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  1. Hi there. I've got a Piano 2.1 + Kali + Sparky combo from Allo; I'm using DietPi (currently installed version is v6.25.3). I know how to set the "DacPlus" in dietpi-justboom, but I don't know how to enable kali (with the dtoverlay thing normally, passing glb_mclk to the boot process). Thanks!
  2. Hi there; I've recently purchased a bundle featuring a Sparky, Kali, Piano2.1, and accessories. I see that there are some features on the Sparky board that aren't documented anyplace I can find: a battery hookup (with a blinking red light?!) some volume switches, an IR sensor... I'm building an audio player pc, have lots of experience with Linux and Debian, and am interested in whether I might be able to use these features. Can someone from Allo help me out?
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