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  1. Wow! All those albums were AUTHENTICATED! MQA must have spent tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of hours AUTHENTICATING that music! Before the studio gave the master to MQA it wasn't AUTHENTICATED. MQA blessed the master, burned incense, and performed a ceremony officiated by his Holiness, Bob Stuart. The master was then born into AUTHENTICATION! Blessed be MQA! For until you give yourself up to MQA, You cannot enter into AUTHENTICATION!
  2. It looked like MQA was going to die a natural death. But Warner and MQA's financial backers seem intent on ramming the scheme down the music consumer's throats. They're intent on forcing the contaminated brandy on the music consumer.
  3. I think the largest corporations that have industrial secrets to keep write their own code. And, they have extremely powerful firewalls that strictly control everything that goes in or out of their internal systems.
  4. Operating systems track you. Search engines track you. Chain stores give you discount cards so they can track you. Streaming sites track you. Phones track you. Even your television tracks you. We are well past 1984.
  5. Microsoft has upped the recommended memory for Windows 10. As CPU's become more powerful operating systems become more bloated. One has to wonder how much of the increased memory usage and bloat in the operating system is due to the operating system recording metrics of the user and sending them back to the mother ship. Large data bases and commercial users cannot afford to waste computing power on this spyware. They must be able to remove it or it isn't there in the commercial versions.
  6. On this day I am thankful that I have a large collection of non-MQA music and that non-MQA music is still available.
  7. I believe Suricata takes advantage of multi threading.
  8. I would think that if the tv automatically reported back to the station, that would put Nielsen out of business.
  9. ATSC 3.0 is something like a 1000 page standard. "TV, open the pod bay door".
  10. You should also know that the newest over the air ATSC television tuners are two way.
  11. Watching Bob Stuart give a talk on MQA, it is all rainbows and unicorns and magic. Bob Stuart goes on and on, hitting every talking point, and says NOTHING. Watch a Professor Irwin Corey performance and then watch a Bob Stuart talk. The people that believe the MQA BS are the same people that believe the magician sawed a person in half.
  12. The more I see and read about Bob Stuart, the more I come to believe that he is purely a huckster. I have come to despise him for what he is trying to do to the music consumer. Whether it is just advertising BS, or he truly believes it, implying that only HE understands the science behind MQA is an insult to everyone. Propping up Bob Stuart by bestowing him The Prince Philip award does not enhance the stature of The Royal Academy of Engineering. Bob Stuart should have been given the Prince Andrew award for what he is trying to do to the music consumer.
  13. Bob Stuart created a method for making audio contaminated brandy.
  14. Bob Stuart must have studied L Ron Hubbard.
  15. There were people who clearly understood and warned the music consumer.
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