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  1. Hi Alex, I understand the EtherREGEN will be grounded if we use the Uptone power supply. Will the EtherREGEN be grounded if we use the LPS 1.2 with the ground-shunted power supply?
  2. Guys, this is a SOtM thread. Your discussion is off topic, could you please take it to PM or create another thread. Thank you.
  3. For those with the switch, please add some isolation feet if you haven't already done so. I'm using Taoc TITE-25MF.
  4. Correct, I have the version with the internal SCLk-EX clock and master clock input. Also opted for the internal silver dc cable, evox caps and paper. I would also like feedback on clocking the new SOtM trio with the Mutec Ref 10. This could become worthwhile when SOtM introduce new hardware.
  5. It is what it is. If I did not hear a difference, I would also make a post with that impression. The sNH-10G is remarkable.
  6. My sNH-10G special edition arrived today and it's a complete revelation. I was perfectly satisfied with my Cisco SG 200-08 and wasn't expecting this level of improvement. Better resolution, tone, texture, blackness, and instrument separation and placement. It's like I'm next to musicians and can hear the nuances in female vocals, feel the vibration of guitar plucks and the individual weight of piano keys. It's being powered by an Uptone LPS 1.2 and Oyaide 5N silver DC cable. Now just waiting for Uptone's switch
  7. Mine will be arriving in about 2 weeks. I ordered the sNH-10G with clock, 75 ohm input and good bits from Crux. It will be interesting to compare to the Cisco SG200-08 which already sounds superb.
  8. Ham radios and BBS, if we only knew back then....
  9. I was a skeptic up until 3 months ago and shared your opinion, even wireless was fine in my book. The dealer was right, I'm fine to admit I was wrong. This is my experience, YMMY. My best intentions, read Part II of Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.
  10. Supra cat 8 is a very good sounding ethernet cable. Another one worth considering is Wireworld Chroma cat 8 which is also inexpensive for long runs. If you test the cables on your AV system, you'll also see changes in picture tone.
  11. Guys, its possible to re-clock the sNH-10G with one of the clock points from tX-USB ultra. This was confirmed with May this morning.
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