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  1. Ok I found my Qobuz playlists and everything ...just had to look around a bit more ;). And my audio files are almost done being analyzed ..... but the coolest part ...the sound ! As Musicophile said earlier ..'more analog ' ... great ! How‘d they do that ? :) But it says I cannot use the fancy Audio HD Analysis feature durring trail period ...only after subscribing .... but when I go to subscribe it tells me I will only be able to subscribe in the upcoming days ...hmmm But sound quality is really great ! I like it !
  2. Anyone else not seeing their Qobuz playlists ...like anywhere ? Or the ability to search by genre within Qobuz ? And yes ..my " Analyzing Audio Files " progress bar appears to be stuck about a quarter of the way for quite some time now ... Hmmmm ....... it looks slick and pretty but ...... hmmmm .......
  3. If Tidal offered to pay me 50 bucks cash monthly to use it and Qobuz doubled their price , I would still stick with Qobuz easily . I'll put sound quality and morals above saving a few bucks any day.
  4. Someone posted this article on the Naim forums earlier today ... https://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=7218
  5. ! WOW ! ! Henry Cow ! Thank for the heads up !!!! Listening now to 'In Praise of Learning ' ... yes sounds fantastic ! ¡ Gracias ! :)
  6. What is this Chromecast you speak of ? I have heard legends but nothing else .... perhaps you should direct your frustration towards the Chromecast and save either 10 minutes or 3 hours of your precious listening time no ?
  7. Hi , the Schiit Eitr is excellent and not expensive , very cheap in fact. I use one myself and love it. You can do a search on this forum and find lots of info and other users’ experiences with the Eitr, the majority very positive. regards
  8. Ok , I guess I will be that weirdo Yes fan that would like either Relayer or Tales From Topographic Oceans ....
  9. Funny you mention Canada ... just this past week I have helped two good friends in Canada get Qobuz ..and four in total in the past few months . ( I used to live in the tropics of Canada , Windsor ) You just need to use a VPN only once, just to create an account in any country Qobuz is available . To say they are extremely happy with the sound quality would be a great understatement
  10. @Jud @jos Yes but ... strangely, it is using the remote app that makes Qobuz/Audirvana crash . If I do not use remote to search for something else... all is good ,.... skipping tracks, play, pause is fine but anything else and I have to restart Audirvana. This only started with 3.5.7 ...before .7 everything worked perfect . Odd I know the remote is just a bonus , but I have banished my ancient diesel powered 2010 MacBook Pro far away from the sofa ... the sofa is so comfortable .... first world problems I know
  11. Looks like two new amps and a phono stage according to Stereonet ...
  12. Yes I have same problem ... I have to restart Audirvana after playing an album on Qobuz ... only started happening with 3.5.7 . After restarting Audirvana I can search and play another album .... then nothing ... cannot search or play next album . I am on German Qobuz. please fix @damien78, and Merci Aside from this new bug which is very annoying , I have been very happy with new Audirvana ... its sounds fantastic and looks wonderful .
  13. + 1. I am having same problem ... worked perfect with 3.5.6 and before. Crashes almost after every album ... app does not shut off ... just everything stops working like searching in Qobuz or playing next album and then works again after restarting App . ( macOS 10.13.6 )
  14. Playing fine for me ... the 16/44 version ... I think the high-res is only avail for purchase .
  15. This one ....If you listen to the soundtrack of the classic 1976 film The Omen whist looking at this cover ... scary. Good thing it is not available in hi-res.
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