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  1. it doesnt work for me in euphony either, with holo may. it works outside of euphony. maybe euphony needs to update driver/kernal in future release to accomodate
  2. im running dsd256 asdm7ec, gauss-long on a 9900k. stock bios settings for a long time but now ive been experimenting with underclocking/undervolting. build is w/ hdplex and passive heatsink stock it runs 4.7ghz boost at ~1.35v, load temps 60~65c i dropped the clock down to 4.2ghz at 1.1v, load temps dropped >10c and still runs dsd256 7ec great, actually i think it even sounds a bit better now. anyone tried similar ?
  3. im thinking about ditching roon for stylus. ive been testing both and stylus just sounds better, more grainless, open, dynamic. used hqpe on both
  4. did you try without ramroot? i dont like how ramroot sounds personally, which was surprising to me because i expected it to sound better in theory
  5. great build @AngeloVRA nice job with the wiring
  6. disappointed that euphony does not include latest HQPe in this update... already 4.24 but euphony still on 4.22
  7. good to know thanks. are you using windows hqp or hqpe?
  8. Which DAC? i saw a post in the holo may thread that turned me away. maybe it works with May, maybe not. dont really want to spend $1K to try it w/o some concrete first hand confirmation
  9. 1.536m distorts on linux (euphony OS). intel mobo USB output. guessing its a driver thing since it worked fine on windows ASIO. wonder if a jcat usb card would work instead. probably a long shot but has anyone tried a jcat usb on a euphony server, into May 1.536?
  10. did you get this working? i have the same issue, 1536pcm plays distorted. 768 works fine. i wonder if anyone has 1536 successfully working on euphony? 1536 worked fine when i ran from windows HQP player. i know euphony newly added 1536 support a couple months ago maybe there are some things to work out in next update?
  11. mrkoven

    HQ Player

    what is the default of 0 DAC bits in HQPe equivalent to? is that 24?
  12. d'oh, missed that but see it now, thank you!
  13. Anyone have advice on moving from trial/USB to full version? I clicked through the complete install steps but it seems to be still booting from USB, have no idea if it actually copied anything to the internal SSD
  14. into a Holo May? ive read some folks had issues getting jcat xe to run 1.536mhz specifically with May. maybe its resolved now, not sure
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