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  1. I've been using convolution in HQPe via 'matrix'...I believe I was instructed to use it and not the 'convolution' selection some time ago but it's been a couple years...and my memory fades. What are the reasons for using one or the other? Is it a difference in the type of files used?
  2. I've loaded 4 sets of convolution files, works great, thank you
  3. @Miska thanks for sinc-l and updates to handle multiple convolver file sets. Will update later today.
  4. Understood. I'm not concerned with my music server behind my firewall plus it holds no data but I completely agree with your idea of keeping it as lean as possible. It's simply an endpoint, files and streams come from another network machine but I also am not concerned with its security safety. I receive the occasional, like 3 times a day, correctable PCI event I believe with the NIC. I notice no disruption in music. SSH would make monitoring something like this so much simpler without a monitor/keyboard connected but I get it. Temp also changes with ambient of the space and upsampling load. I tried Ubuntu server 18.04 and 20.x and desktop 18.04 and Studio and all had issues I was unable to quickly resolve, plus I don't know any of them. I don't have easy physical access to sit with a monitor and keyboard. It's in a closet and sitting on the floor is not much of an option for my old body anymore, at least not for more than a few minutes. I await the new build that supports multiple file sets along with profiles.
  5. I prefer the utter simplicity of HQPeOS or whatever it's called. I don't need nor want anything else on this system. I do wish ssh was enabled though...just to monitor temps mostly.
  6. From what I understand, the files need to be manually copied to the boot/OS disk. Name the files an appropriate name meaningful for you, the have a look at HQPlayerd.xml. Duplicate the block that holds the/one convolution profile. Rename the profile, change the file names to their respective names. You can then select whichever profiles you wish from the webpage to switch between them. OR wait for the next release which Jussi has said will include the ability to upload multiple files sets.
  7. Hmm, I need to figure out how to mount on MacOS Catalina. I see the EFI boot and loader files only when I insert it.
  8. Ok, so manually copy convoluting files to /home/root and manually edit xml file profiles to point to their respective files? Ah but how to get the files onto /home/root without ssh running...mount another flash drive. I'll just wait for the next version that handles it via the web interface.
  9. I'm still confused. I realize I can switch profiles but with the current implementation of HQPe there is only one set of convolution files possible, correct? Short of uploading the the 2nd set of files each time I want to switch to them I guess I'll wait for the next release to fix this shortcoming.
  10. To confirm I understand, I can manually rename the files and edit config xml but I would not be able to switch profiles via the web interface or can I? The playback issue is strange. It's like a buffer is stuck. A reboot did resolve it yesterday. Previously I tried restarting Roon service but it made no difference leading me to believe it's HQPe having the issue. Is it possible to install/enable SSH on HQPeOS? I run headless making it difficult to edit files and config for different convoluting files for example.
  11. I'm running the latest version of HQPe OS image booted from USB and would like to be able to load different sets of convolution filers into the matrix pipeline. I've yet to figure out how to keep more than one set of files. When I add the 4 files for one set and give it a name the files upload and all is well. I then add the 4 files from the other set and they upload and overwrite the 4 files that were there on /home/root. Has anyone successfully created two or more saved sets of convolution files in HQPe? How is it done? Secondarily, I've encountered a problem with playback after I've committed a change. The change I make apparently doesn't matter, could be simply enabling the log. I stop playback (from Roon), make my change, wait 10 secs. and resume play. The track starts normally but approximately 500ms later, it starts again and play along with the sounds that started initially. This continues 'wrapping' around if I let it continue to play. I've not be able to consistently 'fix' it once it occurs either. Sometimes a reboot is required but even that hasn't resolved it every time. It makes trying different filters and settings exceedingly difficult.
  12. I find it best to give any Roon updates a week or 3 to see what issues surface from others before I update. Set updates to manual (ask before downloading any updates) and allow others to find and time for the problems to be resolved or continue to suffer the heartache when things break. Don't worry, there will always be plenty out there to 'test' early on...
  13. It's Intel compatibility that's the issue and why they use AMD for their builds. The I2S bridge on their website appears to the same as the one I bought and still use 2 years ago (in an AMD system).
  14. Live from Home Instead of Live from Here with Chris Thile (local Oceanside boy made the big time) they're doing Live from Home
  15. Try a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with separate router and separate wifi (if they are combined now).
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