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  1. Hi @barrows thank you for your answer. Yes, as a long time reader/member of the forum, I know that you work for Sonore. No problem, I don't consider your post as advertising. I really appreciate your input.
  2. No, this does NOT defeat the potential benefit. You used the word "output" for the B side. It's better to consider the EtherREGEN as a moat, which separates what you have downstream (DAC or streamer (e.g. G2/NS1/ultraRendu/opticalRendu) + DAC) from what you have upstream (basically all other devices of your home LAN, including Roon server, NAS, other switches). As long as you only use one port from the A side, it does not matter which side you use to connect the DAC or the streamer which is attached to the DAC. The effect of the moat remains the same. If the streamer has an optical connection only, you will connect it to the optical port on the A side of the EtherREGEN.
  3. @Albrecht many thanks for your input, really appreciated! Though I have not yet ordered it, for the time being, I think I will go with the Sonore Signature Rendu. These are my reasons: I did own the first microRendu and still own the ultraRendu, my experience with both devices was excellent. The build quality of the G2 could apparently be improved a bit. There's a small German company which offers a modification with an improved power supply. This is in line with your remark about the build quality of the G2. Chris' review of the EMM Labs DAC and his embedded comments about the Sonore Signature As a live in Europe, I won't be able to test the Sonore Signature in my own system. But at least the ultraRendu gives me an idea. With regard to the dCS network bridge: I considered it, but dropped it as a candidate because the preferred digital input on the EMM Labs DAC is either USB or EMM Optilink. If the DAC would have a dual AES input, then the DCS would surely be a good choice. The dCS does not provide an USB output. There's also a similar device from EMM Labs, the NS1. Comparing the features vs those from Sonore, the NS1 offers "only": Up to 24bit,192kHz and DSD support on all outputs while the Sonore has: Supports the following PCM sample rates up to: 768kHz Supports the following DSD sample rates up to: DSD512 Current bottom line is: Not the G2. Probably the Sonore but I haven't ruled out the NS1.
  4. I have a different opinion with regard to the DT 1990 Pro. I had it for several weeks, but the Dan Clark Audio Aeon was clearly better and much more comfortable. Admittedly the Aeon was also a bit more expensive. Therefore I don't believe that the DT 1990 Pro is a giant killer, as it was not even able to "kill" the Aeon. 😉 I guess, searching for a giant killer is just wishful thinking. I have/had the headphones below and the order of sound quality is not exactly spectacular: Stax SR009 (BHSE amp) > Sennheiser HD800S > Aeon 2 (slightly better than) > Aeon > Beyerdynamic 1990 I am also very curious to hear a RAAL SR1a, preferably with the RAAL amp HSA-1a. I am afraid I am not only curious... I am tempted.
  5. Thank you, firedog. Your thoughts are very welcome and reasonable. I don't expect that I would be able to hear a significant (reproducable) difference with regard to sound quality. Therefore it's indeed more about features, build quality and how it fits into my system. From what I see and read, build quality is on the same level. The Auralic is more versatile, but I am not yet sure about my gut feeling. 🙂
  6. I am torn between adding one of these streamers/transports - Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical - Auralic ARIES G2 I will use the USB input of my emm Labs DA2 V2 DAC. I own already an EtherREGEN with a good power supply. My Roon server (ROCK) has a 4TB SSD which contains the music files. It is connected to the home LAN via Ethernet and a Cisco switch I would use the Sonore like this: Cisco switch -> Ethernet (CAT6a) -> EtherREGEN (B Side) -> EtherREGEN (A Side, optical port) -> Sonore Signature Rendu optical port -> emm Labs DAC (USB input) I would use the Auralic ARIES G2 like this: Cisco switch -> Ethernet (CAT6a) -> EtherREGEN (A Side) -> EtherREGEN (B Side) -> Auralic ARIES G2 -> emm Labs DAC (USB input) I am aware that the Auralic device offers more digital outputs (mainly the XLR output could also be useful for me). What I would like to avoid, are discussions about the EtherREGEN. I like it and I believe it brings a benefit to my system. Apart from that, what would you choose and why? (my system is described in my pofile)
  7. I would not use that much attenuation for the DAC. I think you are good, when the following works: - best range for the preamp is when the volume position is between 10 o'clock and 14 o'clock position - attenuation for DAC somewhere betwee 0 dB and -15 dB Of course this depends how the volume adjustment on th DAC is implemented. Nevertheless, the above method is what works best in my experience.
