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  1. I don't know if this has been answered before but aside of Roon which other software can stream to the Allo USB bridge? JPlay? JRiver? I'm using Minimserver but can't find how to stream to it using Jriver or Jplay
  2. and I'm assuming if we use Supra CAT8 for Network and also for DC cables we lay down a tin copper sleeve outside and create the loop joining the added braided sleeve and the supra shielding. Will it represent also any benefits joining in this loop each individual pair wrapping? possibly not as conductivity may not be good
  3. So not only creating a JS loop with shields 1 and 2 but also adding to the loop the individual shielding for each wire? so a loop of shield 1+2 +4 more shields for each wire? all connected together ?
  4. Thank you for the kind words I was trying to be brief but .... you can judge by yourself ....
  5. Related to this specific topic and I feel compelled to share my experience in regards to power supplies / ac adapters improving the SQ of audio. This is of course no news for many of you here but empirically it is for me. I will try to be brief. I don't consider myself a complete audiophile nor I'm an expert in these matters, I'm a music aficionado who loves quality in audio and definition. I am also a network engineer working with bits and computers since 1984 and I consider myself a very objective person technology wise. Until a few days ago I was a believer than repl
  6. So basically due to the quality of the inputs it doesn't matter if you use USB or I2S or AES as inputs and the SQ difference should not be that much, and yes ideally you would like to go with I2S whenever possible correct? How about the output, will the balanced output to an amp will be preferred over the unbalanced RCA one?
  7. luisma

    HQ Player

    Thanks @tboooe Please keep us posted on this. Can someone confirm this? I get the SQ improvement of Windows over Linux and Direct Connection to DAC vs network renderer only (or I should say mostly) applies to owners of Holo Spring (and/or SU-1) combinations for which Windows Drivers (as @tboooe has mentioned before) may be better. Possibly other DAC's may not shown such difference in SQ when using Win vs Linux or DirectUSB vs NAA. Also we cannot rule out the synergy between SU-1 -- I2S -- Holo Dac My trial version of Roon is expiring and need to decide which way to go,
  8. No I understand, it is just I'm on the same path as you are, considered the Brooklyn+, I even got myself a js2 for it ahead of the purchase which I'm sure I can use regardless and read many good things about the spring. Looking forward to part 2 of the article, I follow many of your posts great content thanks
  9. Any chance of daring comparing to the Holo Spring which is in the same range? If you are familiar with it Thanks
  10. Let us know how it works when you do it
  11. @octaviars reading your post I noticed the NUC is not shunted -0 grounded, I have the same NUC and I have been asking if it is a good idea to do it. Any specific reason why? Thanks
  12. I assume the SATA cables are between a mini PC and external HDD? or you are trying to shield internal SATA cables? I believe you meant to say USB, SATA transmits data and power and I don't really think you can loop the data on SATA without further effects to data transmission at 3 / 6 gbps
  13. All credit to JS @JohnSwenson for his contribution and sharing "freely" his knowledge and advice on these matters
  14. Thank you John for the detailed answer, it does help to clarify indeed, so does it harm to use JSSG cables (with shield and loop) even when these are not needed?
  15. This kind of relates to this discussion although the effects have to be tested, I haven't had time to test with my system. and my intention is not to hijack the thread just provide some more constructive info. Recently I have been involved designing radio public safety systems for many of these you need to establish fiber optic links between buildings and transmit data between these, for this you use single mode fiber mainly. This is all off the shelf technology. I experienced a conflict with the fiber media converters and radio equipment, if you take a spectrum analyze
  16. this thread really went to sh..
  17. Thanks for the reply, something to consider indeed. You are using fiber optics and funny thing I have some recent experience with fiber optics and RFI which I will be sharing in upcoming post on this forum., how this affects audio if it does I don't know
  18. After reading all 39 pages and looking on how this relates to my specific equipment this is what I have had summarized, any feedback will be appreciated as I'm still a little confused with all these. If I misquote you John @JohnSwenson my apologies. JSSG: John's Swenson Shielding Guidelines. Applies to shielded DC or DATA cable where the shield is connected to the end connectors but not in loop. The technique basically states the entire shield should be connected at both ends together creating a loop with the use of auxiliary cable loop. JSGT: John's Swenson Ground Twe
  19. This topic is lost with the alcohol and cannabis discussion, but I'd like to add that cannabis these days is just another big business, tobacco was criticized and campaigned against (for a good reason, it kills you), cannabis was lobbied and state government found a way to create more revenue for them hence was approved in many states, they created the Rx market stating the medicinal effects, now it is just like the tobacco business and will keep growing and growing. True that you don't have to use it, no one forces you, but think of your kids etc. Actually just noticed @sa
  20. @hurka are you clocking the singxer only or both singxer and sparky? the LPS1.2 is not enough for the sparky I understand...
  21. @JohnSwenson or @Superdad Maybe this has been answered before but I could not find it in the thread. The shunting technique, very good and understandable for simple devices like DAC's, etc. Would you say it is also acceptable to use this technique with NUCs? for example Intel NUC's with Fans etc. with a not grounded 19VDC adapters? I believe it should be safe but I'm not an EE and sending the - to ground may have other consequences of which I'm not aware of therefore my question to the experts to be safe Thanks Luis V
  22. Thanks, I thought you were referring to an actual existing DAC ... I guess after Munich we will be seeing some new DAC's with I2S and master clock options, it just makes sense for the product to evolve that way,
  23. both HQ players are the desktop version NOT embedded?
  24. thank you for the detailed explanation. ... best
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