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  1. @RedDogCoI don't run Roon, just use the LMS as provided by Innuos - so I can also enjoy my old SlimDevices/Logitech products. Most of time in my main setup (Zenhit) I use USB out direct to my DAC, this provides best sound - Just it requires the use of a smartphone, tablet or PC to control the music. The old gen Logitech stuff has less crisp sound but can be run with an IR remote, so cool, so simple, so obvious. I don't know about system size but my 2TB SSD version is offering 1'700GB for music storage. @kennyb123 Yes that's right Zen mk3 looks to use same caps as mk2. However mk3 use exact same PWA and BOM (diode, regs, ..etc) bar the 4x big Electrolyte that are not the Mundorf used in Zenhit mk3 only. Zen mk3 also has only two rails due to no 5V SSD, so MCU has one specific rail and HDD/CD, ..etc get another rail. Mk3 line went one step over mk2, so you made a good move ...enjoy !
  2. Probably no need to open my Zen mk3, just looking again at John Darko's Zen mk3 review video where we see internal and the famous caps. My conclusion is Zen mk3 has no Mundorf MLytic like Zenhit mk3, so yes - caps are different. However the above Zen mk3 inside top picture is kind of cheating since this one use the Mundorf MLytic as my Zenhit mk3 top picture shows - probably a marketing leak 😉 Attached, my Zenhit mk3 inside & cap as well as John D, Zen mk3 cap view from his video
  3. The point is, now I'm lucky enough to own both Zen and Zenhit in mk3 version. Sound wise the Zenhit is above, no debate. Is it worth de extra money this is up to everyones priority ? Regarding the HW differences I would still stick on, aside one rail and an SSD, there is no extra. The reviewer is a good talker, but I already had to open my Zenhit and I have seen the caps, to me based on Zen mk3 picture they are same brand and spec. I might open my Zen too if this becomes a must...
  4. Highly unlikely due to size a 2nd regulation stage would take, also DR is one of the remaining differentiator from "custom builds" vs "batch build". Nevertheless if Paul is available for an update on his on going SR7 custom build activities, it would bring a ray of light in this very dark 2020 year...
  5. It's hard to state as I didn't compare Zenhit mk2 vs Zen mk3 on same system. However I was pretty impressed by the Zen mk3 when listened on my home setup against my good old Zen mk2. The gap is significant, for me Zen mk3 is excellent value, it use same power supply as Zenhit mk3 minus one rail due to no SSD. For me SSD is not worth the extra cost up as Zen is inaudible 2m away when in use. So it's your money and ears to decide, I wouldn't be surprised Zenhit mk2 still has a tinny edge over Zen mk3 that could be heard in a revealing system...
  6. I was contacted by Paul mid of February, among details on difficulty he faced last year there was apology for the inconvinience. He also told me resuming the work on my custom build #23 which, assuming no more unforeseen circumstances beyond his control, should become ready to ship end of March. I acknowleged his message with thanks and confimation I'm ready to get it. But all this was before Covid-19 knocked at our doors... At the moment I can imagine there could be other priority for many of us, including Paul. It remains being on a remote island which was not visited by many tourists during this winter might make his place more safe than many urban places we live in. Assuming he is in good health, with access to food, provided the custom build material is already at his premise, then the build can go on.
  7. No more live or any public venue hosting more than 50 people here in heart of Europe. And this will probably tighten further. Work from home enforced starting tomorrow, kind of irreal. Will probably run music as background, for relaxing...
  8. Communication channel regarding SR7 custom build looks still to be severely broken ...far beyond broadest-ranging open mind. ...Mark and Stephen are aware of historic issues. They are anxious about customer satisfaction in PHD Ltd since Paul retired from custom builds... Also connection between Paul and PHD Ltd is highly puzzling, we are talking about a new company, build on the IP and reputation of Paul, which operates in same town, probably same office ...but is unable to facilitate a minimum of communication from his "mentor".
