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  1. Thanks for all of the replies so far on both sides of the notorious Mains Cable (power lead) debate. I'm a strong believer in Free Speech and that there is always more than one way to look at something.
  2. I'm currently looking for a new Mains power lead/cord and would be grateful if forum members could give there recommendations from there own experiences. I currently have a Zenith SE but might upgrade to a statement in the future and so would be grateful for recommendations for either or both options.
  3. Firstly when did Computer Audiophile become Audiophile Style? And why? Secondly thanks for posting the video, it's just a shame that Nuno didn't also compare the Statement in the demo. Because that is what everyone that owns an SE will wan't to hear.
  4. This may be a bit over budget but I have heard some good things about the CAD (COMPUTER AUDIO DESIGN) 1543 MKII DAC.
  5. There is a video on YouTube from the Munich show where Nuno Vitorino from Innuos talks about an upgrade for the SE. But he says it won’t take the SE up to statement level but will improve on the standard SE.
  6. After the news from Innuos at Munich I’m very much looking forward to the release of the SE ADD ON/Upgrade box/option. Does anyone have any rough idea of when it might be available or specs?
  7. That is kind of what I mean as in that they seem to have been concentrating on the streaming side of things and that if they had developed a super server I would suspect that it would of been a lot like the Innuos Statement.
  8. Considering Naim originally came up with the perfect recipe for the best digital source using a separate power supply I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t lead the way and come out with a super server first using there knowledge and expertise. For non Naimies the image bellow shows the Naim CDS with separate power supply c1991.
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