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  1. @Berlin I agree. This is true if you run a NAS and use a pc/laptop to configurate the NAS. But if you use a pc/laptop as the server with an external HDD, you do not need Minimwatch. Then you do the configuration direct in Minimserver (this is my setup using a dedicated laptop only for this and for downloads). You also need a database of course. I use Mp3Tag.de which also have a number of possibilities to arrange your data. They have also excellent service over the web.
  2. This looks like a minimserver issue to my eyes. My advice to you is to contact https://forum.minimserver.com/ I'm sure you will get a fast reply and accurate solutions. Their service is top notch.
  3. @Kray If I understand you correctly the information you are looking for you find under support on how to use the app on Lumïn homepage. Some extractions: First of all you chose the view. The box to the left you come to the album level, second box you see the albums and tunes on the albums. Tic the one to the left and then tic the album. Then you see the following pictos shown at the bottom. If you tic nr 4 from the left, you clear the playlist (if anything is there) and all tunes from the chosen album will show up in the playlist and play all of them - If you tic the first from the left, it will only place one tune in the playlist and play it. - Then you can chose another tune from the same or another album and tic the scond box and it will be played after the tune you play now. - You can also chose another album to be played after the on you are playing now. Then you chose a new album and tick the third box from the left. The flexibility is superb, but to really get it I advice you to read carefully the support pages on how to use the app. It is necissary as the Lumïn app has many options that are not so common elsewhere. Once you have got it I'm sure you will like it.
  4. In my view this is very annoying. Maybe there is good reason to avoid the standard 2V/4V (rca/bal), but there are also negative once when you mix with other brands. I hav the same issues with Aesthetix dac that has a balanced output around 5V and I do not like it. The worst practical issue is that minimum volume level is too high. I have the dac connected to VTL 6.5 preamp and lowest volume of "1" is much too high in my view. This is not the case when connecting to standard output level gear. An output of 6V (balanced) is a showstopper in my book.
  5. That is the normal procedure for most people whatever musicplayer you use. My post above shows one way to deal with structure that I use on my own ripped or downloaded files using "tags" as you were not aware of the term. But "play songs under albums" is the normal procudures for everybody. Normal procudure also in Lumïn is that you pick an album and then play the songs under that album. But a good structure helps you to find which album you want to play, especially if you have thousands of them. @stefano_mbp illustrate this very clear in the post #2300 Let's say you have tagged all your files with "genre" like soul, jazz, pop, blues, rock or classical. If you feel for some blues, you chose the folder "genre" and search for or scroll down to "blues. If you have tagged your files correct your blues album will be shown on the screen. You pick the album you want play. You can then chose to play the full album or the songs you want to play. This is just one example how to make you choice. Just for fun I made a choice on songs some time ago. Under the song tab I searched for "All the Things you Are" and got 47 different versions from different albums, artists and genres. I then selected 10 versions that I played. You chose yourself how you want to pick the albums. The better structure you have built up, the more possibilities you will have to find your music. This works the same as with physical albums in your shelves. If you just put them in random order you will have issues to find what you are looking for. It is not a big deal if you have 100 albums, but lets say you have 5.000 or 10,000 albums you will have no control or overview without a good structure. Working with "tags" is tool to make it. It is just as in an office where you have different files in your shelves for different subjects and in each file have a register from "A-Z" in order to have easier access to your documents.
  6. Thanks... you are absolutely correct. Sorry for misuse of term. However, the media server has to support "Open Home" standard, which is not obvious and the case for all. I used previously JRiver in DLNA as a pure media server. It was OK for PCM but not when playing DSD or converting from DSD to PCM using AES. After many discussions and proposals from JRiver forum, I gave up and switched to MinimServer. I guess there are others as well but I do not know them. And just to close the loop, we won't be adding support for OpenHome. (JimH [admin] - JRiver)
  7. Examples on tags: Artist Album Song Genre (jazz, classical, rock...) Composer Conductor Producer Record label Year of recording or release Soloist Arranger... Album image Some of them are embedded to the album, called "metadata", others you can add yourself. You can also correct/change them.To do this you need some kind of database, like https://www.mp3tag.de/en/index.html and a musicplayer that collect the files for U1 Mini like for example https://minimserver.com that has a so called "open home" standard. Please note that quality of the metadata is very up and down, especially on classical music. There is no standard for this. Example: an album with Beethoven piano concerto played by Berlin Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Simon Rattle with soloist Daniel Barenboim. Who is the artist? This is not obvious. I put the conductor as artist, Beethoven as composer, Barenboim as soloartist, the orchestra as "album artist" and the genre will be "classical". Others may be put genre as "Piano concerto". If the image resolution is less than 500 kB I also replace it to a better one. I'm very picky on the database. When you have a lot of albums it is essential to have good order to keep good overview of your music and find what you are looking for. Yes, it takes some efforts but it is rewarding. Don't expect that ripping or downloads are following your idea about a good structure. Between thumbs I spend maybe 5-10 minutes extra after each download/ripping to get the database "correct".
