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  1. I understand this, but Lumin U1 Mini has no dac. To hear music you need to connect to dac. Some dacs/dsp's convert from 16 to 24 bits like U1 Mini does. Other dacs convert everything to dsd, like Marantz SA-10 and PS Audio. What I say is that their is a chain to consider to make a judgement. In this chain there is also an input to consider like if you take the digital signal över USB from a laptop or you use a server över ethernet. You listen to system there more things can have impact, not just U1Mini. I'm not question what you hear but Will you hear the same things with all dacs?
  2. I think it is hard to make this as general statement as this is also linked to how different dsp's and dac are working. Many dacs convert to 24 bits and the question is maybe more who are doing this best, U1Mini or the dsp/dac. I have not noticed the difference you write but I will make a more thorough trial.
  3. When I reed the issues some have, I start wondering what the optimum solution for Qobuz connection is? Personally I run Qobuz via a router and an ethernet network to a Lumin U1Mini and then a dac, for streaming and from a NAS for my own files. In my garden and in my car I stream from my cellphone via Bluetooth (up to 16/44,1 but in my car max MP3). I never hade any failures (yet). It should be interesting to se a flowchart from Qobuz what kind of option the software is build for. Can it also be regional differences? Most of my friends in Scandinavia has switched to Qobuz and we are
  4. Have you tried "exklusive" mode to avoid Windows and the laptop to interfere in THE soundstream?
  5. It sounds more that something else is wrong. If Minimserver works like you say, it should be widely known. I have run both Minimserver and Minimserver 2 in both laptops and in NAS (Synology) for quite some time using iOS for the Lumin app. Upload of a new album over the network takes few seconds 100 mbits/sec. I have never encounted what you describe. My pieces of advce is that you contact Minimservers helpdesk. They are very helpful and replies normally comes within 24 hours.
  6. According to Lexico, Oxford: A young man, especially a member of a skinhead gang, who takes part in violent criminal activities; a hooligan; (later more generally) a man perceived as tough or aggressive.
  7. How are the prices presented in US today? When I lived there 2006-2008 the prices in US was always excluding taxes/VAT as they differs between states. In Europe prices should always include taxes/VAT on consumer level which normally are around 20-25 % in Europe that is added in all consumer goods and services.
  8. I switched to Qobuz for two reasons. One is that I can’t accept MQA (”high res MP3” as some call it) and the other is that my music is better represented at Qobuz. When I left Tidal they had no or very few albums by Neil Young and Frank Zappa. (Maybe this have changes?) On Qobuz I found most of them and also in 24/96. As far as I understand it is the recordcompanies that provide albums to both Tidal and Qobuz, not the other way around. Maybe you should contact them?
  9. Auralic has already done this in their Aries serie. They call MQA high resolution of compressed MP3. They have no agreement with MQA but offer unfoldning their own way. I guess it is only the first fold like Roon.
  10. I'm not clear on what gear all this is about but I guess it is when people only use laptops or phones as their main equipment, or? I do so as well in my garden and in my car where I connect my phone (Sony Experìa 10 Android v11) over bluetooth for background music. So far not a single issue. When talking to my friends that mainly stream over Lumïn, Aries, dCS, Innous, Marantz (with or without Roon) they have not experienced any drawbacks either. So I can't help thinking if there are special combinations with gear that are problematic. Or could it be that those brands I mention have
  11. My sound memory is not long enough to remember any SQ differenses today. I did not expect any so I never made any special analysis after the update. If there are any, they are not huge. If there är any changes made that are expected tog change the SQ, does connection type have influences on this, like AES/RCA coax versus USB? Same question but linked to sources like Tidal, Qobuz or private library in a network? Are there any Lumin construction reasons that ought to or could give different SQ between the alternatives?
  12. @wklie. Previously I have been writing quite negative remarks and critical comments on to use Android for the Lumïn app. I never got them to work together with my Samsung Galaxy phones and on their tablett. It did not work out on my Sony Xperia either. I ended up buying an iPad that seemed to be a perfect match. Esoteric app, which is basically the same as yours but without all features, worked excellent. At the same time I'm very happy to inform you that your latest version 4.1 for Android seems to work without any drawbacks. So far it works as well as with iPad. For now I see no
  13. You seems to be a busy man... 😉😄 Downloading for me takes some time in order to secure tags like genre, composers, artist, file names and some other information to have follow my structure to ensure I find what I'm looking for. When I'm ready with this in my office on the laptop, I press "rescan" in the Lumin app and within 2-3 minutes everything is updated in the app. That's about the time I need to go down to my music room and prepare myself for listening. My tip is to avoid stress.
  14. I agree, I think it is worse than that. There are open standards and closed ones an there are "thousands" of users/apps/programs and needs that should work and co-exist within the same frames that is available with all individual requests and needs. I have some respects to this. What is linked to Qobuz and not I don't know but I'm sure they work on the issues. They have my full support on this as the value of having real hi-res music files are higher than temporary hickups. I only use high res Qobuz in my HiFi gear via Lumïn app and from my android cellphone via bluetooth (MP3 or
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