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  1. @Mark (Paul Hynes Design LTD) Thanks for all the details on how this new entity took birth and now growth up. Fascinating ! While still waiting on my SR7 custom build, I have now a mixed feeling between pride and sadness: The pride because it looks obvious paid in advance fund permit Paul to hold on and create some employment in a kind of remote region. Also this capital allows to find better personal solution and host his disabled parents at his now refurbished home. The sadness because when engaging on taking over an SR7 custom build, after getting vivid and convincing exchanges with Paul, I was not under the impression I spend my money on a charity... It was much more about a seller agreement to deliver asap something to the buyer, like it works in everyday businesses. As we cannot change the past let's work on to make the future bright. Since a picture is worth 1'000 words, would you mind posting some from the new premise production areas in which the SR7 are build ?
  2. @Mark (Paul Hynes Design LTD) Would you mind to clarify the connection between Paul Hynes Design LTD and Paul Hynes himself ? Who is the boss (owner) at Paul Hynes Design LTD ? I'm asking this because I'm a customer of Paul Hynes awaiting an SR7 build which takes longer than expected to deliver. We are many in the same boat which his floatability now becomes questionable ...as the name of Paul Hynes does.
  3. Borderline for sure, may I add pathetic observing his rise and fall...
  4. Yes, but then the "standard SR7" chassis size as listed above post #164 (W = 350mm, H = 110mm, D = 310mm) doesn't match with the FC9 chassis size from the Web site - Streacom FC9 chassis W = 348mm, H = 100mm, D = 289mm ?!?
  5. Strange about the standard SR7 chassis size (W = 350mm, H = 110mm, D = 310mm) as it's much wider and different than the one Paul told me on September 10, 2018 he do fit my custom SR7DRMR2... PH: The SR7DRMR2 uses the SR7MR4 chassis to allow the fitting of the four regulator modules. This measures W = 224mm, H = 130mm, D = 346mm.
  6. As my SR7 order is now paid by more than one year and still not delivered, I have to resume posting on Paul Hynes customer journey thread. Below sequence show how I contacted Paul early September 2018 and how compelling, kind and responsive he was during the ordering process, until my money arrived on his account. This is mainly to warn other potential customer of Paul Hynes about his particular way of work ...enjoy the read. ---------- Forwarded message --------- 2 oct. 2018 à 10:14 Excellent news Paul, thanks for the message, enjoy your day. Kind regards, François 1 oct. 2018 à 16:23 Hi Francois, Your funds transfer has arrived, thank you. I have ordered the materials for conversion to ensure no delays. Regards, Paul mer. 26 sept. 18:00 Hi Francois, The power supply is sold and I will confirm when the funds arrive. Pleased to help. Regards, Paul 2018-09-26 16:56 Hi Paul, Ok let's move forward, assume this material is sold, I will confirm transfer once done ...money might take few days to proceed down to your account. Thanks for your time, kind regards, François mer. 26 sept. 17:44 Hi Francois, Actually the total cost is £1899.71 but if you want to send £1900 that is fine. The bank details are correct and you should have the power supply before 20th December. Regards, Paul 2018-09-26 16:33 Hi Paul, Ok, so total it's GBP 1'900.- that I will have to transfer to your bank account to get those items, before December 20, 2018 * 1x SR7DRMR2XL – 2 x 12V 3A * 2x DC6FSXL – 0.5m no terminal plugs Your bank account is: Barclays Bank PLC >> >> >> >> >> Is all that right ? Kind regards, François 26 sept. 2018 à 16:38 Hi Francois, Excellent. Confidentiality is good. The Barclays International bank transfer handling fee is 6GBP, which is not bad for banks. They usually want an arm and a leg. To ensure a speedy shipment I have a quote to ship via UPS Express Saver and this will cost £108.16 including all the packaging for safe transit. Insurance for loss or damage in transit will cost £43.55 and including the Barclays fee of £6 the total to add to the goods cost would be £157.71 Regards, Paul On 2018-09-26 15:14 Hi Paul, The config match my dream and I'm a very discreet person ...indeed, I'm Swiss 😉 Let's move forward toward the full quote. Just unclear clear yet regarding Barclay bank transfer fee, is it 6£ or 6% ? My home address is: >>> >>> >>> Kind regards, François mer. 26 sept. 2018 à 15:03 Hi Francois, Sorry I made a typing error for the power supply it is actually an SR7DRMR2XL not an SR7DRMR4XL so it fits your dream config but just requires a new mains transformer and module modification as described in my last e-mail. I would be unable to add a new SR5 or SR7 custom build to the order list with less than an approx 180 to 200 working day lead time so this SR7DRMR2XL cancellation is your only option for before Xmas delivery. I should add that this arrangement should remain confidential as I have people awaiting notification of any order cancellations, several of which have become good friends, and I do not wish to upset them. The cost of the power supply will be :- 1 off SR7DRMR2XL – 2 x 12v 3A £1530 2 off DC6FSXL – 0.5 no terminal plugs £0212 Total Goods cost £1742 I will need a delivery address to get a shipping quote and also any funds transfer costs should be added like paypal (4.5%) or