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  1. Very true Maybe not, from what I remember from empirical testing on AMD 5600X closed form seems to be a little "better" distributing load across cores, also poli xtr, you will be cheating yourself getting a reference score from these filters (I certainly did) Good question Marco
  2. Hi Marco, at the risk of being flagged as pretentious, your idea good but in practice there are many variables at play like source rate, memory used, OS and kernel used, filter used and such, unless you keep the system, content played and such as static which is impractical you can't provide a good reference. PC benchmarks run for a specific CPU architecture with specific variables and instructions sets, some benchmarks will "blend" certain tests. I think it is very complex and even if you create a benchmark for let's say Redbook content if the music has for example high dynamic range wil
  3. I think that aside of the "higher clock" intracore communication is faster and more optimized EDIT:on Intel, I can even dare to go a little further and say that possibly the kernel (at least in the Linux case) will work "better" with Intel than AMD, to my knowledge full kernel support is delayed with AMD for many features, temps, and such, possibly also core task distribution. Just my opinion, I could be wrong
  4. I have the entry level 5600X on an HDPlex H5 passive cooled and does DSD128 just fine, my initial post here Very thankful to Jussi for posting as I am on a waiting list for the 5800X, I read about the new Intel coming and 4.8/5.3, IPC 19% increase apparently but don't know if that would be enough for HQP to do stable DSD256 at 7EC (EDIT: meant DSD512 ASDM5EC or 7EC and DSD256 7EC with "loooooong filters") https://www.anandtech.com/show/16390/intel-previews-11th-gen-core-rocket-lake-core-i911900k-and-z590-coming-q1
  5. Good question, I think I do but I don't trust my ears on that one, it could be completely imagined or subjective
  6. Hi @StreamFidelityIt means it is "just there" you'll be better off with Intel (based on the reports from others including yours), IIRC you were running Intel right?
  7. Thanks for posting, I was expecting more, means the 3950X or 3900X won't do, kind of disappointing, Intel still king
  8. I am not an experienced May user, The settings would generally apply to any Dac, this is a very good thread if you are interested in filters. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/which-hqp-filter-are-you-using/6061
  9. PM me so we leave the main thread clear I will try to help
  10. You should be good with server / minimal install
  11. Yes that's only to update the packages
  12. This last command sudo ps -ef|grep -i hqplayerd Will show you if HQP is running, is it running? Did you rebooted the box? If you go to http://ipaddressofthepc:8088 do you get prompted by the username and password dialog?
  13. I had the same error, Miska suggested IIRC the sudo apt install -f before installing HQPlayer that said my instance worked with no issues with that script
  14. That I don't, HQP OS was meant to be run just as it is, I think it could be done by "dd" means imaging to the drive but I have no guide for that sorry
  15. Here are the steps with the latest custom kernel for focal and the latest HQPe, for HQP itlsef you just need the HQP INSTALL section. I guess you need some knowledge of Linux for this effect at least how to access the shell and all that. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS HQPe Embedded with Jussi’s Custom Kernel #Download Ubuntu http://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso Install and access it via console CHANGING ROOT PASSWORD sudo passwd IF you don't want to type the password every time login and type "su -" withou
  16. Yes let me send you steps, finishing morning coffee, allow me a few minutes. These were shared about a month ago in this thread but I will send you the latest ones
  17. luisma

    HQ Player

    Thank you, got it, and he could use the Bubble app then from an iphone or ipad, I'm just looking for a way to my friend to try HQPlayer from his MAC, I think it is what I'm looking for in the short term, if he likes it he can purchase a license of Embedded and run it on a PC dedicated to this.
  18. luisma

    HQ Player

    I know the answer is probably buried somewhere in this thread, I did a search but could not find exactly what I was looking for. Friend of mine wants to try HQP, he has a mac (old model) and uses Google Music. On Android you can stream using the Bubble UPnP app and HQPe, on Mac I presume you need to use the HQPlayer for Mac of course but how do I stream from Google Music over to it? Thanks
  19. Thank you @hols for this report and what you describe, me without being an expert or owning the May or T+ but being an owner of a T- :) and HQPe I remember the inconsistencies playing especially when source content switched resolution or format with former Amanero and then Terminator's new board which eventually after some firmware updates were smoothed, now I don't know how frequent are firmware updates on the May but this looks like a good question for Holo's development team. Thanks again, I have to say quite a few people not having the chance to compare all this equipment side
  20. Thank you for the clarification, It seemed initially it was 23A total, per rail is definitely impressive for a full linear (no switching PS) and provides definitely more power.
  21. Thanks, I did installed libgmpris 1st before HQPe, I might not have run apt install -f immediately after. It is working good
  22. I'll be following this thread, if I understand this properly @Marcin_gpsthis will be purposed to power PC components like motherboard, cpu and such with moderate power requirements like miniITX or mATX boards, efficient CPU's etc. is that accurate? if so considering the 23 amps total this would be "similar" and I understand this is linear not switching, to let's say a conventional 250W ATX PS (and I mean conventional from the comparisons standpoint as I know this ATX linear PS is not conventional at all) Thank you Luis V
  23. Hi Jussi, just yesterday installed HQPe on Focal, I installed your kernel with no issues (BTW I wondered what jl was on the kernel package and of course is Jussi Laako). I got a few dependencies errors on HQPe installing, still the interface is up and running but I don't know if I should be concerned. I did of course apt update and apt install -f before and also sudo apt-get install alsa-utils sudo apt-get install libflac8 libasound2 libasound2-data libasound2-plugins [email protected]:/home# sudo dpkg -i hqplayerd_4.20.0-54_amd64.deb Unpacking hqplayerd
  24. This indeed matters, and I just have to add that in addition to the internal digital conversion / processing, the last output analog conversion stage on the DAC is critical as well. As you well say once noise is injected you can't get rid of it, and this is why the last analog conversion stage (including linearity, analog filtering, signal amplification etc) is so important. I know I will be accused of "simplistic" but pre processing the digital signal using computer software (developed by a known Finland based developer) and feeding this to any DAC ($300 - $20000) will yield ex
  25. Care to list which modulator?
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