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  1. I think Tim already uses the latest asix driver so you don't need to update anything unless you have also run sudo rpi-update to get the latest and greatest kernel. It's only with the latest kernel installed that you need the updated asix driver that corresponds to that kernel. The latest kernel that Allo support today is 5.4.50 in either 32bit form (v7) or 64bit (V8)
  2. Then just unplug the power cable and reconnect it
  3. I am finding that sudo reboot doesn't work. Try sudo poweroff and then unplug the power cable and reconnect. That should make it reboot.
  4. I use this cooler on an i5-7600 in this case https://www.techspot.com/review/428-silverstone-fortress-ft03/ Works perfectly with no fans
  5. blueninjasix

    HQ Player

    I don't think Allo have released an asix driver for USBridge Signature that works on a 64 bit kernel.
  6. I can report a success today. I installed the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 20.04 server on my Raspberry Pi 4, together with the 64 bit version of NAA. It runs completely headless and sounds excellent
  7. I too use USBridge Signature, moOde and a Cisco switch. Recently, I have been unable to access using http://moOde.local However, if I type the IP address of the pi in the browser then I have no problems connecting.
  8. Thanks. The 32bit version is certainly working very well 👍
  9. I finally managed to set up Raspbian buster lite on my USBridge Signature and download and install the armh Deb file. I'm using Ubuntu Studio on the other computer. My DAC is Chord Qutest. I only use PCM and upscale to 705. I still get loads of cracks and pops (more even than when I have Ropieexl loaded on the USBridge Signature). I decided to try a different path and got a Pi 4. I installed Raspbian and enabled 64bit and undated kernel to aarch64. I can get the 32 bit armhf Deb file (downloaded from Signalyst) to work perfectly with no cracks and pops. My problem is trying to install the 64 bit package. There's a missing dependency called librasound2. The file exists in an armhf version but not arm64. Can anyone help please?
  10. Is there a bootable NAA image for Raspberry Pi 3B+?
  11. blueninjasix

    HQ Player

    Does that mean if I purchase HQP for Ubuntu it will only remain working for 2 years unless I stick with 20.04? If I update to 22.04 then I would have to re-purchase HQP?
  12. blueninjasix

    HQ Player

    @Miska I've been testing on a W10 machine but if I purchase a license I'd like to use it with Ubuntu Studio. Because next month Ubuntu releases a new Long Term Version, should I wait until there is a new version of HQP? I don't want to buy in March only for everything to be superseded by the latest versions in April.
  13. I have this question too. I got stuck when trying to add music from my Nas to O!MPD? The instructions weren't explicit enough for my level of understanding!
  14. The old kernel may not be outdated but given that the workaround involves using moOde 5 rather than moOde 6.4, I wonder if the older software incorporates the drivers that are specific to the Usbridge Sig like the newer moOde does? The newer moOde also has an updated version of MPD and a lot of other bug fixes and improvements. Having said all that, moOde 5 is still playing beautifully with my Chord Qutest.
  15. I feel like I'm being left behind. Stuck on moOde 5.0 as anything newer uses the 4.19 kernel that causes pops and clicks on my Chord dac. It's all very well saying buy a new dac but mine is a recent purchase and a considerable investment for me. I really hope that this issue can be solved sooner rather than later.
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