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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to say... on the other hand, for the vast majority of us where size and cost does matter, the KEF's are d*mn impressive. If one did not have a pair of big boxes to directly compare against, I find it hard to believe anyone would be dissatisfied with them paired with a properly tuned/weighted sub. There is incredible price-to-performance available to us today. It's good to remind ourselves of that from time to time, and keep a proper perspective, which you have. So thanks for that too.
  2. Thank you, Mitch. The recordings were awesome and really took this review to the next level. To my mind, if money and space were no object, the JBL's are hand's down the winner. Their sound felt more natural and balanced. The song coming out of them had less of a reproduction feel, like the singers were present in the room. In contrast, the KEF's I coldn't shake the feeling that the song sounded like a playback of recording made in a studio. A very good recording, but a studio all the same. It didn't make me feel "presence" for lack of a better word that the JBL did. A little too "clinical" may be. Next, the KEF's with and without sub's were interesting to me because the difference is very similar to what I experience listening to my pair of Emotiva Airmotive 6s" powered monitors with and without sub's. Without sub's, it sounds nice and perfectly clear, but there's something missing... it doesn't get my body responding to the music. As soon as the sub's turn on, though, it's like the bottom half of the music comes alive and now I can feel it. At the same time, if I stop and consider it, it also feels a little made-up. Too much energy underneath. That is also something I struggle with on my sub's -- keeping the bottom from getting too strong where it starts to be fake. And again, I don't get that "fake" feeling from the JBL's. I reckon the million dollar question is whether it's from the room and the speaker placement that could be easily solved, or something else, like directivity, that can't be captured without big boxes like the JBL's. In any case, I am looking forward to more reviews and more binaural recordings. Many thanks and much appreciation, Allan F.
  3. OK, got the Fire TV hooked up. It works! Still don't have remote control volume control, which yeah... but full streaming for $30 is sweet. Pandora, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon AutoRip, etc. it's all there. (Now to renew my Tidal subscription that I let lapse.)
  4. Just realized the Z1 doesn't have an optical in. Sorry, man, I didn't know. That's pretty lame. For as much as it costs, to not have a digital input is ridiculous. That it's little brother at half the cost does have them makes it doubly so.
  5. Heh. I got a Fire TV today. First gen, craigslist for $30. Sadly, haven't had time to hook it up. Hopefully will do tomorrow. If not, definitely by Thanksgiving. Aurender's are certainly nice. Albeit, a completely different financial commitment level.
  6. I have a Sony HAP/S1. At first, I was quite disappointed that I could not "hair-pin" analog in's back to the "D/A Direct" analog out. Then last week, it occurred to me that I could use the Chromecast Audio's TOSLINK to get streaming capabilities. Now, I haven't actually gotten a Chromecast to prove this out. Like I said, the idea only came to me a few days ago, but it's on my "hobbies deferred" to do list for over the long Thanksgiving break. Along similar lines, first gen Amazon Fire stick and Fire TV are supposed to have TOSLINK out as well. Depending on your locale, those can be had on craigslist pretty cheaply.
  7. I don't yet have an RPi. Hopefully someone else will chime-in for you.
  8. If you haven't figured this out yet, it's been covered in the volumio forum -- bug crept in w/ new kernel, until it's ironed out need to set re-sampling to 32 bits. HTH. BTW, how do you like that set-up. Been considering exactly that for myself. Happy with the separate sub-out's? Thx.
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