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  1. I think there are some disrespectful answers/comments here to @Audio request and wishes. This is not a trade mark of Audiophile Style in my view.
  2. @wklie On my ripped and downloaded files your structure enabling med to search by album, artist, composer, year, genre, tune and latest added is excellent. But when adding albums from Tidal to my favourites I only have a structur of album, artist, year and latest added but not genre and composer. I can understand it might be harder to use composer as it look like Tidal does not tag this. Hower they do with ”genre”. So why does this not show up as an option for easier access of your favourites? (See attached image). Is it a lack of option due to Lumin or is it linked to a functionality
  3. It is relief to read. From time to time I thought I was the one who could not handle the technique. I have a Samsung Galaxy, a Sony Experia mobile and my wife a Samsung mobile. They are not "almost" unusable, they are not usable at all with crashes like you describe. My mobile even worse. It is locking all other mobile functions from time to time and I have to restart. I had two options. Bye another streamer that is fit for Android or by an iPad as server remote. In my view the Lumïn U1 Mini is the big star so I bought an iPad. It works flawless and much cheaper and effective than
  4. This has happen with my U1 Mini as well, but only if I stop with the the upper right corner play arrow (left to the counter) to leave the room doing something else. When I’m back pressing the same button again to continue the playing it sometimes jump to next tune after 15-20 seconds but only ones. The coming tracks are ok. I guess this has something to do with buffering when making hold like this. No big issue. If I stop clearing the play list before playing the same album it does not happen or if I restart the tune pressing the tune in the play list. Then it restart the tune from
  5. This I understand and I fully agree on this. I'm more thinking of the music companies. As they have joined the MQA format, hardware industry have to join or be out of business. The riaa standard started with some competing compensation curves. Thankfully they sat down and agree on one standard which, in my view, have served both music lovers and industry well since the fifties rather than having competing standards. I guess this DVD-A/SACD war could end different if they gathered around one new high res audio standard. Then followed a dsd/pcm war and it seems pcm is the winner. And now MQA put
  6. I fully support this view. I have hard to understand how the industri went into to this MQA trap. I prefer the position that Quboz has taken to offer uncoded highres-files if they are available from the labels. Unfortunately Quboz is not available in Scandinavia. After asking them they are preparing it and hopefully it will happen this year. If and then I will sign up with them insted and skip Tidal.
  7. @wklie I’m testing Tidal Master with Lumin U1 Mini. It sounds excellent but I have some questions for my understanding. Just now I play Keith Jarret Standards vol 2 MQA. It shows ”MQA 24/192” on the app but on the dac display (over AES/EBU) it shows ”24/96”. Normally AES/EBU have no issues with this resolution. When I play for examplel Wayne Shorters ”Emanon” it shows ”MQA 24/44,1” on the app but ”24/88,2” on the dac display. My dac (Aesthetix with Burr Brown 1792A) is not doing the decoding. It is made by U1 Mini. It sounds very good but I’m curio
  8. In my view MinimServer is fantastic and version 2 Starter even better. In the old version I had to contact friends and their webservice to get everything up and running. When I installed v.2 in my Synology it was just to "push the button" and wait for the files to be uploaded and then it worked as supposed with the Lumïn app. There is nothing such as free dinners. I only use the free MinimServer2 Starter and made a donor as a preciation. Their on line service is one of the best I know of. Reply within 24 hours and they are very supportive. In my view there is nothing strange in th
  9. Thanks for this remark. I mentioned only MinimServer2 previously. That is the music server that is fit for Lumïn's all options. One need as well a tagging tool of course and I also use Mp3Tag which is a perfect match for MinimServer -> Lumïn U1 Mini
  10. This a personal choice of course. This might be a little bit week strategy once you have thousands of album. Then it is an advantage to be able to search between genres, years, songs, artist, album or composers. I have about 50,000 songs and roughly 5000 albums. It takes a excellent memory to recall all of the song by heart. But one maybe rembers the genre, year, artist or album to find what I'm looking for. Then the search engine is really a blessing. Or I Want to play all albums by, say John Lee Hooker or chose among the compositions by Frantz Schubert... So in order to ger the f
  11. This must be linked to the database you are using. Lumin can only see tables you have defined. On some databases you need to define this with commands like %artist;%track;%year;%album... etc. How this is done differs between programs. I use MinimServer2 in a Synology NAS which takes care of this without without any interference from my side. The only thing you need to make sure is to use the default names on the MinimServer tables that are the same as used by U1 Mini. There are maybe other databases that work fine also. I followed the easy path. Use the one used by Lumin in their development f
  12. Strange. I was in contact with JRiver several times and followed their recommendations fully without success. What I can't say though, is what was due to JRiver, my dac (Aesthetix Romulus Signature [Burr Brown 1792A]) or the laptop (HP, intel 5i). I should really like to keep JRiver as I also like its features and some of them I still use like the Audio analyze (DR codes...). On Minimserver, I have upgraded to Minimserver 2 which is basically the same except for easier start up. The pay version have a lot of other features on personalice tags, import/export etc. They are features
  13. My experience is that it works but not good enough. On DSD I got glitches between tracks. This happened also with pcm but not so frequently. For higher resolution/upsampling like DSD128 and 24/384 I got pops and click sounds quiet frequently. All library functions in Lumïn did not work either due to the structure in JRivers library does not match fully. Lumïn recommends MinimServer as database as this is used while develop Lumïn. So I got this program, spent some hours to adjust the structure and connected to U1 Mini. Now all problems disappeared, no clicks/pops, no glitches. The l
  14. Was this for me? If so, I have no issues at all. It is easier to find them on the app than in my shelves. All my albums are ripped CD's from my collection (took about two years) except for later purchased down load files. On the app they are sorted by artist, tune, genre, composer, year and so on that I can sort from This overview is impossible to have in the shelves. The more albums the more imoortant to gav good order. I'm also picky on cover image quality. In most cases I have to google up images with higher resolution. Normally I put them 1000x1000.
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