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  1. Deoxit. Whenever I have an issue with tube noise I now just spray 'em all with Deoxit and insert and wiggle the tubes in the socket. All the noise goes away. It seems to be especially bad on Russian nine pin tubes. It is the same with RCAs. Anything that is held in place by friction will need this treatment eventually.
  2. Nobody? I can't get a straight answer on this from anywhere. Nowhere can I see it stated that the Boss doesn't process DSD, but it isn't in the spec either. And Volumio says it is, or does Volumio show me the input being DSD and then converts it to PCM? Or does Volumio pass it to the Boss as DSD over PCM and the chip can process it? Just interested in how it is handled since it does play it.
  3. I have on occasion fed DSD to my Boss and Volumio using UPnP. Audirvana says that the DAC is processing DSD, but what is the truth on this? What am I actually getting? Is it being resampled to PCM by Volumio, or the DAC or does it play native DSD? I'm just interested to know what it is doing. It played and sounded pretty good in any case.
  4. Over the last week or so I was having trouble playing music through my iFi iDSD Nano DAC from my iMac. It would play for about 2 minutes and then just stop. It didn't matter which software I used, Audirvana, Qobuz, or even my cycling software, The Sufferfest. As a USB Dac it is coming straight out the back of the iMac from one of the four USB ports. I tried switching ports too, it didn't matter. I then switched the DAC to my Raspberry Pi and played over UPnP and Volumio. That worked just fine. I should mention too that I had been playing with Audirvana upsampling settings, but I'm not only having issues in Audirvana. Just frustrating. Then it occurs to me, I haven't had any reason to reboot this damn computer for weeks now! This is our home computer and is always just up and running. It's been playing for about a half hour now with no problem at all.
  5. I tried chatting her up at the Iridium. The problem was she had at least 6 inches over me. She was actually very nice and hung around after the set while Les signed guitars. She has quite a presence on stage. And since someone did mention Tal Wilkenfeld, I had tickets to see her at Brooklyn Bowl but had to miss it because I had to drive out to Santa Fe to bring my daughter her car, she was working the opera (see another thread here somewhere.) I had it in my head to talk to Tal also. I figure I'll try to chat up any Australian bass players I meet.
  6. Whenever I go to a live acoustic concert, whether orchestra, opera, acoustic band, guy/girl on a guitar, or just my daughter playing our grand piano at home, I realize that nothing I play on my system or any system I've ever heard comes close to reproducing that sound. Also, invariably the best recorded music from the audiophile labels is not to my taste and even if it were the perfect recording that somehow were to work with all of my system's distortions and undo them, I would never listen beyond the curiosity. So rather than pursue the perfect, I just listen to what I have and enjoy it.
  7. I still have the occasional problem with the music stopping at the end of a track and not moving to the next. It seems to happen more when I use the remote app, even the new version, but sometimes when not. Closing and reopening the app seems to clear it up. I'm running Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave, the latest Audirvana and remote app, Volumio on an RPi with a Boss HAT via Upnp and streaming Qobuz. Is this possibly communication between Volumio and Audirvana, or lack thereof? It's been running fine this morning.
  8. But it wasn't just the remote app, the music would stop. It would play all day if I controlled it from the computer, but once I started using the phone things would hang up. Anyway, I hope the new remote app is better in that regard. In my short experience with it response is much better, I like the interface better and I like that I can see the Hi-res logo.
  9. I just downloaded the new remote app and my first impression is finally the app works! I never liked the old remote and would frequently just go back to the computer and select what I wanted. Also, things seemed to hang up when using the remote even though it was the computer (27" iMac) running everything. I like that I can now see what is hi-res on Qobuz, and that the selection screens follow the desktop as close as possible, and follow normal standards of apps too.
  10. I built my own speakers, in fact 3 pairs, the Lance. But you know what, when you include materials, drivers, jacks, and then have to include a small amp (SMSL SA-60) it isn't so cheap anymore. No one part is expensive but it adds up. Add on a full RPi+DAC to it and I guess I'm up to around $350, except that I had all of this for different reasons and just pulled it together one day for streaming on my porch. It sounds great and people are always surprised that I get "real" sound, not just some background noise.
  11. I guess I'm surprised that anybody thinks letting Amazon control music would be a good thing. Don't they control enough of what we buy already?
  12. One other thing to note, when I shut down a UPnP device that is connected to Audirvana, AV just hangs up and I frequently have to force quit it. This was the case on the old version too. I don't know if this happens with my one direct connect DAC since it is powered through the USB and never powered off.
  13. I have the cut off issue every now and then. I'm on 3.5.15 running High Sierra 10.13.6 iMac. I know on an earlier release this was happening repeatedly, but now only every once in a while. I usually close the app and restart otherwise it keeps happening on subsequent tracks of the same album. Once cleared I'm good.
  14. If you have the wireless version of the speakers they have a built in DAC that would likely be better than the computer's sound card. If not, you can make them wireless by buying a Raspberry Pi/Allo Boss DAC player combo for just over $100. It supports all high resolution formats too. I use that in my main system and it sounds better than it has any right to. You can buy it pre-configured with one of the RPi music players already installed. Plug it in, connect to your wifi, and you're good to go, or you can stay wired too. You don't say how you are playing music, whether you're on a PC or Mac, but there are lots of options for playback and streaming once you have this. You really don't need the computer anymore unless the music is on your hard drive. I use my Mac as the server with Tidal and Qobuz, and stream via UPnP to the RPi up to 24/384. And really, it just plays everything.
  15. I have DSOTM on a DVD-A 4 channel Alan Parsons mix and also as a .dmg on my Mac. This was floating around the net a while ago as a download. It took 3 days to download on the old slow lines. In the end though I played my old beat up LP of it and I thought it sounded better. after I posted I see how long it has been since this thread was active. Oh well...
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