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  1. With any sort of DSP (convolution in my case) performed in HQPlayer some headroom is required to prevent intersample overs and Jussi recommends a minimum -3dB regardless. It seems there is no way to get around some the dynamic range reduction. Since CD 16-bit is only capable of ~96dB range is there any significance to 104dB vs. 120dB in practice? Have you measured the Serene or has some one with comparable data to the table above?
  2. Serene on the way to compliment May and compare to BHK preamp with a very nice set of Telefunken ECC802S. Thanks for the heads up on the pricing increase. Just snuck in under the line.
  3. lpost

    HQ Player

    Setting value to 0 means the word length claimed by audio device should be used.
  4. I've had the May KTE/L3 since March, 2800 hours. Today I flipped the fuse and after 15 mins. flipped it back. They got it right from shop. It was clearly different, less coherent. Flipped back and normalcy resumed. FWIW, the gold end down is my preferred and the way it came.
  5. I haven't thought about Baa Baa Black Sheep in decades. I enjoyed that show and the Corsair(s).
  6. I run Pi-Hole on a Pi4 running DietPi for the same functions. I have no idea what they are doing differently with the Linux builds vs. Windows but it's definitely different. Last evening I rebooted Windows and observed Roon network activities at startup. It was very active, ~20Mb/s for nearly 20 minutes but then settled to near zero. My library is 10k albums (3/4 local, 1/4 Qobuz, 100,000 tracks. I've used Tidal in the past and Qobuz currently. The db is never purged of data so all the Tidal entries are still there (the db admin in me dislikes this fact). It's 14GB. It's accessible
  7. Roon runs independently on another computer from HQPe and NAA. It's just a machine on the network and thus has no impact on the data/sound when playing music with HQPe.
  8. I've played a few tracks in HQPe without Roon involved and I frankly don't hear any difference with Roon feeding HQPe. In both cases there is a separate NAA endpoint device connected to the DAC via USB. Unfortunately, for me using HQPe alone or with HQPDControl is untenable. I ran Foobar2000 for a long time and it reminds me of those days way too much ;) but Foobar does sound fantastic. EuphonyOS sounded great to me too but it's based on Audio-Linux which is NOT supported by Jussi. Jussi does Debian (I believe) and AL is Arch. I also ran Audio-Linux from Pierro for a few years befo
  9. I've run Roon core on Windows 10, Ubuntu and ROCK (MOCK) over the years. Windows is by far the most efficient. Ubuntu and ROCK are seemingly always busy doing something. ROCK in particular makes ~10x more DNS requests than Windows (same db and music files). Roon uses a framework that is compatible with all but native to none. I've forgotten the name but I think they made a grave error back in the day hitching their horse to this model of non-native apps. They seem to continually chase their tail trying to fix issues because of this and it takes away from 'advancing' the product. All of this is
  10. Nevermind. Restore AC setting is working I just wasn't waiting long enough for the power supply caps to fully drain and thus the computer be completely 'off'.
  11. Oh, one quirk. I used a Seasonic Prime 650w from a few years ago. It's probably a bios issue but 'Restore AC Power Loss' doesn't work. WOL does though.
  12. I'm happy with my recent build: i5 10600k - I didn't want to add a graphics card just to work at the console and the integrated from AMD didn't seem compelling. ASUS Prime z590m - Not high quality parts but choices with proven i219v NIC and mATX are few and far between. I tried the GIGABYTE B560M AORUS PRO AX it uses top-shelf components but the Intel embedded nic wouldn't work with 5.10 kernel and even in Windows 10 it only worked for a short period of time before the driver stopped talking to the hardware. Windows probably replaced/updated and it broke. Cooler Master
  13. Many threads about 1st gen Realtek 2.5G chip/driver issues. Not consistent. I don't know if the problems are only Windows driver related or not. Apparently, some of the MB makers have recently acknowledged the problems and are working with Realtek. There is a gen 2 available but not yet on any boards I've found. I'm just trying to uncover ever problem child before jumping into a new build.
  14. Now that some more months have passed, do you recommend the 5800X and B550/X570 motherboard? The Realtek 2.5G NIC issue still appears to be unresolved and I would think is a hw issue at this point. It seems the AMD processors are more efficient for HQP work but the supporting motherboards aren't quite up to par, yet.
  15. Thanks. I don't believe those will be available for a good while yet. If not CUDA cores what does it use? At the office we have a high Tensor core need but I know this is not what most games use...
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