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  1. I write from Spain. I got the srs3100 in a store with a sale for € 876 (December 2020) They are connected to an RME adi2 fs (2020). They are the best headphones I have. I've done my research and as you say, George, the L's only differ in cosmetics. Maybe in the near future I will buy the L700 pads. My doubt is that such would handle the srm-252s some stax 007mkII. Although I like to have multiple headphones (HD600, rs1e grade, sr225e grade, hifiman sundara, akg371), I recognize that these are the best from any point of view.
  2. IMHO solaris is a "worse" dac than RME. Equally, the headphone section is simply fantastic with a thd + n of -114db. Measurements are not everything, but the subjective is less. Its IEM output is possibly the best in the current market and all in a pack of 1000 eur. My DAD ax32 interface is certainly better, as is a merging horus, but at a much higher price.
  3. Use professional converters of study, merging, prism ADA8. In DA and using A4 as a player I do not have that "flat" experience.
  4. Is the best, for its filters and its development in general, no bla, bla, bla....If you´re used to working with mastering tools, you´ll know what Iam talking about.
  5. Precisely compared with the real instrument, I believe that mooring recreates "the live" better. It better preserves the harmonic cover of the instruments, captures or reproduces better the "acoustic space" and allows the listening of the different layers of the grave; Roon is far from this. The EQ of A4L is simply the best
  6. Hola lio_b I disagree with your opinion. Amarra 4L is better than roon with hqplayer. In fact, with a high quality dac I would only use roon without hq. Finally, the interface of roon is fantastic, and the EQ of A4L is the best: true mastering quality.
  7. Hello Kugel. What you explain about A4L and its operating errors is true. I have always had you audirvana and its latest version, but it is fair to recognize in the now that it is possibly the best reproduction software. I talked about the EQ because some partner criticized it, when it is of extreme quality. You can check machines like the one I described -prism sound mea2-. The ideal acoustic situation is one in which you do not have to use EQ. Equally the acoustic one is the most important element face to obtain the best sound and after an acoustic treatment, sometimes, in the frequenc
  8. I am Spanish and in advance I apologize for my possible bad English. In my opinion, A4L is wonderful. There are some details to improve such as the ipad remote control, direct reading of SACD-iso, dff, DSD to Dop...I find the use that most people make of the EQ shocking: give amplitude between 100hz and 300hz, see only 4 filters, ...In my living room, after giving professional acoustic treatment (ebutech 3276) it is advisable to give some subtractive equalization to certain frequencies and preferably only those below 300 hz should be played. The EQ of A4L is a jewel at the price of a joke. I h
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