  8. ... and it ticked my box on the spot. I was searching for a bridge in order to get rid of the laptop as a musicplayer. There are too many built in conflicts or possible conflicts that might detoriate sound in a laptop. I also wanted a solution via ethernet and possibilities for upsampling to 353/384 in order to pass the FIR-filters in my dac plus I needed dsd. I also wanted a very good app in order to have full overview on my music and available domestic radio channels. And of course, it should sounds good. This is why landed on a Lumïn U1 Mini. On top of this, it looks nice, have excellent support, I can use both, toslink, AES3, USB, RCA Coax... Then there are features like Qubuz, Tidal, Spotify and MQA. They are features that have no values to me as I only deal with my own albums (CD and downloads). (I'm not in favour of streaming aa it gives less money to the musicians and composers which has had negative effect on new music of my taste (jazz and classical). Record companies have been forced to close, the best producers has left, concert tickets has riced in order to compensate, record stores are closed. The money has been gathered by very few distributors and they take no responsibility of new music like music companies in the old days...) This is my experience behind my choice. It is my "truth" and gives me high value. When it comes to sound quality I'm sure there are many contenders that are as good. For me the other features have been more important for making my decision.
  9. A review is just one opinion per magazine. If we agree, we like them, if not, we or some of us try to find excuses like conspiracy theories. It is not a competition with winners and losers in my view. I see it more as a text that can give some inspiration and thoughts where the most interesting is the arguments and reason behind the review. Not least to know what kind of music they used and to get some ideas of the full set up. There is nothing like the best dac, amplifier ... in the world. Read and get inspired but do your own review and verdict. It is not a monopoly of TAS, Stereophile or who ever.
  10. @wklie Today I tried to play TuneIn radio. It has worked excellent for 2 months but today the radio channels did not work. When going back to the app, all radio channels where gone (I use only domestic free public radio stations payed over the tax bill). I could see that I was inlogged. But when trying refresh the the channels nothing happened. So I reloaded the app. Now I got an email confirming the order and that I have to pay SEK 109 per month. I closed the agreement as I have not signed such a contract. When checking your homepage you write: TuneIn is built right into the heart of the LUMIN App. Simply create a free TuneIn account and add Radio Stations to your TuneIn 'Library' for them to appear in the LUMIN App. To me this means it is free, but it seems the stations are not free. Please confirm and be clear what it means. If I have to pay I think you should be clear on that. My feeling is that I have been screwed up.
  11. I've tried it. It look the same as the Lumin app and works the same but of course, it does not have all features for Lumin (like down/up sampling).
  12. What is the thinking behind the chassi earthpoint at the back on Lumïn? Is it expected tu used between dac or what?
  13. @wklie I have ripped and played a number of albums since I saw your message. Now it is OK. The error report is white like a white shirt. Thank's for excellent support. I'm impressed.
  14. Since I moved from JRiver to MinimServer the 88,2-issue is completely gone. I tried with JRiver again an it was back. Don't ask me to explain why. Today I followed an advice to use contact spray on the contacts and on the USB- and DSP-cards. So far so good... if the USB issue disapper completely by this it was a good advice. We'll see...
  15. This has also strucked me as an idea, but I have not tried. What I have done is to tried different USB cables. I doubt that there is mechanical issu in the contact, maybe on the cards? But I will give it a try. There is another thing that I have thought of lately. I made an upgrade to Signature about 5 years ago. One year later I started to have some issues when playing cd records. (Normally I play only ripped files but I still have some boxes that are not ripped). From time to time I got an error message E7 when loading the disc. I got a new cd-drive which worked ok, but "how ok" has been difficult to judge as I mainly use it as a dac. However, the E7 error is still there some times. My thinking is that this is related to the same problem meaning that it could be linked to the DSP and the optic transfer to the dac. Just a thought.
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