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  1. @AriMargolis I think some explanation of the "consume on/off" function would be good to go over.
  2. A W20SE? How is it different from the W20?
  3. Anyone else having a problem with the Pause button on the new version of the Conductor app? Mine is only working 25% of the time. Thanks.
  4. New information on the A-30. https://www.audiostream.com/content/aurender-a30-new-top-tier-all-one-road-trip-and-demo?fbclid=IwAR2tdUkqDyWGwCOEzb8POg0DMwElfO8KKNjIuONooZmc4YzUctpKZHCaeDw
  5. Thanks russellbobby. Since you have the A10, you are comparing the fully unfolded MQA masters to the Qobuz Hi Rez files. Does the display on the A10 show "24/96" or "24/192" on the Qobuz files? Thanks.
  6. I found the AES/EBU output from the N10 to be superior to USB to my DAC/AMP. Plus, it had the advantage of the DSD to PCM conversion which I needed to play some of the Acoustic Sounds Remastered releases which were only available as downloads in DSD.
  7. I think they started about one week ago. It is listed as "in stock" at Crutchfield, MusicDirect, Paragon Sight and Sound, etc.
  8. http://www.moremusic.nl/aurender/a100.html
  9. Question about Qobuz: As I understand it, Hi Res content is not available for streaming unless you purchase the Hi Res album from them. All streams would therefore be 16/44.1. And there would be no advantage to purchasing the Studio level streaming option if using the Aurender for playback. Is that correct? Thanks.
  10. My dealer suggested the Shunyata Delta AES/EBU to connect my N10 to a Devialet 200 Expert Pro. Sounds excellent so far!
  11. OK thanks. So the warning about it "Taking a while" is not really that significant.
  12. I just bought a New N-10 and noticed there was nothing about High Resolution cover art in the online user guide. What exactly does selecting this option do? Thanks.
  13. I don't speak the language, but here is some more video on the ACS -10. https://www.alpha-audio.nl/2018/05/high-end-munchen-2018-aurender/
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