Barclays international transfer handling fee of 6%. Regards Paul On 2018-09-26 13:31 Hi Paul, This sounds good, my dream config would be SR7DRMR2XL (2x 12V >2A) - is that possible starting from this SR7MR4DRXL you have on hand ? Otherwise what would be closest proxy you can build with prior December 20 ETA ? Also please give me a full quote for the SR7 + 2x 50cm DC6FSXL DC leads without terminal plugs, so I know what it will cost. Tanks and kind regards, François mer. 26 sept. 13:20 Hi Francois, This may be good timing on your part. I have a customer wanting to upgrade his SR7MR4DRXL order (DRXL is the highest performance specification in the range), which I am building at present with two 3A rails, to a HD build with three DR 6A rails in a much larger Streacom FC10 chassis. I will have to modify the SR7MR4 as it will require a new mains transformer to suit your applications and I will also have to modify the regulator modules to provide the 12v DR configuration. Lead time for mains transformers from my transformer manufacturer is currently 30 working days to shipment so I should have a mains transformer delivered here by mid November if I get the order in quickly. I can schedule the modification and soak test for the third/fourth week in November and assuming no issues along the way it should be possible to ship this power supply during the first week in December. This still leaves plenty of time for delivery by 20th December. This power supply will go quickly so let me know if it is of interest. Regards Paul On 2018-09-25 21:55 Hi Paul, Sorry it took me a bit of time to come back, I had an event to organize and attend. Your kind feedback confirms my fear, I would have to wait till next March before enjoying a serious power supply update for my DAC, this is not something I want to engage on. I'm looking for a solution ETA on December 20, 2018, so I can enjoy it during Xmas break ...it's best holiday time in the year to enjoy my sound system. I see that you still sell the SR5 and 160VA should be enough for my DAC (2x 2A/12V) I would then be interested in either one: SR5MR2XL £1020 or two: SR5DRXL £935 ...but then I would like them mounted in a single chassis, as 2x224 just does not fit the width of my rack - 448mm > 445mm 😞 Could you please clarify availability of such SR5 based solutions, do you think such supply would be available prior this Xmas ? Many thanks, Kind regards, François Date: lun. 10 sept. 2018 à 18:06 Hi Francois, 90 working days means that my build would start early February 2019 is that right ? ...and how long to build and ship ? PH: 90 working days will mean an early February start. It usually takes around 7 working days to build and soak test a large Multirail power supply. Shipment can take longer than parcel carrier quotes as none of them have offices in the islands and we are classed as a remote area. They use local forwarding agents who travel the islands twice a week for deliveries and pickups. Parcels then go to the forwarding agent’s depot in Lochmaddy where the parcel is transferred to another van for transit via road and ferry to Inverness on the mainland where the parcel joins the main parcel carriers system for normal transit thereafter. The transit from here to the parcel carrier can take between 4 to 8 days depending on the weather and the ferry schedules. You should have the parcel by the beginning of March. SR7DRMR2 is a dual rail with two 6A (HD) regulators in cascade by rails, so it's two separated 12V/6A outputs with 150dB rejection DC-100KHz ? PH: Correct SR7DRMR2XL is same as above but with silver internal wiring from capacitors, regulator up to output connectors ? PH: Correct but also includes Jaeger ultra low impedance DC connectors on the chassis (designated XL connectors). The non XL build uses silver plated XLR connectors for the DC connectors. Size is same for both above systems: W = 224mm, H = 130mm, D = 266mm ? PH: The SR7DRMR2 uses the SR7MR4 chassis to allow the fitting of the four regulator modules. This measures W = 224mm, H = 130mm, D = 346mm. Cost is £ 1,200 for SR7DRMR2 or £ 1,530 for SR7DRMR2XL, or do I miss something ? PH: Correct Need probably to add some DC cable like £ 186 for DC6FSXL ? Is it possible to have shorter than 1m, e.g. 50cm and no terminal plugs ? PH: You can have 50cm DC6FSXL DC leads without terminal plugs and these will cost £106 Need to add £6 for international Barklays bank transfer PH: Correct Need to pay for shipment to Switzerland Need to pay for custom tax to Switzerland PH: Correct Need to pay VAT for Switzerland PH: Correct PH: The SR5 power supplies are still available. I no longer sell the regulator modules used in the SR5 and the SR7. Regards, Paul On 2018-09-09 22:24 > Hi Paul, > > Thanks a lot for your quick reply. > Just to clarify some of my understanding and assumption after reading > your SR detail document: > > 90 working days means that my build would start early February 2019 > is that right ? ...and how long to build and ship ? > > SR7DRMR2 is a dual rail with two 6A (HD) regulators in cascade by > rails, so it's two separated 12V/6A outputs with 150dB rejection > DC-100KHz ? > > SR7DRMR2XL is same as above but with silver internal wiring from > capacitors, regulator up to output connectors ? > > Size is same for both above systems: W = 224mm, H = 130mm, D = > 266mm ? > > Cost is £ 1'200 for SR7DRMR2 or £ 1'530 for SR7DRMR2XL, or do I > miss