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  1. TX 9V
    A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming
    3 hours ago, jean-michel6 said:

    Rajiv ,


    I can see from this schematic that you are running your tx ultra at 12v .

    Is it better in term of sq than running at 9v. If yes what does it brings in term of sq. 


    May  from SOtM says they were recommending 9v. 

    When I asked May about this, probably more than a year ago, she said there might be better sound quality from running at 12V but there might also be heat issues for some people doing this.  I didn’t press to get a better understanding of what the heat issues were, and I haven’t yet tried switching to 12V.

  2. Netgear GS-105
    A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming

    I just realized I'd forgotten a component in my diagram. In my listening room, I had added a Netgear GS105 with a JSGT-shunted LPS for general hygiene. Based on John Swenson's studies, the Netgear is one of the switches whose port magnetics effectively isolate upstream noise, in conjunction with a ground-shunted LPS.


    The Router manifest's itself in each room as an Ethernet port in the wall, and there is in-wall Cat 5e wiring from that port to the actual router in my master closet.


    Hope this all makes sense.



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