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  1. Good to see some SR4 throughput, time to time... However facts remain: SR7 build flow looks dry as Great Salt Lake since months - mine is paid since more time it takes to human to born a child, how on earth is it possible assembling a known design takes ages ? Paul seems not care to answer, even the most polite inquiry of his paid in advance customers, which btw are not that many - and possibly becoming a dying species with such poor quality of service. All in one, I still wonder how he could get such a great reputation leading to this kind of extremely positive review less than a year ago ? To finish on a good note, fortunate enough to write all this listening to my audio system, sounding absolutely great - now powered by probably one of the finest power supply design in the industry - it's a loan, but chances it convert to a buy are growing...
  2. Thanks, good to read that things are going toward better for your. Whish you relaxing Fall and Winter listening sessions, and in the mean time enjoy the warm and sunny Summer ...if he bothers to install once a day.
  3. Build #23 - SR7DRMR2XL (2x 12V) with DC6FSXL cables – 0.5m length no terminal plugs No news from Paul since his January 2nd 2019 e-mail reply May Paul do us a favor and post a full list of what's coming next on his SR7 production line ...or should I say congestion line ?
  4. Munich is nice city to stay, a kind of mix of Florence and Berlin ...and the weather was far from great, so I can imagine it's even nicer when warm - hanging out outside with a fresh beer.
  5. Yes they were running in the PMC room, three of them set as front stage for their 19-20 speakers immersive demo. Source was, but not only, an Oppo BD player, pre was from PMC + a crazy lot of Bryston amps hidden behind room curtain. Sound of the immersive recording was amazing and great - but it's no more Hi-Fi, it's Si-Fi ...this setup is nowhere to see in any private home I guess. They did also run the Fenestria for normal stereo sound, great speaker for sure ...but personally the looks is by far too much for my taste. For same price I would jump on a pair of Magico M2, very refined sound and style.
  6. Loudspeaker where amphion Argon7LS, with MAC pro as server with Crane Solaris DAC and Antelope Satori pre-amp into a small black stereo block (don't know the name) sitting on the floor in between speakers. Total cost of this system was probably in the 12-14k$ including cabling, sound was really enjoying, fast, lively but nothing aggressive. Other rooms did had this budget for maybe half the cables or just the main supply filter and cabling...
  7. Under 10k$ souding good speakers, may I add amphion, this simple setup was very lively and visualy attractive. Aside of that, I was also impressed by the Verity, PMC with their 20 speakers demo as well as Nagra for reproducing complex recording with ease. But my size vs sq catch was the Magico with Constellation, very refined sound and small but great looking speakers
  8. Never heard the mini, but did listen to ZENhit mk2, own ZEn mk2, listen to ZEN mk3 and also own ZENhit mk3. One I can say is that going higher or more recent in thier line always brought sq improvement. In all honesty sq difference is not worth paying twice the price, however if your budget is not limited and your system is revealing, then picking higher always deliver best sq ...so I bet Zen mk3 beats the mini.
  9. Probably he his still on Easter holidays, mendatory to take regular breaks in between strenuous period of work, isn't it ?
  10. Little maths: 52 weeks - 5 weeks holidays - 2 weeks bank holidays: remains 45 weeks of work 45 x 5 means 225 days of yearly work 21'000 e-mails / 225 means about 93 e-mails per working day This amount of e-mails is nothing exceptional in 2019, I have to deal with that too on top of doing my job and timely delivering what I engage on. Possibly the fact I'm working more than 7 hours per day allows me to deliver more ? Little statistics: Number of e-mails sent last September to conclude my SR7 deal = 10 Number of e-mail received from Paul at that time = 10 Response rate 100% Number of e-mail sent by me after SR7 payment was confirmed till today = 13 Number of e-mail received from Paul during that period = 2 Response rate 15% Based on above we can observe that responsiveness is way better before payment then after. Possibly among the 21'000 e-mails there are 2/3 of them that could be avoided if follow-up would be existing. Let's not blow this out of proportion, total number of SR7 build delivered so far is less than 20, and remaining is also less than 20 - so this should not generate 21'000 "important" e-mails to handle. Also there should be a differentiation of priority between, customers - the one that have already paid and prospect - the one that might engage on something. In fact e-mail response rate should be exact opposite as what is observed in the above statistic. Last but not least, delivered customer suffering a problem while warranty period should be treated with highest priority - this just to save reputation.
  11. Sad to read about all this lack of customer support, issue can always happen, but accounting the price of kit and the wait, it deserves a minimum of close follow-up. For my point of view this is priority one to address, regardless of premise, weather, holidays or what else excuses that could come to mind, this is question of reputation and credibility...
  12. Nothing special it's the base battery pack for Nagra VI, 8-channel digital professional recorder. Quite nice piece of kit, I mean the recorder of course, as battery pack I would rather take the high capacity version that replace pink foam by more battery.
  13. Would jump on MK3 ...seems original MK2 magic just got improved with MK3. When I did buy my ZEN Mk2, I listen first to ZENhit Mk2, playing my own FLAC files, it sounded good on a system and in a room that do not correspond to my home setups. Saying crude, I was not impressed by the sound, it was not best listening of those very files, but was amazed by the easiness of use that Innuos offered. Therefore, I took ZEN Mk2 without even listening to it ...I was pretty convinced that this cannot sound bad at home. Back home after 2h settling time, I connected the ZEN MK2 to my living room setup and it was clear after 20s that we have a winner ...never those files sounded so good in that room. And I was only using the Innuos as server to my streamer - DAC, through RJ-45 (Monster Cable) so nothing fancy. In the meantime this unit moved down to my basement setup and brought significant improvement to my main system. I did also enjoy USB out direct to my DAC, which sound even more vivid than RJ-45 to streamer and then S/PDIF to my DAC - I sometimes prefer this more lay back presentation over the very analytic USB delivery. End of last year I went to compare ZEN Mk3 to ZENhit MK3, again on a system and room that do not match my own. Both unit run same FLAC files from their own storage, same good USB cable was run sequentially during the comparison. Also both unit enjoy same good power cords, so a very fair comparison. Sound with ZEN was excellent, nothing evident was missing, however once we plug ZENhit it was clear that this guy is a level above. Bass fundament and detail just stepped up ...so I decided for a ZENhit MK3. After baking in, I did obviously compare my good old ZEN Mk2 to ZENhit MK3, difference is evident in favor of the newcomer. Also I had opportunity to compare at my home with the ZEN MK3 of a friend of mine, but again ZENhit MK3 wins. We did also compare to my "old" ZEN Mk2 with new MK3 and there was no discussion, the new ZEN sounds better. So in summary my experience is that order of arrival and price hierarchy is respected: The new beat the old and the uper range beat the lower one. Still ZEN is boxing above his range, I mean price difference between ZEN and ZENhit is not reflecting the sound gap size. Main problem at the moment seems to get Innuos units as it took three months between my MK3 order and delivery. So if you see one unit available in a store, just buy it...
  14. @Ralf11 - As we possibly share same interest for Porsche... Can we really compare company like Fuchs Wheel restoration with Paul Hynes Design ? - They claim 6 weeks delivery - no evidence they don't meet that... - You pay at the moment work is done - not months/years upfront - They have a fully operational workshop - nothing about blocked drain or what else excuses preventing to do their job timely - Customer base is order of magnitude wider - here we are just 15 or so sitting in SR7 purgatory...
  15. Sh.., does it mean I should cancel my travel to Outer Hebrides for the factory tour I planed on next Monday ?
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