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  1. Awesome! No way I'm not kicking the tires on that baby. You mentioned the BNC port. I'm one of those locos with a REF10. Guilty as charged. Have you settled on the default impedance?
  2. I wonder quite the same. I installed a nighthawk after my ZET fiber optics modem/router, and the boost in SQ was out of this world. Truly, one of the most significant upgrades to my system ever, which I'm hard pressed to believe anything can improve one (one of my systems now is in a state of nirvana) . Can the EthernetGen make it sound even better?
  3. We'll done to you both! I'm sure many here are biting at the chomp. Should you sell out the first batch, how long before you restock?
  4. As far as I understand, the REF10 sends out an analog, square wave that the receiver uses to time its operation. The mechanism depends on the flip between the bottom and upper region of the wave (when the wave either drops or ascends, it opens and shuts a virtual gate on the receiver side). Unless the cable in question is flawed, I can’t conceive how it can affect that mechanism. Mind you, those ref clocks are installed in mission-critical satellites, and I’m pretty darn sure basic cables are employed (I inquired once with a military engineer). You say you hear the difference? Run an honest AB/X. If you can still tell which cable is which, kindly offer a theory as to why those expensive cables do a better job in transmitting a repetitive analog square wave. I’m brimming with curiosity.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Very helpful. My setup will be unshielded CAT6: Cheap and easy to cut to size.
  6. Thanks for expanding the discussion and lying down multiple options in a clear fashion. Still, in that light, the question is what does UpTone recommend for said future device?
  7. @SuperDad: Will unshielded CAT6 cables, going in and out, suffice, or shielded is preferable?
  8. I tried the MC+3 USB off my computer and wasn't too impressed. Currently, it's AES from my streamer into the MC3+. Being balanced, it's probably the best transmission protocol, with SPDIF over BNC being a second runner. I2S is better on paper, but it's not a standard protocol. That alone can pose major issues. Further, Mutec doesn't support it all.
  9. 4k is for the REF10. $1,200 is $50 more for the MC3USB before Mutec switched distributors. "Overpriced" implies a comparable equivalence in a lower price point. Is there one? You may suggest it's not worth the expenditure. I wouldn't have a quarrel with you. It's totally subjective. Moreover, I'd say that a high-end streamer + a good switch would give you an amazing sound; but adding a cascade of MC3USB + REF10 will enchant you. Is the incrementally elevated experience worth $7,500? For each their own. Happy tunes!
  10. Kindly educate yourself on the issues of jitter Vis-a-vis the timing domain.
  11. "the M12 SWITCH GOLD conveys the full density of sound and a subtle feeling of the air. Its high-frequency range is transparent, and the mid and bass areas are clear with high S/N." Makes perfect sense. You always want to convey the full density of sound. The thicker the snake oil, the more delicious. Now, that's infamous!
  12. Infamous? Are you sure? Infamous = known for bad quality....Did you you mean 'renown' or or 'well-known'?
  13. Bro, I tried to scrub TOSLINK jitter through a cascade of 3 x Mutec-MC3 tethered to a REF10. An $8,000 setup. Still sounded like crap!!!
  14. I'd recommend keeping a safe distance from CC. The sound quality is absolutely rubbish. Further, optical usually produced high jitter levels, which in turn kill the SQ. Go coax if possible.
  15. I believe Alex will solder a 50 ohm BNC upon request. But that might have changed since.
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