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  1. GOOD NEWS 😀 BAD NEWS ☹️ First, the good news.... the November titles that I ordered in September have shipped via DHL and will be here next week The bad news...... I ordered the same November titles in October that I forgot I ordered in September and they will also be here next week If Chris will allow this post, I am asking if anybody wants to buy the extra set. I paid $90 with shipping so if I can get anywhere close I will be thrilled. EDIT: SOLD - CC
  2. GREAT !!! you've already got my CD collection at +80 with the ongoing 3 Blind Mice acquisitions and now this ???? 🤨 but no, I am not familiar with them... let us know
  3. why? A lot of country music along with folk and bluegrass is extremely well recorded not to mention many superb musicians. Alan Jackson's like red on a rose is a great example. I don't see how anything that well recorded would be out of place in an audiophile review. Tim and Molly O'brien's Away Out On the Mountain, most anything in the past 20 years or so by Roseanne Cash, Most of Blue Highway's stuff, and on and on. Check out "Rider on This Train" on Chris Stuart's Mojave River and "Pallet on Your Floor" on the Krüger Brothers' Remembering Doc Watson... oh, and most of Doc Watso
  4. no, but he described the lack of this feature as a "flaw" which prompted my comment.. it was a design decision, not a flaw. I doubt they didn't consider it along with many other features they didn't include. In any case, it doesn't sound very good listening to the you tube video on my monitor speakers, a little tinny with a complete lack of bass.... so I'll pass 😜
  5. are the people judging how this thing sounds by listening to you tube videos serious?? Or am I just not in on the joke ?? I don't get the complaint about lack of a headphone jack either. They decided not to include one. Every product can't meet the expectations/needs of every consumer. I couldn't care less about a headphone jack, but if I did I would just move on. Too many options to bemoan the fact this option doesn't have one.
  6. it depends on how you define "take it up a notch." On Giant Steps Coltrane plays it oh so slowly... much slower and he would have to stop. It is also melodic .. you can hum along if you can hum that slowly. Otsuka's version "takes it up" in the sense that it has some driving percussion behind it. The tempo of the melody isn't that much faster but they cram a whole lot more notes into the same space which gives it the sense that it is much faster. They take more liberties with the melody, more like Coltrane would take later on Live at the Village Vanguard Again
  7. very different than "Go On" though. Although not strictly one or the other.. "Go On" is more straight ahead like a 60's Blue Note release. This one is more atmospheric like an ECM release. Also has more avantgarde moments like later period Coltrane... it includes "Naimi" from Giant Steps which is a Coltrane tune that they take up a notch. I'll stop short of "fantastic!" but I really like it, and goes without saying, great recording
  8. amazon japan has a good selection and send via DHL. If they are out of stock on something they ship as they get them and don't keep hitting you with the extra shipping. I found it a little confusing to get my account set up but once I did smooth sailing
  9. Anybody who believed that Amazon launched that huge catalog with all of those files really sourced from 24 bit 96K and 192K files was delusional.
  10. Oh my , my , my Dude..... you have to get one with all due respect, I can't really respect your audiophile credentials if you are stuck in a digital world. Sure, I listen to and enjoy digital, but the best digital in the world just can't take you where good analog does Music IS analog your whole life revolves around music, therefore your life is incomplete when all the music you listen to is chopped up into bits... sorry, , it isn't debatable, that's just the way it is
  11. FYI Looking at the Wikipedia article on TBM, with the original 40 + the next 30 in the second batch Aug 2020 - Feb 2021 that is about half of all TBM titles. If you are keeping track at home, attached is a spreadsheet with all of them. At least all listed on Wikipedia. Those with CD in column B are ones I have that were ordered in my first 40 plus Aug-Sept. Those with F are in future batches of 5 being released Oct - Feb. It is a bit confusing to get a complete list as some have been released then re-released with different TBM numbers like TBM 8 and 34 (one
  12. Yes sir, pro audio hardware is a wonderful sounding, often ignored bargain in high end. Think about it,, the recordings you are listening to are created, mixed, mastered, using these devices. How can they make excellent sounding recordings if the hardware can't keep up. I've used various models over the past 10 years or so, switching more just to try something different than being displeased with any. Many (most?) pro audio interfaces have built in analog to digital too if you want to digitize your Vinyl. A few I can recommend in no particular order Linx Hilo Apogee Symphony
  13. September has shipped, November ordered An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed. The status of order #1367 is now Shipped Order Details Order Total: ¥9,480 JPY Date Placed: 26th Aug 2020 Payment Method: PayPal Products shipped Cart Items SKU Qty Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd Plus All-Star Guests - Shuko Mizuno'S Jazz Orchestra 73 4988044056244 1
  14. available on Tidal thanks... one of the reasons I come here, audiophiles who actually like music
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