!!! I set 100base-t on both sms200 and also on my ethernet switch. Works well
  8. Thanks Tom, Just to clarify - are you saying that it is advisable to have the 100Base-T settings on both sms200 and ethernet switch My initial understanding is that - if the ethernet port is set at 100Base-T - then naturally signal following from there will be 100Base-T. Therefore I ask the question if the 100Base-T setting in sms200 is still relevant.
  9. Quick question to all on the 100base-T setting If I already have a switch that can toggle between 1000base and 100base - it is still necessary to change this setting in sms200 ultra? Does the 100base-T setting in sms200 ultra do more than just a mere manipulation of Ethernet speed?
  10. Does anyone think that setting 100base-T on both the streamer and ethernet switch makes music sounds dull and lifeless? After spending some time messing around with the settings - I think its best to leave the ethernet switch as 1000base-T and the streamer at 100base-T. Maybe its just my setup and environment. Any views on this?
  11. Tested 4.59 Librespot and 100base t doesn’t play well together. Selecting a song from ios app takes about 30 secs to register and get played in sotm. MPD and Roon is ok though with 100base t settings (I didn’t encounter any problem since 4.57 to begin with). My guess is whatever problems people have in 4.58 did not get fixed in 4.59. Looking forward to a 4.6 release Back to 4.57 again (from 4.58) and again (from 4.59)
  12. Roon and mpd works well for 4.59 Librespot is having problem though. About a 45secs lag between selecting a song in spotify and the actual playing of it. Librespot was ok in 4.57 - the later version has got problems
  13. I see that 4.59 is available on the update page. Was so thrilled with the sq of 4.57 - then 4.58 is unstable again. If 4.58 is an indication of how 4.59 sound - I am sticking with 4.57. Even having a few sd cards on hand - its a waste of time switching back and forth. Agree with @PnL that testing is not very thorough with the 4.5x releases. Hope sotm can get their act together fast. Lately I noticed that the sotm online update server keeps going into maintenance mode. I think they knew something is not right with their releases and quickly pulled the plug for allowing update.
  14. Oh. I am very surprised to hear that. May told me via email 2 weeks back that the kernel needs to be updated. And mentioned that 4.57 will be released soon. Hmmm
  15. Hi all, there should be a kernel update alongside fw4.57. I havent got the time to update the kernel but suspects that it plays an important role in this update. Alternatively we can wait for the full image with the updated kernel. I think I’m gonna wait.
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