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  1. https://mytekdigital.com/download_library/firmware/Mytek_BrooklynDAC+_firmware_v.1.0.zip
  2. hello, one more question for brooklyn dac owners. is it possible to somehow lock the bypass option to "off"? i just don't want to inadvertently push buttons on the remote and change the option to "on" while music is playing and blow my speakers and ears
  3. i am using s/pdif. i think i saw a "x64" on the display, but don't know if it's "correct". that's why i asked... i think i'll try to switch to "IN". telling the truth... i don't understand what the sync options are actually doing. they could enven be irrelevant when s/pdif is used as input
  4. thanks a lot. do you think i can use "int" also when the input i am using is s/pdif? the manual says "INT (Internal) / USB", so i thought it was to use only when the input is from USB...
  5. hello, i have recentey become owner of the mytek brooklyn dac. can someone explain me what the sync options for the mytek brooklyn mean? mytek manual says there are 5 options: -int -wck -in -44,1 – 192 kHz -x64 – x256 i use as an input the s/pdif (the transport is a raspberry with allo-digi-one, using the s/pdif output) what sync options am i supposed to use? thanks a lot
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