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  1. As I mentioned, I removed the AIFF album, converted files in Apple Lossless and reimported album to the iTunes lib. Started the process al over again. Roon passed that point to crash in the next AIFF album encountered. Big effort and time consuming to convert ~800 tracks to apple lossless. I passed log files to Roon Support (to their specification) and hope to receive answers. Addicted to Roon convenience!!! I still hear music through Stylus or Audirvana. I plan to restore my last backup and wait for an update to, probably, solve issues. Regards
  2. Did anyone experience problems inserting AIFF files in Roon 1.8 (Build 764) on Windows10? After upgrading, I had problems presenting (or not showing) some existing albums in my local library. Local library is a well maintained (since 2008) iTunes Library for all PCM music and a Flat Forder with all my DSD albums, located in a Synology DS218j NAS. Total Number of tracks is ~105.000 (~7.000 albums). I decided to start from scratch, reinstalling Roon on my NUC7i7BNH. Roon crashed when reached the first Album in AIFF. I tried a new "clean Instalation" in my W10, i9-9900K (HQPla
  3. Easy update both for Roon Server (on W10) and all Control PCs and iOS devices.
  4. Euphony Stylus is my preference for Critical Listening. W10 + AO with Audirvana is equally good. W10 + AO + Roon (u/s toDSD128) to Euphony Stylus EP for general listening. W10 + AO + Roon through HQPlayer (u/s toDSD128) to Euphony NAA for special cases and Critical Listening. Christos P.
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