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  1. What is the story with MQA LTD? Is this the morphine drip stage or are they taking heroic measures? I'm confused with this "Accounts Overdue" matter. Is this a mandatory filing?
  2. The blue light did not come on at Companies House. The financials could not be authenticated. Budda-boom. We got a million of them. We'll be here all week.
  3. They probably had trouble running the financials through the de-blurring process.
  4. Interesting! "Accounts overdue".
  5. The code to turn the blue light on is probably the most prosecuted part of the NDA. Turning on the blue light is the most important part of MQA. Without the blue light there would be absolutely no benefit to the end user. With the blue light the head of the family can gather the entire family together, put his arms around them, and say: "Look family, the blue light is on".
  6. It is Friday night, October four, in London, and still no financial posting.
  7. Stereophile has no choice but to play the hand out. Otherwise they are seen as shills by people other than the ones that already know.
  8. Just can't stop shilling for MQA.
  9. If an investment group has invested that much, how much do they expect to recoup out of the pockets of the music consumer?
  10. Looks like MQA LTD is waiting for the last minute to file. Indicative of something.
  11. I just got back from the mountain, where I was able to do a double blind comparison of clean mountain air and audiophile air. I solicited the help of a number of locals, which included 3 lumberjacks, a moose, 2 bears, and an itinerant Swiss yodeler. Audiophile air was preferred by all. And we were all double blind from consuming local hard cider.
  12. Equipment manufacturers will be able to license the audiophile air sensor. When it detects audiophile air a blue light comes on.
  13. Trade publication editors get free air.
  14. Our audiophile quality air is of extreme clarity. We put it through a de-blurring process.
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