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  1. I had a Naim NDX/XPS combination and it sounded better via Ethernet. I'm using a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2 and can hear no difference between WiFi and Ethernet. The router being in the same room there have been no audible drop outs at all. Just my limited observations, no conclusion.
  2. Hi, Yes I'd seen these and yes, it would be worth a punt. I'm in Spain, they cost €180 ($220) and they're sold out in Europe (more coming end of July). So maybe. Thanks, Colin
  3. So where would you go? Would you scrap the Bryston DBA-3 DAC too? Or perhaps feed it with an ultraRendu+LPS-1 with perhaps a SGC i5 to host the ROON core (but the LGC i5 doesn't have dual LAN ports so couldn't be configured in the way described in the link of your earlier reply). Would you still use isolators and a regenerator (with its own LPSU) between the ultraRendu and BDP-3? I'm open to suggestions. I got the JCAT because I'd seen a post comparing it to an Innuos Zenith Mk2 (which I had) and because I'm able to return it should things not work out.
  4. I received the JCAT FEMTO USB card yesterday. I'm trying it out on a PC I have (AMD 8 core processor, 8Gb RAM and 2TB HDD) and before I comment on my initial impressions, I would point out that the PC does not have an SSD, does not have a LPSU and the LPSU I'm using for the JCAT is of questionable pedigree, and it has only been in the PC for a day. I'm going to let it play out for a few days (a week) but at the moment it sounds pretty brittle and lacking detail/sophistication. Sadly, with the PSUs I have it won't reach it's full potential. But hopefully it will improve to the point where it will be worth investing the considerable cost of decent power supplies. If this doesn't work out then something like the USBridge (or microRendu) would be an option but again both of these demand a decent LPSU to give of their best.
  5. Yes, I have an iPhone 6+. I even had the camera adapter but gave it away thinking I wouldn't need it. I read a post saying the iPhone 6 was a good ROON end point but the iPad less so. I'm guessing that is where you're going?
  6. Thanks for the advice. I installed ROON on my NAS as you suggested, and tried a RPi endpoint (I don't have much else). It did play 44.1/16bit but could not handle DSD, my NAS is too weedy. And the SQ was pretty poor but then it was just the Pi USB to my DAC, nothing like the ultraRendu or even the microRendu. A lot has been said about these devices some of it very positive, some less so. It would be quite an expensive experiment it things didn't turn out the way I'd like. That is unless Sonore would lend me a unit or allow me to return it if I wasn't happy. Colin.
  7. I can confirm the the CA Connect app. is a little 'quirky'. But I have seen worse and at least it will do gapless playback with the SM6. My very limited experience is that third party UPnP/DLNA apps don't seem to do gapless playback. Something to do with the queue being on the app and not the server. But I'm far from sure about this.
  8. Yes, you're paying for their time, knowledge and skill. I guess that is the same in all walks of life if you can't do it yourself.
  9. That's very interesting. The post that lead me to the jCat was saying pretty much the same thing (lack of air) about the Zenith Mk 2 and even the Melko N1A/2. Their solution was the jCat. Fingers crossed. Colin.
  10. Hi, it's not that I have an issue with Supermicro mobos, it just came as a bit of a shock that the Zenith was 'just' a consumer motherboard albeit a modified one (probably, I don't know). I guess I was being naive as many of the network players seem to be based around consumer Intel computers rather than bespoke h/w. Others are based around the Raspberry Pi. As for s/w, it occurs to me anything based on the Intel processor h/w and running a form of Linux could be loaded with the s/w or your choice, e.g. ROON Optimised Core Kit. So yes unless you know what you're doing, you are probably paying premium for the sound quality. But I guess that's life. Colin.
  11. Guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I replaced a Naim NDX/XPS with the Bryston/Innuos because I felt the Naim railroaded more melodic music, i.e. it didn't seem to be able to reproduce the more emotional side of many tracks. Part of my issue with the Zenith is that it is a computer (using a Supermicro motherboard). Having spent many years in the IT industry I know computers are always going wrong and with these 'closed box' computer solutions it would not be possible for me to replace a failed SSD and reload the s/w for example. That's why an NUC with a jCat is on the table, but not if it's SQ is going to be inferior to say the LGC/microRendu. Bryston make the BDP-Pi and they allow you to download and install the s/w on your own RPi. I've tried this and not having done anything with the RPi (like LPS and digi cards) the SQ is pretty poor. And I can't say I particular liked the iPhone app either. But then I've been playing with ROON for a while now so that bar is set pretty high. I could live with their app for the sake of the SQ and being able to re-load the s/w means it's not quite a closed box solution. So maybe the BDP-3 ... The Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2 is my brothers so I can't keep that. CA don't do the SM6 V2 any more but they do have the CXN. I've been in touch with CA and they have said the CXN sounds the same both using the analogue and digital outputs. So yes that is another possible solution, I just feel I should be able to do better. The home built PC with a jCat ticks a lot of boxes for me but my concern is that SQ may be inferior to the LGC/microRendu combination, Little Green Computers certainly think so. I have a jCat FEMTO USB card arriving Monday because they said I could try it for two weeks and if I wasn't happy could return it for a refund. If this gives a big enough boost to the SQ over the USB connections on the motherboard of the PC I have (running Linux and ROON core) then I may go ahead with a small form factor computer/NUC with LPS. But then maybe the LGC/microRendu would have better SQ So, as you can see, a difficult choice. Made more difficult because I'm in Spain at the moment and auditioning any of this stuff is really difficult. Thanks again for all your help on this, I'll have to take a breath and carry on Colin.
  12. An Arcam network player? Hadn't thought about that. I'll investigate. Thanks, Colin.
  13. Hi Dave, I pretty much have nothing. I had a Innuos Zenith Mk2 but didn't like the sound and had all sorts of issues with the SqueezeBox server on it 'locking up' while indexing the files. So I sent it back to the dealer. I'm sure the indexing would have been due to dodgy 'music' files but that is a whole other story. I've been experimenting running ROON core on a desktop PC with the DAC connected to that. I've tried a Raspberry Pi running both RuneAudio MPD and RoPieee as a ROON endpoint. I've also borrowed a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2 and fed the Bryston via an AudioQuest Vodka optical interconnect. At the moment this is giving me the best sound, to my ears anyway. Regards, Colin
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