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  1. Amir is an industry insider, as he made plainly clear. Only he knows the inner workings of this industry. His pronunciations are not to be questioned. Of course, he has not been an insider since 2007, when he "left".
  2. Dismissing MQA as "just being a lossy compression algorithm that may sound better than MP3" is the epitome of misdirection. MQA is a scheme whose purpose is to control the distribution of music and to impose a cost on every aspect of the music distribution business. And if you think that if that happens, MQA and its supporting studios will not impose actual DRM on the music, you are delusional. The future of music under MQA would be music corrupted by MQA and DRM. Innovation in the quality of music would disappear. Bob Stuart would be constantly reminding you that the music sounds b
  3. Gosh! It would be wonderful if we could warm up the lubricant for the music consumers while MQA goes about their business! The real professionals use fire axes to smash down the barriers to the fire.
  4. My God! Hans has to be an expert beyond reproach! He has SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS behind him! That one on the top is the screen for a proctoscope.
  5. Looking at the future of music, do you want to only have access to MQA? Do you want MQA to be the ones that decide what you will or will not have? Do you want the people from RMAF 2018 to be the ones that control the distribution of music?
  6. Let us go back in history. There was an audio engineer who was part of starting a company that was never financially successful during his tenure. The biggest success was selling a concept to Dolby, from which Dolby was able to reap much success. Upon seeing the success that Dolby had reaped from the idea, this audio engineer decided to implement a similar plan. Unfortunately, this plan was 20 years after it would have made sense. A company was formed. It received financing from a financial company underwritten by a South African billionaire who became rich during Apartheid. This wealth was po
  7. Cast Your Fate To The Wind is one of my favorite pieces.
  8. I belong to a number of sites and read a number of sites. I find useful information on many sites. Sometimes you have to pick through the loads of manure to find the seed. I used to go to ASR to read the tests. However, Amir's fanatical defense and ridiculous posts in regards to MQA make me wonder what other biases Amir has. I no longer have any faith in what Amir posts on his site. Therefore ASR is all but useless to me.
  9. Do you think the interviewer understood the full consequences of MQA?
  10. The problem is that putting on this lecture under the aegis of AES gives credibility to this scheme. I give credibility to peer reviewed material, but not all material put out has been peer reviewed and examined closely.
  11. Wow! Has AES become that pathetic? Do you think there will be any engineering discussions based on actual scientific principles?
  12. In this world there are leaders and there are followers. There are people that listen to unadulterated Hi-Rez PCM and there are people who listen to MQA. There are people who rise up and there are people who accept the "Tot".
  13. It is incredible. Since 2014 MQA has been hiding behind smoke and mirrors. They have time after time put out "suggestions" that have been analyzed and been found wanting. Their whole scheme has been shown to be deceptive and to be pure BS. And yet, there are people who follow. I have to wonder how many of the posts of people supporting MQA are actual users. The whole scheme is just so full of Bob Stuart.
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