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  1. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    Ah, so now Chord is claiming that not only WTA is 1 million taps (now we have 16M) but does so without Aliasing as aliasing brings some inaccuracies ? Anyone have any insight please ? I thought aliasing is something that would have to happen at high-speed ? And anti-aliasing is there to solve it ?
  2. Whitigir

    Recommended NUC for HQplayer

    What is a NUC ? I have I7-8700 in my custom-PC and it does just fine with some non-2s. It depends on the DSP-IC on your DAC too though
  3. Whitigir

    HQPlayer Pro

    How do I configure so that I can offline convert PCM into DSD without having to rely on the DAC ? How do I get it registered to use for longer than 30 minutes , please ? thanks
  4. Whitigir

    Headphones vs Speakers.....Go!

    I never realized that IFI adore modifications. Does that mean you guys are becoming more friendly to DIY modifications on your products too ? An honest question
  5. Whitigir

    HQPlayer Pro

    So the beta is still an evaluation, and this is a live conversion but then get recorded onto the destined folder ? I thought this could be an offline conversion of Oversampling ? i just want to make sure because my system on live conversion is limited with some filters
  6. Whitigir

    HQPlayer Pro

    This is awesome, I had been waiting for this. So beta version, does it cost anything ?
  7. Whitigir

    Why all hi-fi dealers say PC audio is bad?

    Well, in order for American to talk to a Chinese, there has to be an interpreter. the better the interpreter, the better the conversion and understanding between both digital interface is like the interpreter here.
  8. Whitigir

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Excellent ! I come here because I observed great performance on my DX200 Purist ROM. I had been looking for something like this, to clean up all the trash in the background, and optimize the OS just for Audio performances in few clicks. the improvements are accross the whole OS just as similar to DX200 Purist ROM. The only differences is that the signatures here is more neutral in comparison to DX200 ROM with Perfect Dynamic 2.0, which was a tad bit warmer. Anyways, the preserved transient energy, better micro details, smoother textures, more fluidity and sweet vocal, much better imagines, very airy with great accuracy and yet still musical and fluid with much better back ground. I had been skeptical for a long time regarding Fidelizer, and never bothered to even try. But here I am, and glad to have this.
  9. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    Is there a way to fix this ?
  10. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    What I am afraid is about the passive cooling ability I defintely want something as powerful as rtx2080 and have a way to passive cool it using upsampling to dsd512 and PCM now has a weird channel inverted. Using pcm and the Left is left and right is right, where as Upsampling to DSD512 the right is now left and the left is now right ?, version 3.25.1
  11. Whitigir

    Confused about DSD and DAC's

    PCM defintely sounds wonderful if you have a good system catering toward it. But I don’t think this is the op question
  12. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    I don’t know how to compose a log file for the 768KHz Upsampling problems. I also tried the gtx1030 for CUDA offload, which doesn’t really help much ...going to go with 1060 now and hoping for a better result
  13. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    I play back the 768K on Ibasso DX200 by the stock Mango player app. It displays 768KHz. This app doesn’t play any sound when Upsampling via HQPlayer ? I am just thinking there is something within HQPlayer about 768 that I configuring wrong
  14. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    Both lks004 and Dx200 does playback 768K file though ? Very strange
  15. Whitigir

    HQ Player

    It display 705K on the Gustard interface, but DAC is unlock, like not getting anything. very true when I run out of power I get stuttering sound. The PC can handle many DSD512, so I think it is adequate