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    More people, including the admin., simply need to practice arguing with the ideas, not the poster.
  2. If a content source wants to get their content off this site, but still wants to have their RSS as it is, is there a formal way to make that request? Perhaps publish that to avoid this issue with other content creators in the future.
  3. CA did end up removing the ToneAudio feeds so you know, there's that.
  4. Point taken, although that comment is still quite a derogatory one versus one that seems to actually want to provide constructive criticism.
  5. I don't know, but something tells me Guttenburg wouldn't appreciate being called a 'big fat nothing burger'...
  6. BTW, need proof of this? It's already happening: RE: Steve Guttenburg: From:
  7. No, I never did comment on what an idiot you are, nor did I post this site sucks.
  8. Also, most of the review sites moderate their comments section, if they even allow comments. Why would they want a third-party renegade site allowing comments on their reviews that they cannot moderate?
  9. It will actually be more about commenting on what an idiot the reviewer is or that the particular publication sucks, etc.
  10. I think it's called link harvesting, and it's nothing new. You get free original content from others for your site without having to really do anything.
  11. Agreed. If his only reason for not taking it down is that he feels JD could have been more polite and he felt bullied, well that seems like a lame reason and weak way to try to push back. It only brings to light his ego I guess. He could have easily taken it down and still had a talk with JD behind the scenes had he wanted to. Instead, we have this thread which he decided to publish. And flip-floppy behavior given that although he did not agree with Darko either, he did take those feeds down.
  12. I’ve said it above, Chris seems to have a double standard for sure.
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