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  1. I just came across a disturbing problem with my MA9000's DAC. I bought a new Dell Inspirion 17 laptop, and Audirvana crashes when playing DSD files. I then plugged it into the DAC in my Oppo 205, and it plays them just fine. So, maybe there is something to Auralic's statement. (I gave up on the idea of a network streamer--the good ones are too expensive.)
  2. There's a setting that will turn off that muting. It does create a "pop" when one switches to DSD, but that's preferable to missing the beginning of a track: The USB Automute Feature helps to ensure noise free playback of streaming music via the MA9000 USB Input, as the Digital Audio Signal format changes (PCM,DSD, etc.). On occasion due to the way a Digtal Audio Music Recording was made, it may become desirableto switch Off the USB Automute Feature. To switch Off Automute, perform the following steps: 1. Press and hold in the INPUT Control to enter the SETUP MODE. Ref
  3. I agree. I got a kick out of this childish responce on the Auralic forum: "We are not going to replace any hardware, the problem is due to stupid design at McIntosh design, not our side."
  4. I wrote Auralic again to inquire about the issue--here is their response: "It appears the DAC is sending some strange signal that causes the USB circuit to overheat and burn out in a short time. There is some discussion about the issue on our Community forum here: https://community.auralic.com/t/usb-problem-aries-g1-with-mcintosh/2825"
  5. Auralic didn't elaborate. Here is their response: "The USB DAC on the McIntosh is NOT compatible, and will actually damage the USB circuit in the ARIES G1. You would have to use one of the digital inputs (coax or optical) instead."
  6. I wrote Auralic. Not only is the McIntosh not compatible, it could actually damage the Auralic's circuitry. Dang...
  7. Does anyone use that combination? I have an MA 9000 and I'm considering an Auralic Aries G1 Streamer, and according to the setup guide,“The attached DAC needs to be compatible with Linux without installing additional drivers." I would like to know if it will work before I buy it. I contacted McIntosh tech support, but they don't test it with Linux, so they didn't know.
  8. It's a shame this label went out of business, as they produced SACDs with superb performances, sound, and booklets. I listened to Vol.1 this morning--contains No.7, 23, and 26.
  9. Agreed. In fact, I think I'll listen to a quartet or two tonight!
  10. A wonderful new release. Musicians: Jean Rondeau (harpsichord), Thomas Dunford (lute), Lea Desandre (mezzo-soprano), Marc Mauillon (baritone), Myriam Rignol (viola da gamba). Composers: François Couperin (1668 - 1733), Robert De Visée (v. 1650-1665 - after 1732), Michel Lambert (1610-1696), Marin Marais (1656 - 1728) Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704), Jean-Henry D’Anglebert (1629- 1691) Antoine Forqueray (1672-1745) Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764). (Only 3 tracks feature a vocalist.)
  11. A wonderfully like-like recording in DSD 256 format. He's a great player, too.
  12. DSD256--very well played and the sound is superb.
  13. Well now, here's an interesting development. I started to get a bunch of dropouts when playing DSD files on my MacBook, but when I plugged my HP laptop into my MA9000's DAC, they went away and it sounded better...all of the initial improvements plus a bit richer overall. I guess I got a bad one, so I'm returning it and will stick with the MA9000's DAC.
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