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  1. Perhaps you are confused by the fact that the Control can be used to change the volume, EQ, etc. In fact the Control doesn't do any of these things within itself, all it does is send signals to the speakers so that they can do it themselves using their internal DSP.
  2. That fact that there is no basis for any other conclusion. The Control takes the bits and sends them to the speakers perfectly. What is your basis for questioning that?
  3. The insertion of the Control will have no affect whatsoever on the sound.
  4. No. What it means is that going from digital to analogue and then back to digital cannot improve things. Unless you like any colouration that may be introduced.
  5. How? The Kii will immediately convert the analogue back to digital in order to do its DSP tricks. No way round that.
  6. Your results, if taken at face value, mean either that the Hugo is not transparent or that the Kii Control is somehow changing the data that is sends to the speakers. I doubt that either is the case. If you were to do your comparisons, this time blind, I strongly suspect that any "differences" would disappear.
  7. Interesting. So was prog Q or constant Q used previously for boundary adjustments? Or are neither involved in that?
  8. This is the first review of the Kii Three with and without the BXT that I've seen: https://www.avguide.ch/testbericht/game-changer-test-lautsprecher-kii-three-und-kii-three-btx Google translate may be your friend.
  9. Would you care to explain why you didn't like them, please?
  10. Go for it. It may cure you of your condescension.
  11. Are you suggesting that people who make extraordinary claims without extraordinary proof should go unchallenged? I know it's not a cables thread, so why let them make it such, with those with scientific doubt silenced?
  12. I look forward to your blind ABX test results with interest. For now, it's just blah.
  13. I was of course referring to properly conducted blind ABX testing. You may well wish to play with extreme situations when testing, but that should also be done with properly conducted blind ABX testing. Otherwise your results will be meaningless, and you will have no handle of any sort.
  14. Or tweaking is already unnecessary. There has not been a system built that some will claim couldn't be improved by snake oil. Until they meet blind ABX testing and the supposed differences disappear. Then they claim that they were a bit tired or that their 'golden ears' only work when no-one is testing them.
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