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  1. Think this unit was very recently released and just started shipping so it may be a while until you start seeing reviews.
  2. I've had problems with DietPi updates in the past. I've found easiest way to fix a problem is to reflash the card. I try to keep a spare 16GB card with the latest software on it so I can just insert a known good configuration if something goes wrong. Also not sure about your use case but if a Roon endpoint is your primary requirement then consider using RoiPeee instead of Diet. Very lightweight, works great and updates that really work.
  3. Thank you. email sent as requested. Awaiting response.
  4. Greetings, I ordered a Plug N Play USBridge/Digione Sig Shanti bundle on 5/24. I received order confirmation immediately. I'v sent emails requesting status updates and also sent a request via the web page support link. No response from any of my inquiries. Could someone from ALLO please contact me on this order?
  5. There is incredible talent in this genre. I'd add Lindsey Webster. https://open.qobuz.com/album/0016351544520
  6. It's the same app, I had the Amazon app installed on my phone then signed up for the 3 month promo and voila HD content became available.
  7. That's great for you, I'm loving the service. I'm also hearing that general public final release will be on Valentine's day 2019.
  8. There is much to like about this Roon release and the new Qobuz integration. Radio is outstanding so far and the customizable "Now playing" screen is quite nice. Lifetime Roon subscription is among the best value for audio dollar I've ever spent. Search seems a little sluggish at the moment but I do like how Roon handles the music service distinction with the icon on each album. This was a search for Mario Biondi. Outstanding job on the part of the Roon/Qobuz folks. Kudos.
  9. To clarify a bit my original UK based Qobuz account was created using a promo from one of the trade shows. All it took, after receiving the invitation to sign up for the open beta, was an email to qobuz beta program support. So I'm not sure if this process will work when moving from a traditional customer account established outside the US to a new US based one . In my situation though, color me extremely pleased.
  10. Playlists, faves, everything i can see so far is there. 😊
  11. Received my Qobuz beta signup e-mail this morning. Had a bit of problem as the email I provided them was the same as my existing UK based account. A quick email to Qobuz and they moved the UK account to US and yes all my purchased music was there. Great beta customer service resolving this quickly for me. Kudos to Qobuz. We move closer to general release every day. Next step is Roon integration, anyone hear anything new about that?
  12. Yes Yes, same here. The email indicated they would respond within a week. So it appears to be a limited "Open Beta". >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi from Qobuz US, You signed up on our website to be among the first to experience true Hi-Res audio streaming in the US. The big day is finally approaching! We are soon going to select our first open beta testers based on specific criteria. Please complete the form below to have a chance of
  13. Perhaps we are getting close to a general public release. I received a Private Beta Invite for Hi-Res Streaming from Qobuz this morning. So it seems they are moving from a closed Beta to an open Beta. >>>>>>>> Hi from Qobuz US, You signed up ..... to be among the first to experience true Hi-Res audio streaming in the US. The big day is finally approaching! We are soon going to select our first open beta testers based on specific criteria. We will
  14. Curious if you've had an opportunity to asses the sound quality. I'm currently using a Sonos Connect as well as an Allo Digione would love to know how this Amazon unit compares.
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