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  1. Before flashing to an SD card that has been used before, I always open it in the disks utility in Linux and remove all previous partitions left behind after previous flashings. I think that Balena Etcher performs it's own format before unzipping the download and flashing it to the card.
  2. I can happily report that the latest version of RopieeXL (16th Dec 2020) is working perfectly in the USBridge Signature. It's being fed via HQPlayer upsampling pcm to 705.6 and 768 to Chord Qutest.
  3. Are you sure you really want a fan running? It would only add unnecessary noise. Pi4 is extremely easy to cool passively. I don't think that NAA software would put a big strain on the CPU.
  4. Me too! Three problems 1. Pops and clicks unless I use an ancient kernel. 2. Static in right hand channel when upsampling to 768kHz (705kHz is ok) 3. Shanti buzzing in a very annoying way that can be heard from my hallway when unit is situated in my music room and obviously during quiet passages in the music. Please forward PM.
  5. Ropiee XL has managed to incorporate HQP NAA and it works very well on the USBridge Signature. I was just hoping to be able to get your own version of NAA working on it.
  6. I'm afraid I don't have access to a Raspberry pi 3 apart from the one inside the USBridge Signature, which is 3+ compute module
  7. Same for me too. New image works perfectly in my Pi4, but the equivalent image for the Pi3 will not boot past the splash screen in my USBridge Signature.
  8. I would very much like to be able to SSH into Miska's NAA image for the sole purpose of downloading the asix driver from Allo so that my USBridge Signature might operate correctly.
  9. I think Tim already uses the latest asix driver so you don't need to update anything unless you have also run sudo rpi-update to get the latest and greatest kernel. It's only with the latest kernel installed that you need the updated asix driver that corresponds to that kernel. The latest kernel that Allo support today is 5.4.50 in either 32bit form (v7) or 64bit (V8)
  10. Then just unplug the power cable and reconnect it
  11. I am finding that sudo reboot doesn't work. Try sudo poweroff and then unplug the power cable and reconnect. That should make it reboot.
  12. I use this cooler on an i5-7600 in this case https://www.techspot.com/review/428-silverstone-fortress-ft03/ Works perfectly with no fans
  13. I don't think Allo have released an asix driver for USBridge Signature that works on a 64 bit kernel.
  14. I can report a success today. I installed the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 20.04 server on my Raspberry Pi 4, together with the 64 bit version of NAA. It runs completely headless and sounds excellent
  15. I too use USBridge Signature, moOde and a Cisco switch. Recently, I have been unable to access using http://moOde.local However, if I type the IP address of the pi in the browser then I have no problems connecting.
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