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  1. Short answer, no. I believe you can get that clock custom made with 2 square wave outputs, both 75ohm. There was a discussion about it in this thread.
  2. The photos are explanation are imminently clear. Thank you! So in a case of mismatch, what would be most detrimental to the operation of the enslaved device? 1) Would the signal occasionally not trigger gate? It doesn’t seem the case. 2) Would the timing be off? The raise and fall in the mismatch cases seem slanted; not as plumb as when impedances are matched. 3) Would the ripple/reflections introduce fresh jitter? 3) Something else?
  3. Logic suggests that converting impedences would outperform a 50/75 mismatch. But only people with your type of equipment and knowledge can test test that hypothesis. On a different note of yours: "Think of it like a converter from SPDIF<>AES or single end to balanced always something lost in translation I feel." You feel, or that's a fact? Again, logic would poise said loss, but can you validated with measurements?
  4. I'm a lowly layman, who is guided by John"s views on such matters. As I mentioned above, according to John, the ER, as other audio equipment, is designed around a square wave signal. You may want to take that into account. In addition, as he explains in a different thread, the 75/50 ohm adaptors and toggles, as Cybershat employs, are ineffective and don't perform as intended. That topic was discussed when a proposal of equipping the ER with said toggle was floated up and summarily rejected. I suppose Mutec offers two batteries of BNC ports, 50ohn and 75ohm respectively, for that reason.
  5. Isn't Mutec the only one with a square wave? If so, and given that according to John that' shape is optimal the ER, then you have your answer.
  6. I use five of my Mutec REF10 outputs, all 75ohm, with DYI cables. I use Furutech Fc-61, very well constructed, at $6.75 per meter (red or blue) : http://www.bellatoneaudio.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=199 For terminators, I use Audioquesst Bnc ITC. You need to expose sufficient cable and push it on. Super simple. There's a YouTube clip. Later on, when I mastered soldering, I started doing just that. Your other option is crimping. Good luck!
  7. Thank you for sharing. Your impressions are a one person's opinion, of course, but I'd like to offer my praises for breaking away from the old and so prevailing dogma of "The more expensive, the better it sounds." Pleasantly refreshing.
  8. Why not getting a network streamer and use a phone or a tablet to stream to it? I use an iPad -- > Auralic G2. My girl uses her iPhone when she takes control
  9. So a PSU doubled the performance of your ER? I'm scratching my head here. Most of us have been highly impressed by the SQ boost; are you claiming the PSU created that same exact effect? FYI, my Kesces P3 isn't detectable in a blind test.
  10. Might as well mention Keces P3. Quality build by experienced engineers with 2 rails and user selectable voltage. At $400, it is hard to beat.
  11. A good review. Still, I question the premise of spending so much money on a USB recloker--especially if one is just embarking on the digit journey and the slate is clean. Personality, I'd set an AES chain,. That format is likely to generate a cleaner signal for less money and greater simplicity. Some will object to PMC, but one should do a thorough research whether the ear can detect anything above 192/24. There is little evidence to the contrary.
  12. Router --> ER1(A) ER1(B) --> ER2(A) (That feeds the cleanest signal possible to the second switch) ER2 (B) --> streamer (The streamer receives a signal twice scrubbed by he moat. Makes a marked difference) ER2(A) --> Mac Mini
  13. To anyone curious about cascading ER's: I've chained a pair, and it's well worth it. The LF has become notably more precise—fast and punchy would be one way to describe it—and the clarity is eminently stunning. The sound is so sweet, that I often find myself transfixed to my seat. I originally ordered the second unit for my home theater over the B port, but after some experimentations I discovered that the visuals were as good with either port—one the units were chained. On the other end, connecting my streamer to the terminal B port boosted the sound quality. I tried an LPS with my upstream routers, but it made no difference, so I guess 2 ER's makes what comes prior immaterial. (A Kesces P3 powers both units and a Mutech REF10 is the master conductor).
  14. Soliciting opinions from anyone knowledgeable: A. Is there any reason as why not to ground 2 ER’s to the same point? (That is, wire each ER to the same ground point on a nearby wall). B. Is there a reason against grounding one ER to the other? ( That is, one ER is wired to the second ER's ground stub, and from there a wire goes to a ground point on the wall). Thanks!
  15. As you full well know, Alex, I was so impressed by the visual improvement offered by ER that I purchased a 2nd unit for my HT (Netflix over Mac Mini to my TV). Cheers!
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