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  1. Hello everyone,


    I have a very specific application where I need some help. Each year my wife and I put on a fairly extravagant Halloween show involving thousands of lights and this year the hope is to add dozens of signing skulls. The issue is that the simplest way to coordinate the movement of jaw's skull to music of voice is send an audio signal to a specific device that converts it in real time to a servo signal. So if you want to coordinate a song to skull, it's fairly trivial. Using Audacity software, we just create a vocals track and set it to the left channels in the audio file and put the whole song plus vocals in the right channel  send that to a speaker.


    I'd like to create a song that has many, many different audio tracks and to send each track out to a different servo controller control many of these prop skulls. Is there a simple piece of hardware, connected perhaps by USB or thunderbolt, that would allow our Mc to ply a song with say 5 or 6 track that can be sent to separate speakers (skulls).


    Thanks in advance and my apologies for the rambling first post.













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