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  1. I gave up a long time ago hoping for equipment or refund. But I applaud anyone who can continually rattle Larry Ho’s (a.k.a. Hope) cage.
  2. I purchased the Kinki Studio EX-M7 power amp, based on the same architecture as the integrated but with extra sauce. It received a 6 Moons "Blue Moon" award for value (link here) and Joël Chevassus, a 6 Moons contributor who also edits Audiophile Magazine, an on-line French publication, actually sold a pair of Luxman monos and replaced them with EX-M7s (he has two systems driving Vivid Audio loudspeakers). Here's the link to Joël's review (in French). Anyway, in my system, the EX-M7 replaced a Devialet Expert 220 Pro, so a class A/B now instead of a class D amp. I am thrilled with the amp
  3. I also cross-posted this rave review on another Uptone eR forum: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/uptone-audio-etherregen-ethernet-switch
  4. Here’s a rave review by The Absolute Sound: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/uptone-audio-etherregen-ethernet-switch
  5. @kzs70Check out this review of the Sonore oM, which touches on the difference with a TP Link. The reviewer also used an LPS. Hint: The reviewer gave a rave review of the oM.
  6. The rated power input for the oM is 5-9 volts. I've been running mine at 5 volts, 1 amp, with the USB output of my Keces P8 LPS, which has a dual output option plus the USB output.
  7. I am biased toward devices that eliminate as much noise or electrical disturbances as possible, especially when in close proximity to your other audio gear. Thus, I purchased a Nucleus for my Roon Core. By extension, if I were you, I would go for a fanless PC approach. Further, an LPS would probably give you some gains. My Nucleus is powered from a Keces P8 LPS, which also powers my eR and a Sonore opticalModule.
  8. Is there a different way to connect an oM to an eR? I thought the whole purpose of the oM was to introduce fiber into the equation.
  9. From the March Audiostream review: “When I questioned Gillis about the noise-reduction benefits of replacing the first two TP-Links located on either end of the 75 ft optical cable that connects the router in the main house to the second router in the music room, he said that Sonore designers had conducted tests, and, ‘It won't make a difference. We have done testing on very resolving systems. We only hear improvement in the last leg with optical.’”
  10. Last week, basically on the strength of the spot-on review by @austinpop, I decided to go the fiber-optical route with my eR. I know I paid more by going full-bore Sonore (opticalModule w/included transceiver, extra transceiver for the eR, and their branded fiber-optical cable) vs. assembling a more generic system but, frankly, I didn't want to experiment. Perhaps more to the point, I felt the ground-up development of the opticalModule would give me better SQ (a leap of faith but also based on some reviews). Hats off to @JohnSwenson, @vortecjr and the rest of the Sonore team for creating an
  11. I believe this is a multi-rail linear PSU, which does not have a shared ground. So, yes, you should ground the eR.
  12. I received my Sonore package yesterday (oM, extra transceiver to connect to etherREGEN and 1M Corning glass fiber) and installed it in my system. It was dead simple and I was up and running in 5 minutes. (I also received a short Ethernet cable but don't know why; I guess maybe to connect the router to the oM.) By the way, I am powering the oM with the USB output of my Keces P8 LPS. It's rated at [email protected] Works great. First impressions were quite good. That's all I will say until I do further listening. One surprise: Roon albums now load much more quickly. Don't know why tha
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