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  1. I have an innuos SE which I've had since new (about two and a half years) and I was just wondering what forum members would recommend as the minimum requirement for Ethernet use and treatment for streaming. I've predominantly used it as a server playing music directly from the SSD up until now. My current set up is literally a plain common or garden mains powered Technicolour TG589 V2 Ethernet switch plugged into a mains powered TP Link Powerline then in a separate room I have another mains powered TP Link Powerline and then an Ethernet cable that goes from that straigh
  2. There is of course the Phoenix as an upgrade for the SE but I'd rather just make the jump the the Statement.
  3. Can I just ask for my own interest and curiosity... Do people of this forum recognise the Zenith SE as a Player... A Server or a Streamer or all three ???
  4. Nothing but If I don't upgrade mine in the near future it will become less valuable on the secondhand or part exchange market and it will be become more expensive to upgrade and also I can currently afford to upgrade and know that the Statement (will be) or Taiko Audio mini/Jr (should be) an improvement. My current Server is OK and I've not had any problems with it but I feel ready to go to the next level and try and improve the SQ.
  5. The Taiko Audio mini or junior sounds like it will be interesting but I guess it could be years before that's out and available to purchase...
  6. I currently have two systems on the go on the digital side of things both using the Zenith SE as a source component. System1. Zenith SE > Allnic D5000 dac using Tellurium Q Black USB > Naim Nac 52 Pre amp using Custom HiFi Cables Silver RCA - DIn cable > Naim Snaxo Crossover > 4x Naim Nap 135 Mono Blocks > Naim SBL speakers using Naim Nac A5 speaker cable. System 2. Zenith SE > Chord M Scaler using Tellurium Q Black USB > Chord Hugo TT2 dac > Allnic T2000 KT150 Integrated amplifier using Tellurium Q Ultra Silver XLR > Naim SBL speak
  7. Thanks for your input and for taking the time to lay out the options in a very analytical and rational way. What would be your current ideal way of achieving your "B. Network optimisation budget £2000*" option ???
  8. Thanks for the list, very much appreciated. Have you made a choice yet or are you still deciding or waiting for the one you want to become available.
  9. Well the Innuos Zenith SE was £5,000 GBP RRP and the Statement is around £10,000 GBP RRP.
  10. I'm looking to replace my Innuos Zenith SE and was hoping to get some advice from the good people of Audiophile Style on whether I should go for the Innuos Statement or if there is currently a better alternative at a similar price point. I am not techy enough to build my own custom made server so will have to rely on an off the shelf ready to go option. All feedback, advice and opinions are welcomed.
  11. Hi there Kevalin (john), I have a Allnic D5000 and I would be interested in this upgrade.
  12. Thanks for all of the replies so far on both sides of the notorious Mains Cable (power lead) debate. I'm a strong believer in Free Speech and that there is always more than one way to look at something.
  13. I'm currently looking for a new Mains power lead/cord and would be grateful if forum members could give there recommendations from there own experiences. I currently have a Zenith SE but might upgrade to a statement in the future and so would be grateful for recommendations for either or both options.
  14. Firstly when did Computer Audiophile become Audiophile Style? And why? Secondly thanks for posting the video, it's just a shame that Nuno didn't also compare the Statement in the demo. Because that is what everyone that owns an SE will wan't to hear.
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