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  1. Great to read a comprehensive review of the BluOS/Bluesound platforms; from first looks, I like many of their products as well. I am not an owner of any BluOS-affiliated products (as of yet), but I'm am really looking forward to the release of the NAD M33 Integrated Amp/Streamer; promising perhaps to be a really significant and ground-breaking product; time will tell. However, I have read of many Roon-user's dis-enchantments with some of the BluOS/Bluesound products (mainly the Node 2i), because of its frequent fall-outs with the Roon platform (seem to be more prevalent with wireless rather than wired Ethernet setups, but present in both, to some degree). Wondering, you being an avid Roon user, what is your experience/knowledge of these issues? I think if NAD/Bluesound could correct most of their issues with Roon, they would have one of the most highly regarded streaming/endpoint platforms. I know they want to promote their own streaming platforms first and foremost, but they seem reluctant to work hand-in-hand with Roon to achieve full compatibility with it. Your views on this topic would be greatly appreciated. - john
  2. JR: Thanks very much. Tested as suggested, and as I suspected, the microRendu is working A-OK. I'm quite embarrassed to admit it here , but it was with my Oppo settings. It's been so long since I have had to change an INPUT on the Oppo, that I guess I assumed input selection was an automatic feature of the Oppo. Only include this info here in case other "newbies" setting up the microRendu with the Oppo DAC run into this issue. The input selection on the Oppo is a discrete feature and not automatic; the only obvious way to change inputs for the Oppo is with the remote. I imagine it can be done on the front panel, but it's not intuitive at all. Obviously, the input one should select is the USB Audio; the Oppo does not select if for you ?. BTW, the microRendu is an awesome product for the price (as so many others have already recognized).
  3. I'm having issues with setting up my new microRendu with the Oppo UDP-205 as my USB DAC and ROON. My server is a Roon ROCK with a network connection. The microRendu is obviously also connected to the network and my network sees it just find (I can access the webpage for management of the microRendu). My audio output device is a Marantz SR7012 using the CD input selection and setup to receive the corresponding analog stereo RCA input from the Oppo UDP-205 dedicated unbalanced stereo RCA outs. The microRendu has its USB output hooked up to the Oppo's UDP-205 USB DAC input. ROON sees my microRendu and it is set to the correct zone. ROON shows that it is playing something, but there is no sound and I don't think the Oppo sees anything being played either. I know both the ROCK and microRendu are on a Linux operating system and should have the correct USB 2.0 audio drivers already installed (0ppo needs Windows audio DAC drivers to operate its DAC with a Windows PC, but that shouldn't have anything to do with the microRendu since it's on Linux Sonicorbiter). It's probably something obvious that's escaping me, but I can't figure it out. Does the Oppo need to be on certain settings to operate as a USB DAC or does it need certain firmware/software upgrades? Any suggestions to steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated !!! - john
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