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  1. A mobile interface change request. Please set an option to allow the screen to stay on. JRiver Gizmo (Android) has a user option that keeps the screen from timing out. I would love for the screen to stay lit on the Qobuz Android app while I'm listening to music. Drives me nuts having to log into my phone every couple of songs to see what is coming up next. Kyhl
  2. I can buff that out. I'm curious if at these prices they have discrete balanced inputs and outputs or are they tied into the single ended connections like in the "cheaper" LS line. That is my only disappointment with my LS27.
  3. Thanks. You sent me on a wild goose chase where I ended up on Sundazed buying Kevin Grey's mastering of Booker T & The MG's - In The Spirit Of Christmas and The Highwayman. Buy! Buy! Buy!
  4. Holy buckets. I didn't know Esoteric did SACDs. https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/130943/Various_Artists-Great_Jazz_Selection-SACD_Box_Set
  5. Funny, the PA speaker that Margo sang into was a Klipsch Heresy. If I'm not mistaken.
  6. KEF beat you to it. Although their product is designed to improve wireless audio signals.
  7. I was thinking you should start a thread over on SH.tv of a running list of albums that have the Dolby A problem. Similar to the running list of CDs with preemphasis. Now I wonder how quickly it would be squashed with the AF Best of Bread on the list. Honestly, the more I read your posts about this problem the more I wondered how many SH remasters have the problem. Then you go and post one right off the bat. Some of the Intervention Records releases seem like they might land in this wheelhouse. That makes me wonder too although so far, they sound pretty good to me. So maybe start a thread here meant to be a running list the albums that have this issue. Also, for those of us that have never been in a studio and are not used to hearing the differences, maybe an explanation or tutorial of the differences to listen for.
  8. I might be mistaken but my understanding of the PS DirectStream DACs is that they upsample everything to DSD then run it through a low pass filter (transformer based) to create the analog output, instead of a chip DAC conversion.
  9. The burden of proof lies on MQA to provide sufficient proof for their idea. Where is this proof? This is Russell's teapot. MQA made claims. Then claimed their only proof is proprietary information and refuse to share how they came to their findings. Show us the math. It is not beholden on others to prove or disprove an unfalsifiable claim. That work lies on MQA to back up their claims.
  10. I don't post much but like reading the details. VAC, ARC, PS Audio on top of an Oppo 103 (used to rip SACDs), Billy Squire on the TT. Revisiting the Squire to compare to the IR SACD later.
  11. Let me get this straight. The group that gave away free downloads of their albums is against streaming their albums? D'oh Kay. Does Lee manage De La Soul?
  12. This has all been refuted over and over. Honest question, did you go to The Onion School of Journalism? I am still trying to understand why you keep spreading false information after it has been pointed out to you over and over that it is false. This is so wrong and you know it is wrong that it isn't worth discussing again. Instead it is time to question your motives.
  13. You didn't recognize the scam at the time? Really? The very first reply regarding your article shared at SH forums in 2013 replied, " Now it sort of sounds like a scam. jmo " He nailed it. Since you claim to be an audio journalist, shouldn't your journalistic warning light have been going off December of 2013? LeeS, I love reading your posts because they are so dang funny.
  14. I love the irony that you point out a study, which I haven't read but that's not the point here, trying to prove that higher bit rates are tied to resolution. Juxtapose that with thought process with the reality that MQA reduces bit rate and yet you like the reduced bit rate of MQA. In other words, while I agree with your point about bit rates adding resolution, you can't also agree with the second point that you like to sell that reduced resolution in MQA is also high resolution. You can't have it both ways.
  15. You are right. It took me nearly a week from the first suggestion to actually respond to it because I agree with you. My post was a distraction but wasn't an off the cuff comment. I debated since Jarek originally floated the idea but let it go expecting that nothing will come of it. No sense creating a distraction in that case. I decided to waste people's time with my post, because I thought it was a shorter waste of time then watching people build up hopes only to be dashed over time when it doesn't work out as they expect. There are other potential outcomes that are also not likely to create desired results for the affected. I won't waste any more time though and leave them to my private thoughts on the matter. Good luck.
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