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  1. I love all of Busoni's transcriptions for piano, especially the Chaconne and Bach's organ works. This CD is essential!
  2. I found the cause of the Chord DAC turning off/on by itself (long story), fixed it, and all is well...as long as I use my MacBook Pro. It definitely sounds better than my other 2 DACS (oddly enough, the differences are more audible through my full system than through my headphones), so unless some other weird thing occurs, I'll keep it.
  3. My Qutest has rebooted on its own several times this morning, which causes a loud pop in my system, so I'm returning it.
  4. Hendrix was plugged into 3 Marshall stacks when I saw him in 1970, and those were mic'd into a huge PA with 9 (as I recall) Altec A-7 speakers on each side of the stage. Lord knows how many thousands of watts were driving them. My ears are still ringing...😀This was taken at the show, but not by me.
  5. I tried the Kernal Streaming--no joy. It's probably a glitch in my laptop somewhere. It works perfectly fine with my MacBook, and since the sample rate light glows white, I am getting DSD, so I'm good!
  6. I'm using the ASIO Chord 1.05 driver.
  7. When I do that, I still get the pure fuzz with Audirvana, and with JRiver I don't get DSD--176 PCM according the the Qutest display.
  8. I just received a Chord Qutest, and DSD files are pure fuzz via my HP laptop with with either Audirvana or JRiver. I tried re-installing the driver to no avail. The settings for both software programs seem fine (JRiver set to Bitstream DSD--tried DSD over PoP--didn't work, either). It does work perfectly and sounds fantastic on my MacBook, but I prefer the HP. Any suggestions?
  9. A staggering display of technique and musicality with very life-like sound (all-analogue LP).
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