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  1. Devialet Expert Pro products have extremely low THD and about the same signal-to-noise ratio. As to the other technical benefits of Purifi compared with Devialet, I'm not sure. My point is this: are we simply talking about technical performance or SQ? It's proven that some companies are really good at improving the technical performance envelope. The real key for me is whether they are also improving SQ. Thoughts?
  2. No doubt that the 6 Moons layout is challenging to read. Plus, the writing style of Srajan Ebaen can be off-putting to some. I personally like his writing but as the Romans said, "de gustibus non est disputandum."
  3. Actually, while the review was good, it was not the slam dunk I expected for Lumin’s flagship product. On the other hand, other reviewers on 6 Moons have been mightily impressed with Lumin products. Go figure!
  4. HI George, thanks, I’ll check out Metrum. BTW, I live in Charleston, S.C. but lived for years in Greenville, S.C. At one point, my wife and I looked at buying a condo you owned in Greenville! Small world! Cheers, Michael
  5. Yep, from all that I have heard, the Lumin sound is what I am after (including MQA and Roon Ready). Just trying to find a good integrated that won't break the bank with balanced inputs, as I hear that's the best way to connect the Lumin D2. Also, I want to make sure the integrated plays nicely with my Vivid Oval 1.5 speakers...
  6. Re: Hegel, they've recently committed to MQA and I believe they will eventually be Roon Ready. Also been looking at the Gold Note IS-1000 as it's an all-in-one box w/MQA and Roon Ready. Choices, choices!
  7. I was thinking of moving from the Devialet for two primary reasons: 1) the sound can be a little too digital at times, and 2) the cost to upgrade from an Expert to an Expert Pro is silly: about USD7490, including new casework. I think that's way too dear to avail myself of the new software development path and marginal SQ enhancement. So in answer to your question, I would not use the Devialet plus the Lumin. I would be looking for different amplification, such as an nCore amp from Nord or other company. Or a Hegel integrated.
  8. Yes, I am using the Devialet for amplification. My system is a Devialet Expert 200 powering Vivid Oval 1.5 speakers. My only hardware source is a Bluesound Node 2 that I use for casual listening. Most of my serious listening is via Roon/Devialet Ethernet (Air).
  9. Newbie here. I am thinking of replacing my Devialet 200 with a Lumin (thinking about the D2). Why? I am impressed with the Lumin product range and support. On the latter point, I do like MQA (not interested in debating the topic, though ?) and that's one of my reasons for thinking I might move to Lumin, as the entire range offers MQA support, which Devialet does not and probably will not in the future. Also, those who have Lumin crow about its analog sound. My current set-up can sound digital at times and I think I might be able to tame it with a Lumin approach. Has anyone on this forum moved from Devialet to Lumin? If so, can you tell me your experience? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Flashman
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