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  1. @barrows thanks for the suggestions to try using the forced upsampling power of 2. After a great deal of time I established that I had to make some quite extreme changes to the default "advanced settings" for Izoptope in Audirvana but THEN I was able to hit a complete sweet spot for the Chord Qutest. Now the upsampling power of 2 sounds better than the 2X, very wide sound stage remains (breadth of left to right beyond the speakers in case I got the audio vocab wrong), the "redbook" or 16 bit CD level files sound very much closer to high res 24 bit files and MP3s are much easier on the ear.
  2. @barrows Thanks, I'm very happy with the Qutest but that doesn't detract from my dissatisfaction at Chord playing loose with the truth and claiming native playback. If the DAC is down sampling (more difficult than upsampling I'm told) then it is no wonder that PCM sounds far better than feeding DSD. On Audirvana the "full throttle" upsampling sounds worse than the "only do 2X upsampling". 2X does sound darned good, mind. I will try some other players to see if they have better upsampling capabilities, but if not will probably buy the Audirvana license. I find the interface a lit
  3. @barrows ... that's a bit of a shocker! When I researched the Qutest I relied on Chord's features statement: "DSD support: Native playback supported. DSD64 (Single) to DSD512 (Octa-DSD)". I cannot see how one can interpret the English word "native" to mean that the DAC down-samples DSD. While I am HIGHLY impressed with the sonic qualities of the DAC and most likely would have bought it any way, I feel that if this is the case it is very underhand. Would you mind sharing with me where you read this? On your system would you how would you describe the DSD versus FLAC on the same
  4. Silly question, but why are you running High Sierra? I'd upgrade your Mac to the most current OS (Mojave) at no cost and just see if that fixes your issue.
  5. Would love to hear more about the subjective or experienced side of DSD to compliment the technical comparisons in this thread. In order to get an idea of what others are finding. I'm new to high res music, having enjoyed Qobuz for about two months on their high rez subscription. I have a Chord Qutest DAC that is DSD capable, so wanted to try some DSD content top evaluate if there are sonic differences that I can perceive. I have downloaded a trial of Audirvana. I then found via search engine that Blue Coast Music offers a free download of a well recorded track in multiple fo
  6. Hi Panelhead! Thanks for the reply. I discovered a few things in my stumbling along journey: 1. that I had to change midi settings to the upsample rate as well 2. that the spdif output on the Mac mini doesn’t seem to go higher than 88mhz 3. that - when all else is correct - the upsampling in Pure Audio doesn’t improve 44khz tracks, best left in my case to the DAC to upsample. Maybe as the DACs upsample to 192 and it’s better to do all the upsampling once / in one place? 4. my Musical Fidelity DAC in this system completely wipes the floor with my Audiolab MDAC,
  7. Scratching around various sources I have established that a Mac Mini 2012 will put out max 88khz (thus for most people 2x the 44,.1 khz of most music flies) from it's built in SPDIF. Also max 16bit. I will check this over the weekend. Models 2010 and before max at 48Khz and some later models hit the heady heights of 96Khz. Also then saw that my pure music was set at 44.1 Khz, so when I swapped to SPDIF it probably wasn't doubling the KHz in upsample. That said, I'm still completely scratching my head as to why selecting "upsample" did actually audibly improve the sound quality, since it
  8. I'm running a Mac Mini into a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC (first version). The USB maxes at just 16 bit 48hz. Question: So why does it sound much better in Pure Music when I turn on oversampling? I tried using the SPDIF but the DAC also indicates that it is only receiving the native 44KHz. Question: Does that mean that the software oversampling only works with USB and not with the SPDIF? I have a more modern Audiolab MDAC (on another system) that I will be testing with this system over the weekend. Maybe that will be even better. USB on that is up to 24-bit/96kHz.
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