something ? > Need probably to add some DC cable like £ 186 for DC6FSXL ? Is it > possible to have shorter than 1m, e.g. 50cm and no terminal plugs ? > Need to add £6 for international Barklays bank transfer > Need to pay for shipment to Switzerland > Need to pay for custom tax to Switzerland > Need to pay VAT for Switzerland > > Aside SR7 custom build that no new order is taken do you still sell > SR5 or regulator modules ? > > Looking forward to your answer, kind regards, François Le sam. 8 sept. 2018 à 18:48 >> Hi Francois, >> >> The only cancelled order currently available is an SR7MR4, which I am >> scheduled to start building in approx 90 working days. This can easily >> be re-specified as an SR7DRMR2 or the higher spec SR7DRMR2XL if this >> would be your preference. >> >> I have attached the current SR power supply details so you can see >> all the options and their cost. Should you wish to proceed once you have >> read this information we can finalise the specification for your application. >> >> Regards >> Paul On 2018-09-06 22:22 >>> Hi Paul, >>> >>> I read from CA forum [1] that you might have SR7 cancelled order awaiting for transfer... >>> >>> I'm currently on the quest of an improved 2 rails 12VDC / 2A power >>> supply solution for my DAC. Main power in my country is 230V AC / 50Hz. >>> >>> In case you would have something open, possibly fulfilling my needs, >>> could please let me know what and which delivery date ? >>> Also what are regulator options for the two rails, I read about DR is >>> that something you still do ? >>> >>> In any case, thank you in advance for your reply, kind regards, >>> François Morier >>> >>> Links: >>> ------ >>> [1] https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/37373-the-paul-hynes-sr7/?page=16
  7. You mean for Paul's reputation ? Since delivering over late and being sub-optimal at prioritizing tasks are already known limitation of the man. It's prefereable we don't have to add swindler in his CV, so yes expectation is that he publish the list of remaining SR7 build and alias.
  8. How fun, the only tangible I could get by e-mail from Paul this year is my SR7 build number, and guess what, it's build #23 So it's about time we get a nominative list with number and names (can be AS user name) from Paul. This situation is turning nasty...
  9. Might just be some have better Modem/Router, or ISP, and so get a more direct connection with Paul...
  10. Wasn't it supposed all SR7 3A rails get replaced by 6A regulators ? Sure it will not allows you to drain 6A due to transformer core and windings will limit max power you can get. But just wanted to know if this update has been implemented in your build.
  11. Oups, possible PH fanboy detected ...let check this out here to avoid polluting this topic with such backstage story.
  12. I don't negate you could have a reasonably good experience with Paul Hynes at time you ordered and got your SR5 delivered timely. Also that you could stay in touch with Paul and still exchange e-mails on a regular basis, even become friends and maybe a good friend of him. What I do want to rise with my still very polite message is that such lovely experience with Paul Hynes is gone, the gold standard in 2018/2019 has become: - first you get in touch with Paul about any of his "available" products, during that time Paul is pretty responsive and kind - then you agree and pay for something that has a achievable delivery time - then you wait, wait, wait and wait again and again... Time to time you read news from Paul on this forum, but hardly, if not never, you get a direct message from him explaining what's going on regarding what you agreed and paid. Evendo what was agreed represents one man week of work and that delivery time for all material since you paid would have permitted to reach the moon or even another planet. In summary this has nothing to do with being polite, kind or even open for some irony, it's just this one man business has lost the sense priority - means customer satisfaction. Back to my message, As a good friend of Paul, I would rather encourage him to find back his motivation, go to work and finish what he promised and got paid for than patronizing his current waiting customers.
  13. Lucky man, may I ask you to pass him my greetings and tell him if possible he could be so kind to reply to my e-mail from mid June. All regarding SR7 paid in advance build progress...
  14. Why waiting end of July, let's celebrate now ! Paul has anyway taken well deserved holidays after a tremendous year of SR7 custom build delays and excuses - every one more original than the previous, such creativity in a single year really puzzles me - what remain to happen ?
  15. About two weeks ago I engaged to purchase a couple of 12V high quality PSU, asked for custom cable and terminations as well as other details. A week ago I placed the order and made payment through Paypal and two days ago I got my couple PSU and cables. Those are now part of my sound system and contribute to my enjoyment ...this is what I would call normal way. Be insured above flow was not with Paul Hynes, but with Kemp Electronic who handle Farad Super3 PSU. Not clear to me yet if those supply are superior, same or what else compared to my SR7, but one is sure those parts and customer handling are from top class. If only this could be always this way...
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