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  1. This whole MQA fiasco strikes me as a Monty Python skit. I can picture John Cleese "riding" up to a castle in chain mail armor ( with his manservant behind him banging coconuts). " We are searching for MQA". French soldiers up on the parapets: " We don have no MQA. Begone English pig. Your father was a Bose engineer and your mother was a deaf hamster".
  2. I think it may be a sense of control , having the power. " WE can make the music industry go in this direction". That may have been true in the past, before the internet. Now, there is open discussion on every web site. People are questioning those that were unquestioned.
  3. I didn't renew my subscription in the early 90's. I wonder if the current readership realizes how badly they're being played.
  4. That is absolutely incredible! But does it have a blue light?
  5. In the news today. Weather on this planet has been variable. Parts of the Northern Hemisphere have been very hot. Parts of the Southern Hemisphere have been very cold. Half of this planet has seen increasing lightness while half of this planet has seen increasing darkness. This trend will continue for some time. In further news: MQA still sucks.
  6. The crazy thing is, I can actually see this happening. And even crazier, there will be people saying that they compared re-blurred music to 24/192 and they preferred the re-blurred music. And the craziest thing of all, these people will be telling you that you have get a re-blurring system so that you can compare for yourself! MQA has opened a Pandora's box of utter lunacy.
  7. Once people have a collection of MQA music, you know that someone will come out with a newfangled scheme that will offer "re-blurring".
  8. Talk about a thread being run off track! I know! Start a thread where GUTB, Sandyk, and PaulR can have a truly brilliant discussion amongst themselves without us simpletons interfering. I know that I would absolutely subscribe! Did I do that with a straight face? And to get back on topic, MQA truly sucks. It's adoption would be a true disaster for the music consumer.
  9. Last time I was at Symphony Hall in Boston they had some reels on display in showcases in the lobby. Looking at them I was thinking that I would love to hear them.
  10. For those in the know, are not all tapes being archived as PCM?
  11. It speaks volumes that this is an MQA supporter.
  12. MQA must truly be making a major push to foist their scheme on the music consumer. The promoters are coming out of the woodwork!
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