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  1. Playing fine for me ... the 16/44 version ... I think the high-res is only avail for purchase .
  2. This one ....If you listen to the soundtrack of the classic 1976 film The Omen whist looking at this cover ... scary. Good thing it is not available in hi-res.
  3. @left channel C'mon kids get with it , this is old news
  4. @The Computer Audiophile ...hi Chris , can we please have a face-palm or palm-face option in addition to 'like, thanks, funny ... et cetera' . ? I was about to spend a bit of time in response to R1200CL ... typing something like " Celine Dion has sold 50% more albums than The Smiths therefore she is at least twice as good .... " but a simple smack in the face or eye-roll emoticon thingy would have got the same point across Thanx/Gracias/Merci/Danke
  5. So The Beatles, Kraftwerk, and Julio Iglesias are all world music also then ? they are all from next to France
  6. @mourip , Hi ... yes the 'Offline' feature ...I love it . I recently rented a car to drive around some mountains in Europe and Car Play worked great ...just Offlined a few albums or playlists before heading out or when stoping at a place with wi-fi . I also use it before leaving house in morning for trips on metro, or high speed trains , or regular speed trains haha, or just walking around ...saves on data plan obviously. Im not sure what cache limit is but Ive always had more than enough space so far. Fantastic feature that comes in very handy. Thumbs up
  7. @JDoyle If Jazz is your main thing .....Qobuz all the way . No comparison.
  8. @wdw , There is an easy workaround to get Qobuz in Can through an account from any of the Euro countries, I have a few friends in Canada doing this , ... I don't want to get into any trouble so just Google it
  9. @catastrofe , Hola , just wanted to say that you are absolutely going to love the sound of Qobuz on your Reference 3a's ( I noticed by chance your equipment list ) . I can say this confidently as I am sitting here listening through a pair of older de Capo's as I type, and your Reflectors are a step up, yet they share a family sound ...and what a sound it is ! ( I also use Audirvana+ ) ... so you will have to trust me on this , you are in for a real treat
  10. Great playlist Richter ... and I do not even do Pilates I agree, a nice in app way to share playlists or tracks with other users and friends would be great.
  11. Works now Thank you so much RunStopRestore ! You Rock ! and happy new year !
  12. HI , same problem here for the High Sierra file... download button does not appear , just says folder does not exist . ... and thank you
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