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Audio System

 +++ Antelope Eclipse 384 for vinyl A-D with Pure Vinyl software on a Mac Mini  AND DAC using headphone out to drive speakers with no power amp++ Avantgarde Duo Omega with 16 foot DIY bass horns +++ Mac Mini running Roon with Audiolense convolution filters for DSP room correction +++ Wilson Benesch ACT 2 turntable and tonearm with Ortofon Quintet MC black S +++ ChannelD Lino C phono preamp +++Supra Cables


Separate theater with Sony 4K projector +++ 120 inch SI screen +++ Trinnov Altitude 16 processor +++ various Crown and Yamaha power amps with a variety of Paradigm speakers for a 7.3.6 system with 3 Genelec powered subs ++ screen folded to ceiling in photo


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