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  1. Hello, I can't decide whether to buy a separate DAC and Lumin U1 mini for example, or a Lumin D2. There is not enough money for T2 at the moment. Somehow I am most drawn to all in one solution. Has anyone compared, say, the U1 mini + Ares II to the Lumin D2? regards, Simon
  2. Thank you for fast response. 3D-Lab Nano player looks good. personally I would rather have some i2S transport than ddc between pc and dac. regards, Simon
  3. Hello, How would this DAC work with a transport that already has an I2S output? For example Audioaware D280? regards, Simon
  4. Ok. I will check about this. Thank you. regards, Simon
  5. Thank you for this info. Obviously I will really have to test it in my system. The problem is getting SDA-6 for the test with the possibility of a return. Yes, my DAC now is modded Topping D30 :-/ and it is the weakest link in my system (Exposure 3010s2D and Gallus Audio Portato). regards, Simon
  6. Hello, anyone use this DAC in 2ch speaker system? In the past I have Nuprime DAC 9 with 4490. I like the sound. But I dont know how this SDA-6 compare with similar DAC. regards, Simon
  7. Hello, did anyone compare these two players? regards Simon
  8. Thank you for this info. Im looking some good DAC for my 2ch speaker setup (Exposure 3010s2D integrated amp and Gallus Audio Portato speakers). Now I have moded Topping D30 DAC 😬 regards, Simon
  9. Nice to hear that. This is with any input? Im interest in USB the most. Because of galvanic isolation. regards, Simon
  10. May I ask if the depth of the soundstage is already any better? regards, Simon
  11. I still dont have it. Im thinking what to bay :-/ regards, Simon
  12. At first I thought about the Lumin D2 (all on one solution), I also like the T1 (used), but somehow I am most drawn to the U1 mini and Pontus II. regards, Simon
  13. Hello, anybody use U1 mini with Denafrips Pontus II DAC? regards, Simon
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