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  1. Oh my...Are you certain the manual sanctions turning the REF10 off? Perhaps for a long disuse, but not on a daily basis. For stabile performance, the internal oven has to reach a certain temperature and stayed that way for many days. I've been told that fact many a time on this site, and that was confirmed by Mutec itself via an email exchange. Bottom line: leave it on, unless not using it for a prolonged period of time. As for the MC3+, since you bypass the internal clock, you could theoretically turn it off. However, some people believe its other chips b
  2. Mark, I suggest you consider the whole cable upgrade carefully. Those companies don't publish any measurements to substantiate their claims, nor do they conduct AB/X to decisively demonstrate the superiority of thier products. It stands to reason they would do one of the either, if not both, to boost sales and allay thier critics. Ergo, you should exercise caution. (Know that one massive player in that marketplace was caught cheating in demos more than once.) As for the 10Hz signal, it's sole purpose is to trigger a gate on the receiving side. A cable may pick up interferences that w
  3. I've been in touch with Mutec on the matter of upgrading to the SE-120. There are 3 differences between the basic and special editions: * Oscilliator * The S sports a ground stub * Different screen printing (logos) The electronics are identical, and good enough for the lower phase oscillator to show through. The upgrade includes swapping oscillators only. The case is left untouched, so expect no ground stub and unchanged screen printing. Mutec believes that the only occasion to earth their device is if ground loops are present,
  4. I did a blind test with 2 x ER vs. 1 vs. 0. Also swapped between a Keces P3 native SMPS. (I had the same 30 second of the same track played over and again). In my system, I could detect the ERs to a various degree. The more the merrier. (with 2 ERS I got 7 out of 8). The power supply didn't make an improvementI have some work to do. to my ears. But I suppose a lot of it is system dependent. As food for thought, I'll mention that SMPS has gone a long way, objectively. Benchmark employs the technology in their DACs; Mutec in the MC+USB; and Genelec in
  5. For this sort of money, you'd be better off chaining two ER's. The boost in sound will be more significant, and you'll be left with some spare change.
  6. Yes, both units are tethered to a Ref10. A Kesces P3 powers both. Grounded. It's a matter of seconds to bypass them, so A/B and even A/BX are easily performed. It's quite shocking how the sound degrades absence the cascade.
  7. I experienced the same. A cascade of 2 ER sounds surprisingly better than one. Itching to test the limits and get a 3rd...
  8. I’d like to report the opposite. I experience noticeable picture quality improvement going ER(A) to MacMini (Tv). No detriment to the signal quality from the B side. To be on the safe side, I have grounded both my ER’s. Speaking of which, I was so impressed with the video improvement, that I purchased a second ER, initially to feed my MacMini exclusively, but then I discovered the benefits of chaining the two ER’s. The MacMini is connected to the 2nd ER(A), so there’s one pass through the B port.
  9. No one has pushed the whole of Asia off the map, and I don't have to be careful with my views, unless promoting violence or hate. The only interesting tidbit in your rebuttal is this: "...is a strong bias towards European things....(which is definitely changing)," The words in bold are actually in agreement with the process I've been witnessing. Thank you.
  10. This is solely my observation and opinion and reflects no prejudice whatsoever. I reside in Thailand and I run into many people from Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I also read English issued Chinese publications. There’s a palpable sprit of competition on their behalf, with the aim of superseding anything that is western. Think China 2025. It’s a fascinating and foreboding process that stokes chauvinism and involves politics, big industry, commerce, education and culture perceptions, all which are beyond the scope of our discussion. What’s germane is that oriental consumers—in our
  11. Again, I just want to point out the business practices of Cybershaft, which omits such basic information from their literature.
  12. I've seen the synopsis of that A/B. I take this kind of exercises with a grain of salt. (I don't insinuate insensirty, but I can't rule out expectation bias). And I would certainly not spend $7,000 based on thier opinions, especially since the upgameship of the East has profoundly affected people's outlook nowadays. (Even if Cybershat had the phase noise edge, its suboptimal selectors and shape of wave would likely render the signal more jittery. John S and another contributer above, with testing equipment, poisted as such). Personally, since Mutec accepts returns and it hails from th
  13. It used to be on their website, and Kinji wrote to me as much. When I first embarked on my ref clock journey, I gave his products a close look. Going by his own words, the products didn’t cater to the audio market specifically, but to any application that required a high precision clock in an affordable price. He emphasized that point when I inquired about a return policy: “Can't guarantee audio relate performance, so no returns.” As you can deduct from the impedance selectors and impedance convertors, delivering the purest signal isn’t a top priority for him. Furthermore, to my ch
  14. Bernard, You'd better do a more thorough research: - Selectable impedance doesn't yield the correct impedance either way. It's a faulty solution, hands-down. - It generates a sinuous wave while audio equipment expects a square wave. Perhaps the Cybershaft has the lowest phase noise, but when connected to your equipment, it will suffer from the aforementioned deficiencies. Also bear in mind that both Cybershaft and Mutec swore by -116db is the lower limit for sound improvements to could be perceived. Then marketing took over, and both companies introduced a -12
  15. Short answer, no. I believe you can get that clock custom made with 2 square wave outputs, both 75ohm. There was a discussion about it in this thread.
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