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  1. I would be so glad if this was all just gone. It is like the Sword of Damocles hanging over the future of music distribution.
  2. Speaking of Companies House, what does today's posting from MQA Ltd mean? It basically says that whatever is supposed to be posted has been posted. ???
  3. My reading of the last financials posted on Companies House is that they received funding to carry them into 2021, with the promise that more funding would be provided in 2021 to carry them into 2022. I would expect that Mike Jbara and the crew at MQA Ltd would want to milk this for as long as possible. Jbara is getting a handy compensation package. At this point. after dumping the tens of millions into the scheme, the underwriters would have to expect to make a HUGE killing in order to continue dumping money into the scheme. In order for that to happen they would have to have been p
  4. What I would like to know: Is MQA still trying to foist this horrid scheme on the music consumer? With all the recent examination is MQA conceding "We've been exposed". OR Is MQA working still to implement their scheme?
  5. Again, it seems so incongruous to me that we have been on a never ending search for better reproduction of music, and MQA and its allied studios want to give us crippled music.
  6. Put simply: MQA provides no benefit to the music consumer and adds expense to the entire music production and reproduction chain. If MQA's business plan would be implemented, the music consumer would only have access to altered music, not for the better. Access to high quality music would be eliminated. Music quality would be what MQA told you was quality. Independent development of better quality music reproduction would be stunted. MQA tells you that they "improve" the music, but they do everything in their power to prevent people from analyzing the music. Bob Stuart
  7. How successful has Tidal been in promoting MQA? Does Tidal have any market share?
  8. Seriously? Is the cycle starting again? Apparently MQA is still promoting its scheme. When does the next shoe drop?
  9. Where does MQA stand now? Seems like there have been a number of people closely deconstructing and examining MQA. They are finding it to be smoke and mirrors masquerading as a new paradigm. All these years of BS. It's been long enough. Just go away. Where does Tidal stand? Are they still promoting MQA?
  10. Is this a preview of what a MQA world would be? Only MQA being available? With MQA telling you that it is "better"? This miserable scheme needs to just die and be buried, and yet it keeps coming back over and over. They must expect to make a killing on this scheme. They must expect to really screw the music consumer.
  11. So. MQA certified DAC's poison non MQA music. I suppose that's one way of saying that MQA "sounds better". And MQA requires DAC makers to sign NDA's to hide this fact. Fortunately, there are independent, ethical, testers that reveal the truth. Do legitimate businesses require these NDA's?
  12. I have to wonder what the current status of MQA is. It seems in recent times that more and more people are realizing that MQA is a useless scheme to extract monetary gain from the music consumer without providing any benefit to the music consumer. Does MQA, in conjunction with the studios that have shares in MQA, think that they can still ram this abomination down the throats of the music consumer?
  13. Warner knows that MQA is damaged goods. If they put out MQA recordings now, this allows them the opportunity to hold out the carrot of a better version in the future.
  14. Please do not suggest that we have ten more years of this BS!
  15. In this field I think there are very few that I would consider journalists. There are many that repeat the talking points and ad copy and are given status by the manufacturers.
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