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  1. I'm currently using Nuprime ST-10, and interested to know is it worth to upgrade to AHB2. Not sure how two compares.
  2. By feed-forward "error correction". A lot of amp designer avoid adding negative feedback because it doesn't sound good tho, kinda opposite to what Benchmark is doing.
  3. May I know does the Benchmark AHB2 sounds any smoother than Nuprime ST-10? Benchmark AHB2 claims that it sounds like class-A, and I did own a Accuphase class-a once and the only upside Accuphase has was it sounds very smooth. (I had them compared side by side) Would like to know would AHB2 has the same sound.
  4. I bought the RME because... - I want to reduce the number of variables in my system, and RME is perfect because it objectively perfect - I want EQ for room correction - I want loudness control during low volume listening, RME implemented it perfectly So now I only need to mix and match my amp and speaker.
  5. I just got myself a ST-10 pairing up with Harbeth M30.1 and sounds very good. Using RME ADI-2 DAC as preamp, directly connected to the power amplifier.
  6. My setup: Focal 926 + Nuprime STA-9 + RME ADI-2 DAC, using USB as source I like warmer sound too but it is not the point, the NuPrime DAC-9 lacks some realism that I think it is very important to the listening experience. I don't know whether this realism is a result of "details", "neutral" and "clarity", I just don't want to miss it anymore. Regarding forgiveness, so far every song I enjoy on NuPrime DAC-9, I enjoy as much with my new RME. If you are looking for something between RME and DAC-9, the only experience I had was Lumin D1 / D2. The upsampling fe
  7. Using ADI-2 DAC everyday and I'm happy. And loudness control is awesome at night. Even happier after I eq'ed for room correction.
  8. I had NuPrime DAC-9 and recently upgraded to REM ADI-2 DAC. NuPrime DAC-9 has very good value until ADI-2 DAC appears this year. Couldn't compare them side by side, but I felt REM sound more natural and realistic (more details?) Unless you need the analog input, otherwise I highly recommend the ADI-2 DAC.
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