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  1. Whenever I go to a live acoustic concert, whether orchestra, opera, acoustic band, guy/girl on a guitar, or just my daughter playing our grand piano at home, I realize that nothing I play on my system or any system I've ever heard comes close to reproducing that sound. Also, invariably the best recorded music from the audiophile labels is not to my taste and even if it were the perfect recording that somehow were to work with all of my system's distortions and undo them, I would never listen beyond the curiosity. So rather than pursue the perfect, I just listen to what I have and enjoy it.
  2. I still have the occasional problem with the music stopping at the end of a track and not moving to the next. It seems to happen more when I use the remote app, even the new version, but sometimes when not. Closing and reopening the app seems to clear it up. I'm running Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave, the latest Audirvana and remote app, Volumio on an RPi with a Boss HAT via Upnp and streaming Qobuz. Is this possibly communication between Volumio and Audirvana, or lack thereof? It's been running fine this morning.
  3. But it wasn't just the remote app, the music would stop. It would play all day if I controlled it from the computer, but once I started using the phone things would hang up. Anyway, I hope the new remote app is better in that regard. In my short experience with it response is much better, I like the interface better and I like that I can see the Hi-res logo.
  4. I just downloaded the new remote app and my first impression is finally the app works! I never liked the old remote and would frequently just go back to the computer and select what I wanted. Also, things seemed to hang up when using the remote even though it was the computer (27" iMac) running everything. I like that I can now see what is hi-res on Qobuz, and that the selection screens follow the desktop as close as possible, and follow normal standards of apps too.
  5. I built my own speakers, in fact 3 pairs, the Lance. But you know what, when you include materials, drivers, jacks, and then have to include a small amp (SMSL SA-60) it isn't so cheap anymore. No one part is expensive but it adds up. Add on a full RPi+DAC to it and I guess I'm up to around $350, except that I had all of this for different reasons and just pulled it together one day for streaming on my porch. It sounds great and people are always surprised that I get "real" sound, not just some background noise.
  6. I guess I'm surprised that anybody thinks letting Amazon control music would be a good thing. Don't they control enough of what we buy already?
  7. One other thing to note, when I shut down a UPnP device that is connected to Audirvana, AV just hangs up and I frequently have to force quit it. This was the case on the old version too. I don't know if this happens with my one direct connect DAC since it is powered through the USB and never powered off.
  8. I have the cut off issue every now and then. I'm on 3.5.15 running High Sierra 10.13.6 iMac. I know on an earlier release this was happening repeatedly, but now only every once in a while. I usually close the app and restart otherwise it keeps happening on subsequent tracks of the same album. Once cleared I'm good.
  9. If you have the wireless version of the speakers they have a built in DAC that would likely be better than the computer's sound card. If not, you can make them wireless by buying a Raspberry Pi/Allo Boss DAC player combo for just over $100. It supports all high resolution formats too. I use that in my main system and it sounds better than it has any right to. You can buy it pre-configured with one of the RPi music players already installed. Plug it in, connect to your wifi, and you're good to go, or you can stay wired too. You don't say how you are playing music, whether you're on a PC or Mac, but there are lots of options for playback and streaming once you have this. You really don't need the computer anymore unless the music is on your hard drive. I use my Mac as the server with Tidal and Qobuz, and stream via UPnP to the RPi up to 24/384. And really, it just plays everything.
  10. I have DSOTM on a DVD-A 4 channel Alan Parsons mix and also as a .dmg on my Mac. This was floating around the net a while ago as a download. It took 3 days to download on the old slow lines. In the end though I played my old beat up LP of it and I thought it sounded better. after I posted I see how long it has been since this thread was active. Oh well...
  11. I'm sure there are a lot of people in both camps.
  12. The latest Tidal app can play MQA over the CCK connector natively, and the app does the first unfold. I've done it myself using my Dragonfly DAC and it sounds pretty good too. I like that with the CCK adapter I can stay plugged in to power too for the phone as the playback drains the battery. I ride the NYC subway with this setup and headphones and I'm probably the only person in the entire subway doing this. I just download what I want to hear before I leave the house as you don't get a signal underground. I've been playing Solti's Wagner Ring cycle in MQA. So, your brother will need an iPhone, the CCK adapter ($39 I think), a USB cable and that's it.
  13. Why not just get a pair of passive speakers and a little class D external amp? You can stack the little amp with your DAC. Then you can be flexible with it and use whichever pieces you want elsewhere on a whim. These amps will sound as good as anything that would be placed in the speaker, which are likely to just be another class D amp on a board. I'm playing such a setup as I type this, with DIY Lance speakers. And I could have easily built the speaker box to hold the SMSL amp that I'm using since it would fit perfectly into the front of the box with the controls, but I'd have to extend the rear connectors if I wanted to use the RCAs. Put a Raspberry Pi and DAC hat in and it would run wireless up to 24/384 or DSD 512!
  14. There are 2 types when I see issues like this, not just in audio but everywhere. There's the guy that thinks he can rake in the money by selling some shoddy product that costs little to make, and then there's the guy that thinks he can turn his hobby into a business but then just can't keep up with even simple demand. I can build a tube amp or speakers for myself, but when I did that for a friend it turned into an ordeal. You get a few orders over the internet and you are then a full time slave to the orders. I'm not saying this guy necessarily falls into the second category, but maybe. And even if he did, you're out the money.
  15. Yea, 3.5.7 seems to be a little less stable than the prior version I had. I think I bypassed 3.5.6. One thing I definitely find is that the remote app works much better when my phone is not getting the wifi from my extender. Something gets lost when I'm upstairs in my house whereas my computer is on the main router. probably just be the wifi itself though. Another thing that I see with 3.5.7 is that it takes over all volume control again, whereas the prior dot release did not. 3.2 always took over everything but I liked that I could control the built in speakers that other apps used even when it was running. Sometimes a video would autoplay blasting loud and I couldn't turn it down.
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