  8. Does it have network streaming and connectivity (ethernet input)? I would really hope, though looking at the front panel, I am afraid it doesn't.
  9. No, that would not be an option. We need the Cisco in our home LAN to connect all the devices (WAPs, network printer, TV, PC, other roon endpoints (microRendu)). Some devices are also in the basement. We use quite a number of in-wall ethernet cabling and the Cisco "sits" in the center of it.
  10. I received the etherREGEN last Friday, waited a few hours to let it adjust to room temperature, inserted it into the system, waited another few hours and then started to listen. I never expected such a significant - immediatly evident improvement. I cannot express better what I heard than what @thotdoc wrote a while ago: "What's different so far is lower noise floor, better harmonics and more data in mid bass, more precise stops and starts of notes and more detail in and surrounding the notes....Space between people more clearly defined...but there seems to be sound in that space, not grain." My system as seen from the etherREGEN: - upstream (A-side): all music is stored locally on Synology NAS, roon core on sonicTransporter i7, connected with good quality (though nothing special) CAT6a or CAT7 cables to a Cisco SG300-20-20 Gigabit managed switch - downstream (B-side): Cardas Clear ethernet cable --> dCS Vivaldi stack (latest software) --> AR Ref 6 --> Pass 250.8 --> Magico S3 Mk2 (with SPODs) Power: everything - except the etherREGEN - is plugged into an Isotek Sigmas, which itself uses a separat powerline. The etherREGEN, using the standard power supply is plugged into a different wall socket Cables: analog: Cardas Clear Beyond and Jorma speaker cables. Digital: Black Cat Digit 75 Mk2. Was listening to (some examples only): Tracy Chapman, Cowboy Junkies, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, K.D. Lang, Marissa Nadler, Leonard Cohen, Pentangle, Beatles (50th ann. Abbey Road), Gene Clark (No Other) Classical: Bach: Suites for Cello (Janos Starker), Haydn: String Quartets (London Haydn Quartet) Hats off and big thanks to John Swenson and Alex. In my setup this little device with great engeneering art has a major positive impact.
  11. Magico S3 Mk2. Clearly the best speakers, I ever heard. Before I had Apogee Duettas for more than 25 years. Evaluated several others (ML, SF, ...).
  12. If the intention is to use these as a desktop speaker, I would recommend to compare them also to the new Genelec "The Ones", specifically the 8341. For me these are the best desktop speakers, I have ever heard. They are designed as a 3-way point source and they can be calibrated to the listening position. According to the documentation you can sit as close as 0.5m away. But I stop here, as this thread is about the Wilsons.
  13. IMO, some top speakers (which I have extensively heard): Martin Logan ESL 13A, Sonus Faber Serafino Tradition, Wilson Yvette. These are all significantly more expensive, but not yet crazy expensive. I would also like to add: I just bought - as a desktop speaker - the new Genelec 8341. It's really a great speaker and I don't know of any better speaker for this purpose. You can use the new Genelecs (The Ones) with a minimum listening distance of 0.5m.
  14. I have the microRendu, together with the LPS-1. The LPS-1 gets its power from a HDPlex 100w. The HDPlex has an on/off switch. I am using this switch to turn the devices (microRendu, LPS-1) on or off. I am doing this for two reasons: save some energy and protect the LPS-1 (I don't think you would increase the life span of the LPS-1, if it's on all the time).
  15. I completely agree with you, John. My own experience a few month ago: I had the opportunity to test an ARC Ref 6 preamp at home. Replacing an Ayre KX-5 (not twenty) by the ARC Ref 6 made a huge difference. The difference was in the class/magnitude of different speakers. I did not want to put so much money into a preamp... but I had to, I just couldn't resist after hearing the ARC in my system. I think the influence of a preamp is way underestimated. E.g. I never experienced these kind of differences between DACs.
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