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  1. No matter how much lipstick you put on it, a pig is still a pig. MQA is a pig. It has no true benefit for the end user. Warner, in collusion with MQA and Tidal, is trying to ram MQA down the throats of the music consumer. The music consumer should not stand idly by and let it happen. Boycott Warner and boycott Tidal.
  2. I think it is misleading to say that Intel does not support ECC memory. There are enterprise computers and the are consumer computers. I would say that the consumer chose not to spend the extra money to populate their computers with ECC memory. If one so chose, one could spend the extra money to build a computer with ECC memory. I built a Pentium Pro workstation a number of years ago that was populated with ECC memory. I have subsequently built a number of workstations, most recently with Xeon processors, that were populated with ECC memory. A good deal of the high end consum
  3. I believe there are threads regarding your second point. This one does not need to be misdirected.
  4. It should indeed be time to put MQA to bed. However, MQA keeps pushing to implement their scheme. MQA is intent on ramming their misbegotten scheme down the throats of the music consumer. It would be a mistake for the music consumer to lie down and let MQA have their way. If this thread bothers some people, they should just ignore it. Unless they have reasons to not want this thread to continue.
  5. Every time I see a MQA fanboy bring back a point that has been refuted over and over, I think of that scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail. The scene with the Black Knight on the ground with no arms and legs calling for Arthur to come back and fight. MQA has no arms and legs.
  6. I think the sensible thing to do is to just drop Tidal.
  7. If a DAC does not support MQA, that is an important piece of information. If I should ever be in a position where I need to buy a new DAC I want to know which DAC's are infected with MQA and which DAC's are safe. I would think that audiophiles would be happy to know that there are equipment manufacturers that have integrity and have not fallen for the MQA BS.
  8. I think Tidal had little regard for their Client's wishes. I think their Clients should keep that in mind when they are considering which Service they want to pay their hard earned money to. Tidal seems to have that MQA mentality that the music consumer will get what they give them.
  9. Yes, but you would have a nice deblurred finish! Just like the original manufacturer intended.
  10. Project Panther Bidco financials for 2019 that were just posted, do not look good. It seems like now is the make or break time for Tidal. Was the introduction of the new Warner MQA titles a boost or a bust for Tidal? Dorsey may be buying Tidal at a firesale price. The results of the infusion of MQA titles to Tidal will have ramifications for MQA Ltd.
  11. Video files are absolutely huge. Compression was, is, and will be for some time, a critical matter with digital video. Compression was a critical matter with audio. It is becoming almost totally irrelevant. There are open compression methods that are totally lossless if compression is a concern. Instituting a Dolby like system for music thirty years after the fact has nothing to do with compression. It has to do with DRM and controlling the distribution of music. And generating wealth. At the expense of the music consumer.
  12. And, I think the worst part is looking at that video of RMAF 2018 and thinking that these are the people that want to control the future distribution of music.
  13. It is indeed incredible. We have been refining our playback equipment to infinitely more minute precision. We argue about levels of precision that can only be measured with the most precise scientific instruments. We even argue endlessly about minute matters that cannot be measured. And, we have been listening to ever more precise and expanded digital music for decades. Now the majors are saying that was a mistake. We cannot let you have access to that music. We know we made billions by selling you "perfect sound forever". But now we need to deny you access to "perfect sound forev
  14. That is truly a monumental event in world history! That is truly a paradigm shift of unspeakable magnitude! The world now has access to 13 bit CD's!
  15. The problem I have with people listening to MQA is that MQA themselves put on a number of demonstrations where they completely controlled all aspects of the demonstration and did not allow examination of the sources. In other cases comparisons were made where the provenance of the recordings could not be authenticated. It would have been more authentic if an independent mastering engineer had processed both versions from exactly the same master. In some cases comparisons are made after the listeners are told which is which. There are people who say that they prefer MQA. I do no
  16. Yes. They are saying that because it is contained in the lossless FLAC container it is lossless. Of course the damaged MQA recording inside the FLAC container is not lossless. Using that same logic you could say that a low level MP3 recording was lossless if it was contained in a FLAC container. Looking at MQA's history of promotion since its inception, we should not be surprised by anything MQA says. MQA has been smoke and mirrors since day one. You would, indeed, have to be part of the cult to believe anything coming out of MQA.
  17. Since its inception MQA Ltd has lost somewhere in the order of thirty million pounds. While this may seem like small "seed" money to a multi billion investment firm, it is still big money to put out unless they expect substantial returns. What leads them to expect the huge returns? For them to expect substantial returns they would have to expect that MQA was going to become THE music distribution method. For them to expect that MQA was going to become THE music distribution method, what promises have they extracted from the backing studios? Have the studios promised MQA tha
  18. Actually, some people are fascinated with that blue light thing.
  19. The cool thing about MQA is... well... NOTHING!
  20. MQA wants to become to music what Dolby is to video. MQA wants to control the distribution of music. Will we see the need for protected interconnects like HDMI to play music? With all the problems that these special interconnects cause? Will we be able to play non MQA music if MQA becomes the norm and all new equipment is MQA certified? MQA is a scheme that might have made sense twenty years ago, but its time has passed. The genie has been let out of the bottle and MQA is trying to put it back in. The people that have experienced high quality music are not going to
  21. The people that stream MP3's and other lossy music might not care about the quality of the music, but they may care about the added cost for every aspect of the music. That huge payday that MQA is expecting is going to cost someone. The music consumer will pay.
  22. Well, the 2019 financials are posted. Looks like MQA Ltd lost another four million pounds plus for 2019. While that may seem like a substantial amount to the average music consumer, it is small change to a billion pound financial group IF, and it is a big IF, they expect to reap huge money in the future. The music consumer is expected to pay the huge money in the future. MQA expects to have it's hand in the music consumer's pockets. The music consumer is expected to pay, and pay, and pay for the "privilege" of being forced into MQA.
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