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  1. Wasn't it supposed all SR7 3A rails get replaced by 6A regulators ? Sure it will not allows you to drain 6A due to transformer core and windings will limit max power you can get. But just wanted to know if this update has been implemented in your build.
  2. Oups, possible PH fanboy detected ...let check this out here to avoid polluting this topic with such backstage story.
  3. I don't negate you could have a reasonably good experience with Paul Hynes at time you ordered and got your SR5 delivered timely. Also that you could stay in touch with Paul and still exchange e-mails on a regular basis, even become friends and maybe a good friend of him. What I do want to rise with my still very polite message is that such lovely experience with Paul Hynes is gone, the gold standard in 2018/2019 has become: - first you get in touch with Paul about any of his "available" products, during that time Paul is pretty responsive and kind - then you agree and pay for something that has a achievable delivery time - then you wait, wait, wait and wait again and again... Time to time you read news from Paul on this forum, but hardly, if not never, you get a direct message from him explaining what's going on regarding what you agreed and paid. Evendo what was agreed represents one man week of work and that delivery time for all material since you paid would have permitted to reach the moon or even another planet. In summary this has nothing to do with being polite, kind or even open for some irony, it's just this one man business has lost the sense priority - means customer satisfaction. Back to my message, As a good friend of Paul, I would rather encourage him to find back his motivation, go to work and finish what he promised and got paid for than patronizing his current waiting customers.
  4. Lucky man, may I ask you to pass him my greetings and tell him if possible he could be so kind to reply to my e-mail from mid June. All regarding SR7 paid in advance build progress...
  5. Why waiting end of July, let's celebrate now ! Paul has anyway taken well deserved holidays after a tremendous year of SR7 custom build delays and excuses - every one more original than the previous, such creativity in a single year really puzzles me - what remain to happen ?
  6. About two weeks ago I engaged to purchase a couple of 12V high quality PSU, asked for custom cable and terminations as well as other details. A week ago I placed the order and made payment through Paypal and two days ago I got my couple PSU and cables. Those are now part of my sound system and contribute to my enjoyment ...this is what I would call normal way. Be insured above flow was not with Paul Hynes, but with Kemp Electronic who handle Farad Super3 PSU. Not clear to me yet if those supply are superior, same or what else compared to my SR7, but one is sure those parts and customer handling are from top class. If only this could be always this way...
  7. Yep, could call it The Never Ending Story ...also a movie Seems some builds are pretty sticky, maybe Paul could enlighten us...
  8. After first delivery endeavor of my SR7 is now missed by more than 6 months, here a small update of my long journey... Aside a detailed message Paul sent me on January 2nd, telling that my build (#23) was expected to be started in the week of February 11th, I had zero other news. Having first choose to keep waiting quite on a spontaneous message or a sign from Paul, I finally after 4 months decided to break this silence. So I couldn't resist to try my luck again on the [email protected] ping rate lottery... Unlucky wise, evendo I did pay attention to send my message during his open office time to maximize chances of a hit, my kind message remains without acknowledge - not even "Hello world" - since 17 days now. Again not a very polite way to treat a pay in advance customer for which delivery is stuck in a fuzzy backlog. For the sake of completeness, I want to add that since initial agreement and payment end of September 2018, I didn't change my mind or order - so no re-specify fever is hitting on me 😉 ---------- Forwarded message --------- Date: mar. 11 juin 2019 à 14:37 Subject: Build #23 - SR7DRMR2XL (2x 12V) with DC6FSXL cables – 0.5m length no terminal plugs Hi Paul, Could you please provide me some update on SR7 outstanding build progress. Seems crazy things have settle down now, factory capability has been restored and you delivered some parts... I would appreciate you give me a personal feedback after your last mail from 2nd of January which is now more that six month away. Thanks, François
  9. It' Nagra Classic PSU, pretty nice design using 5F super cap as output buffer per low noise linear regulated rails, 3x 12V rails in total. Makes my HD DAC sing, music notes are like floating in the air... Price is insane, but knowing it's "just made simpler" version of their HD DAC X or HD preamplifier power supply that cost more than twice, it aleviates the mind on top of the purse ...still not yet a buy for me.
  10. Good to see some SR4 throughput, time to time... However facts remain: SR7 build flow looks dry as Great Salt Lake since months - mine is paid since more time it takes to human to born a child, how on earth is it possible assembling a known design takes ages ? Paul seems not care to answer, even the most polite inquiry of his paid in advance customers, which btw are not that many - and possibly becoming a dying species with such poor quality of service. All in one, I still wonder how he could get such a great reputation leading to this kind of extremely positive review less than a year ago ? To finish on a good note, fortunate enough to write all this listening to my audio system, sounding absolutely great - now powered by probably one of the finest power supply design in the industry - it's a loan, but chances it convert to a buy are growing...
  11. Thanks, good to read that things are going toward better for your. Whish you relaxing Fall and Winter listening sessions, and in the mean time enjoy the warm and sunny Summer ...if he bothers to install once a day.
  12. Build #23 - SR7DRMR2XL (2x 12V) with DC6FSXL cables – 0.5m length no terminal plugs No news from Paul since his January 2nd 2019 e-mail reply May Paul do us a favor and post a full list of what's coming next on his SR7 production line ...or should I say congestion line ?
  13. Munich is nice city to stay, a kind of mix of Florence and Berlin ...and the weather was far from great, so I can imagine it's even nicer when warm - hanging out outside with a fresh beer.
  14. Yes they were running in the PMC room, three of them set as front stage for their 19-20 speakers immersive demo. Source was, but not only, an Oppo BD player, pre was from PMC + a crazy lot of Bryston amps hidden behind room curtain. Sound of the immersive recording was amazing and great - but it's no more Hi-Fi, it's Si-Fi ...this setup is nowhere to see in any private home I guess. They did also run the Fenestria for normal stereo sound, great speaker for sure ...but personally the looks is by far too much for my taste. For same price I would jump on a pair of Magico M2, very refined sound and style.
  15. Loudspeaker where amphion Argon7LS, with MAC pro as server with Crane Solaris DAC and Antelope Satori pre-amp into a small black stereo block (don't know the name) sitting on the floor in between speakers. Total cost of this system was probably in the 12-14k$ including cabling, sound was really enjoying, fast, lively but nothing aggressive. Other rooms did had this budget for maybe half the cables or just the main supply filter and cabling...
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