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  1. Kindly educate yourself on the issues of jitter Vis-a-vis the timing domain.
  2. "the M12 SWITCH GOLD conveys the full density of sound and a subtle feeling of the air. Its high-frequency range is transparent, and the mid and bass areas are clear with high S/N." Makes perfect sense. You always want to convey the full density of sound. The thicker the snake oil, the more delicious. Now, that's infamous!
  3. Infamous? Are you sure? Infamous = known for bad quality....Did you you mean 'renown' or or 'well-known'?
  4. Bro, I tried to scrub TOSLINK jitter through a cascade of 3 x Mutec-MC3 tethered to a REF10. An $8,000 setup. Still sounded like crap!!!
  5. I'd recommend keeping a safe distance from CC. The sound quality is absolutely rubbish. Further, optical usually produced high jitter levels, which in turn kill the SQ. Go coax if possible.
  6. I believe Alex will solder a 50 ohm BNC upon request. But that might have changed since.
  7. A valid point. But there's also an issue of timing. No one knows when the etherREGN will be available.
  8. You've made some good and provocative points that are worth investigating, but this one is sheer non sequitur. Worst still, it wastes other members time and diminishes your credibility. You may want to think twice before you hit the "submit" button.
  9. Resorting to ad hominen attacks is usually a sign of intellectual inferiority. And starting countless examples with "I have a friend who..." belongs to elementary school debates. You know nothing about me and my sets of skills. For that matter, focusing on the issues in hand is far more productive and civil than hurtling insults. As I sensibly wrote above it seems plissken refered to clocking the data (although he mistkakingly uses the term re-clocking). He was absolutely right. But instead of trying to dichper his true meaning, you jumped on his re-clocking phrase with a triumphant crow. Well done.
  10. Maybe there's a confusing between reclocking and clocking. Every conversation from Ethernet/USB to AES/SPDIF requires adding the timing information. Re-clocking is stripping off the original clock and introducing a new one.
  11. First, decoding from AES/SPDIF to USB is rare, if existing at all. I assume it poses a serious technical challenge. Regardless, the example was the reverse: USB to AES; from data packs to a timed-laced stream. Adding the clock information is inevitable.
  12. Now, this IS false. How can you creat an AES stream without timing information?
  13. Can any one confirm there's no network activity in the streamer, while Tidal is in use? That is, no flashing orange light at the Ethernet port. (I don't use tidal).
  14. When I stream using Airplay, the music stops. In general, the internet orange light flashes repeatedly, so network traffic is ongoing. Does that help you understand?
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