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  1. 1. Update Menu 2. Update to later RT 5.11 kernel 3. Update system 4. I have COMPRESSION="gzip" That was not the issue something else was, if you are interested I still have the USB flash and it is accessible, but I'm already running another install so I'm fine
  2. Piero I was able to boot initially, update menu, update kernel, update system, then customize a few things like realtime processes and such, then ramroot, after ramroot I was able to boot, did a clean up, saved the system and then I wasn't able to boot anymore, I think you are assuming I cannot boot the image, of course I could, it is just after that for no apparent reason the system stopped booting Thank you for the detailed explanation, now I get it ...
  3. Piero for prioritizing the enp1s0 adapter before the file to be edited was rtirq.conf adding the adapter on the RTIRQ_NAME_LIST, is this still the case? or should the rtnet.conf file be used adding INTERFACE="enp1s0" RTIRQ_NON_THREADED has "rtc snd" this basically instructs these processes to use all cores but not threads or does it limit the rtc and snd apps to be single core?
  4. Disk /dev/sdb: 57.3 GiB, 61530439680 bytes, 120176640 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disklabel type: gpt Disk identifier: 524A1828-2002-4187-B469-3E7A2DE53ED0 Device Start End Sectors Size Type /dev/sdb1 2048 1001471 999424 488M EFI System /dev/sdb2 1001472 120174591 119173120 56.8G Linux filesystem Same output but like I said there is no boot error or message, just no boot at all
  5. I'll send you the fdisk output from the other system, there is no boot at all, just that the device is not bootable, I am using UEFI of course, and it worked initially even after enabling ramroot but just suddenly went into that, I just build another system but would like to troubleshoot the failing one
  6. I hope he is Peter, I really want to leave all this behind and "maybe" go back to some "normal" even with limitations..... Is it that bad in the Netherlands?
  7. You are correct it is only the Astra Zeneca but in general (I have plenty of family in Spain) and I cannot talk for the rest of Europe but there is this "feeling" something in the vaccines may affect them and many of the people I know are in the position to not vaccinate. And the distribution and logistics I think it doesn't work like here (in the US) either. I am personally pro vaccine but I respect what other people think and since the adoption seems to be slower in Spain I would agree a domestic show might be safer (and easier) to attend.
  8. Hi Piero: Have you experienced (or someone) that after configuring and getting ready AL 2.9, enabling RAMROOT, booting successfully, all the sudden you cannot longer boot from the USB flash drive, if I mount /dev/sdb2 on some other Linux box it shows the contents as normal but if I mount /dev/sdb1 there is nothing there, it just stopped booting, I can of course redo the install but don't want to fail again, could it be related to the RAMROOT config? just curious
  9. In this specific case you are listing, the "volume" implies DSD64 is converted to PCM (volume DSP applied) then that PCM to DSD256 correct? the word "DIRECT" to me means usually "no PCM" but it was my understanding volume and DSP must be done under PCM. EDIT01: And of course this comment you posted "PCM engine for PCM outputs and SDM engine for SDM outputs. Both have all the same DSP functionality" kind of tells me the SDM engine has "no PCM" at all so even convolution and DSP are done under SDM "direct"
  10. Thanks this means HQPe will never play above Nyquist either, 22.05 is the max frequency, meaning ultrasonics are always discarded correct? Of course there is nothing there that was there originally, just ultrasonics residual from the noise shaper
  11. I'm having an issue, it looks like it is designed like that, if I set a matrix simple pipeline with high shelf filter at 21500 hz works fine, if I go to 22500 it doesn't, hqplayer won't play. Is the matrix limited at Nyquist? 22050 or so?
  12. @MiskaIf I would like to build an electronic crossover the correct way of doing so in HQPe would be to use the Matrix Pipeline, with whichever DSP you want. I could use a one liner like this "iir:type=peak;f=80;g=-2.3;q=1.4,iir:type=lshelf;f=105;g=5.5;s=0.71,iir:type=peak;f=165;g=2.0;bw=1.01" But I would like to use a text file better, anywhere I can find the format and syntax for such text file? I found this on the thread (see below) but I don't know if that's the actual file or just some representation... and if so how do I represent instead of peaks, also lshelf, bw
  13. I think I'm going to drop windows 10 and start using that for my day to day pc, windows will be virtualized on my home server and a cloud appliance, I had it with the telemetry and honestly it looks gorgeous and I'm sure it performs very well
  14. I'm not sure either LOL, that board looks amazing and actually better than the one I currently have, for some reason which again I'm not sure I turned it down, note that my 9 year old gaming desktop and my home server build both have asrock and I'm a fan of the brand.
  15. Beautiful CPU numbers considering, I am very excited to have the Matrix (rather than the convolution engine) for "basic common DSP" that is something very very welcomed. When there is a good multichannel DAC capable of DSD256/512 (not likely a ladder DAC doing multichannel so PCM I think is out of the question) at least on all channels and affordable HQP will have no competition on building a high profile active crossover. That's what I'm looking for as an end system now. Waiting for Okto maybe or RME to create such product, I don't know if the current silicon crisis affected the AKM's product
  16. That one is perfect, 4 slots for RAM, more than 1 single PCIe slot, yeah good board.
  17. I don't remember if that one was out when I build mine, if it was for some reason I could not use it. And others that were available the VRM heatsink conflicted with the copper pipes from the CPU to the chassis position. I thought on manually removing the heatsink but that was there for a reason, maybe only used during OC but who know.
  18. I looked at that one but could not use it because of the ATX format, another perk of having a passive build is you have to play small and ATX wasn't an option for the H5 when you have other components inside the chassis. It was discouraging I could not find anything with mini ITX or mATX in the B550 (I think the 570 there was something but then you have the chipset fan which is much needed) that included an Intel. I learned my lesson, next build is fan (or water) cooled, larger chassis, too many limitations on the passive build and with these new Noctuas https://www.amazon.com/gp/pro
  19. luisma

    HQ Player

    Now we just need HQPlayer Mobile edition for our phones 😉
  20. I have a fanless case (H5) with a 65W TDP CPU (5600X), no GPU, I can do 7EC with 256 DSD with most filters, that said. 1. TDP is a at best measure in reality under load the CPU goes over that value, for example the 5800X lists at 105W but the max really at stock is 112W, IIRC Intel is even more aggressive, and it hits the thermals limits and guess what happens, thermal throttle down. My H5 is rated for what? 95W TDP? Under stress I kind of doubt a 95W CPU could perform there at all, let alone share the space with a GPU. 2. I recently built another server for different applicat
  21. See if you can get a B550 with no Realtek on board, maybe not from Gigabyte
  22. luisma

    HQ Player

    That's easy to do especially if you have static IPs, with dynamic can also be done, and I know you are aware of all that, is it the same provider so you'll stay on-network? Would be interesting to see multicast routed over it, I think there is a way for a layer 2 VPN, never done it myself but will look into it.
  23. Not really, I have a 5600X on an H5 with no video card and I don't experience any drops with poli-sinc-ext2, other filters might but I haven't tested. I'm not doing convolution either and since no video card no CUDA.
  24. You sure Piero? I was under the impression the Windows Desktop license was different than the Linux "Desktop". I could be wrong though EDIT: Just checked the signalyst.com page, yeah it seems to be the same, don't know why I was thinking it was different (and I was not confused with HQPe)
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