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  1. I own a G2. First, know that the internal HD is the most noisy setup of all. The owner of Aurelic has a simple explanation to it, which you can look up on the company's forum. BTW, the cleanest solution is an SSD connected directly to your router. The ER has made a profound difference in my setup. The B side is connected to the G2, and the sound is phenomenal. I primarily stream off SoundCloud, and the chief detriment to SQ is poor mixing. However, when the mastering is good I can cry from joy. I use DIY cables and a NetGear router. And no, I don't believe expensive cables can make the slightest difference, although another switch in between might bump things up.
  2. I experimented with 0.5 meter and 20 meter cat6. If there was a difference, I couldn't pick on it. What is the working theory behind the adverse effect of reasonably long cat6 or higher cables? Or there's none?
  3. My ER is placed between my NetGear router (A side) and Aeries G2 streamer (B side). I also have a separate system to watch movies, with a Mac Mini as its brain. So first, I ran a CAT6 from the ER (A) side to my Mac Mini. Next, I disconnected the streamer from the B side and plugged in its place the same CAT6 running to the Mac Mini. Hope that helps.
  4. Connected the ER to a Mac Mini, which feeds a TV set over HDMI and a MiniDSP AES sound processor over US. First, employed the A side. A noticeable improvement in PQ. Grey blooming in nightly scenes is now completely absent. Colors are vibrant. No much difference in SQ Next, the B side Boom!! PQ is now brilliant. The screen is nothing less than mesmerizing. I’m complled to bat my eyelids here and there. A big boost in SQ. The clarity and precision are notable. Conclusion: Going to order a second unit.
  5. Does Mutech offer an upgrade path? BTW, it wasn't too long ago that both Mutech and Cybershaft swore anything over -115/16 was inaudible. And now with have this...:)
  6. Hello Mark, First off, that "magic" number you refer to has no bearing on clock signal transmission. I don't recall the exact application in which it does make a difference, but it's easy enough to look up. I'm sure you want to hear otherwise, but coax cables don't, and can't, make any difference to the signal, unless out of spec or poorly made. As oppose to the ref clock under discussion, or power supplies for example, there is no coherent theory as why digital cables would make a difference. What we encounter is mostly mumbo-jumbo spewed by manufacturers and swallowed up wholesale by some gullible audiophiles. Case in point, AB/X tests between high end and cheap cables consistently fail to show a difference. Happy new year!
  7. Alex, Is there any harm in grounding the ER regardless of the circumstances?
  8. When you write "crap," do you refer to placebo and bias confirmation or blind tests?
  9. How about applying a different logic? Since so many users of the ER are content with the supplied SMPS—people with both the means and drive to maximize the performance of their systems—perhaps we should be weary of that HH sighted evaluation? Or put bluntly, perhaps their observations are biased? I personally take it as a red flag and thus don’t put much trust in the rest of their findings.
  10. Perhaps I mispresented my point. I was referring to the ER vs. SoTM, not to the efficacy as the ER as a whole. In that context, I'd like to see an unsigned comparison. But since you've raised the question, I'll share that I indeed blind-tested the ER. My dear one randomly removed and added the switch to my chain behind my back. We used the same 2 reference tracks. Results: 9/10, which is good enough for me to wholeheartedly endorse your product. Now, please stop wasting time in forums and devote yourself to adapting your Mini Mac kit to the 2018 version
  11. Those reports, including yours, might as well be true, but I take them with a grain of salt. Audiophiles are notorious to be influenced by cost. "The more expensive, the better it sounds.," a consumer biase many unscrupulous vendors take advantage of. I'll wait for the blind tests, thank you very much.
  12. Amir's measures are not the point, and the entire process is rubbish. That's what I would expect from genuinely scientific society, which ASR claim to be: Since you have hundreds of people reporting on SQ improvement when adding the ER, set up a blind test to validate the null hypothesis. It is met, search for an explanation, including the use of measurements. That would highly constructive and a positive contribution. But instead, what we get is Amir, who-the-hell-is-he, running some possibly irrelevant test in his basement, followed by his choir of acolytes screaming murder. Over and again, it seems the sole goal of the exercise is to mock and heap abuse on others for being biased and placeboed. To recap, let's first establish a difference can be heard. Then look for an explanation.
  13. I'm sure you'll blow my forthcoming and speculative answer off as it won't fit the conspiracy you suspect in your mind. Nevertheless: Alex is at John's mercy when it comes to measurements, and John is both extremely busy and doesn't view proving the supremacy of his designs paramount, as--in his mind--the improvement in sound is so obviously clear. Further, the level and nature of measurements he'd like to ultimately extract require expensive equipment and home-brewed devices that dampen his enthusiasm even more. This is not advocacy, rather laying out a plausible conjecture.
  14. Amir has got beef with UpTone and will do his best to cause them damage. The only point I don't get is why so many give him credence. Even Alex gets his hands dirty in these spats. "The dogs bark and the caravan passes thorough." UpTone will sale six figures of ER, and Amir will still scream it's all a big sham.
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