  9. Do you mean you await one custom SR7 build, returned due to defect one year ago, and still it's not repaired yet ...that's crazy. Out of curiosity, is it a return under warranty period ?
  10. You can connect external hard drive to Innuos, but it's either for transfering the files to the internal storage or for backing up the internal storage. This last option requires to let Innuos reformat your external drive and make a "proprietary" copy of the internal storage - which can then only be restored on an Innuos HW. Regarding sound difference between Innuos player software, which is based on Logitech Media Server (LMS - former SqueezBoxServer former SlimServer) and Innuos using Roon there is consensus here, which has been confirmed by designer of Innuos that LMS player still has an edge over Roon (RAAT). Main reason looks to reside into LMS is more open source than Roon, letting Innuos applying different file buffering strategy, hence best sound through his USB out. There is an Innuos "beta" SW which permit to run Roon but still use LMS (through SqueezeLite) mitigating this gap, but with canvate on restricted type of supported formats as well as some possible file transition glitches... I choose Innuos server because of the simple all-in one plug and play solution, I hate to worry about computer/SW when enjoying music. I'm more than satisfied with what I get but I understand and agree there is some extra price to pay, as well as limitations with respect to a fully open multi-box self build solution, for which I don't have interest nor time to spend.
  11. Maintained, this is Paul's transfer/refund policy
  12. I'm with you, and understand also that being SR7 Build #16 you are almost there ...after a very long wait. With all due respect I have nothing against you or other enthusiasts regarding Paul here. But reality is, Paul business practices are more than borderline and I just feel right to mention the other side of the coin. I'm Build #23, which I paid and took over 13 months ago and supposed to be delivered in December 2018. So as long I'm not delivered, I will time to time shime here or there.
  13. Oups, are we living on the same planet ? "Payment in full" - that's perfectly true ...and in advance of course 😉 But sorry to shower your entusiasme regarding the remaining qualifiers: "100% honourable" - It's too early to comment for Mark, but regarding Paul his track record and behavior with respect to his paid in advance and still waiting SR7 customers over the past two years don't qualify him as honourable anymore, sorry not. "no quibbles over refunds" - again nothing to say about Mark, but regarding Paul he is not open for any refund. Even being overly busy and unable to deliver what agreed and promised in a reasonable amount of time, still let him inflexible... The only exception is if somebody pay, at least same amount as you paid, and so take your build order - this qualify more as transfer than refund.
  14. I can confirm sound is better on Zenhit when playing music stored on the SSD, than music from whatever else source, being NAS or Web. It probably comes from how Innuos do take care on what reside inside the box. Sound difference is not marginal, I can even dicerne improvement when SSD stored music is from a local rip (on board CD slot) vs a rip made from another CD ripper ...so I'm ripping again most of my CDs on the mk3. So no doubt Innuos all-in one has an edge when user play it right. Regarding price, Zenhit is probably not best efficient cost/performance ratio. Zen, especially since mk3 is a better hit. I did question myself about worthfulness of spending that much more for a 1T larger SSD, and reached the conclusion that unlike James Bond I live only once. Therefore, kicked my butt and took the 2T ...even I will hardly find more than 1T of worth good recorded tune until this device become obsolete.
  15. @Mark (Paul Hynes Design LTD) Thanks for all the details on how this new entity took birth and now growth up. Fascinating ! While still waiting on my SR7 custom build, I have now a mixed feeling between pride and sadness: The pride because it looks obvious paid in advance fund permit Paul to hold on and create some employment in a kind of remote region. Also this capital allows to find better personal solution and host his disabled parents at his now refurbished home. The sadness because when engaging on taking over an SR7 custom build, after getting vivid and convincing exchanges with Paul, I was not under the impression I spend my money on a charity... It was much more about a seller agreement to deliver asap something to the buyer, like it works in everyday businesses. As we cannot change the past let's work on to make the future bright. Since a picture is worth 1'000 words, would you mind posting some from the new premise production areas in which the SR7 are build ?
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