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  1. Will do try your OS Miska, it is actually on a friend of mine system (your customer too), I know it is an older gen Intel,
  2. Yes I know but which hardware USB will support the PCM 1536 on the May..... ???
  3. Right now Audiolinux, I was using Ubuntu in the past, I can use Ubuntu just I found easier to run AL on a USB stick.
  4. Went to 30.12 to be able to do PCM 1536, it plays at like half speed when upsampling PCM and distorted, I am assuming this is because of older gen 6th gen Intel renderer NAA device. Anyone care to recommend what to use as NAA to do PCM 1536? sometimes small cheap and simple?
  5. I do have a monitor connected, there is no message from ramroot I just imaged a new USB and I am reinstalling again, let me see if I run in the same issue
  6. it was on =no but I changed it Still after enabling it it won't load or give an error, shows are enabled but not active Can I get logs somewhere so I can look and check what could be happening?
  7. Sorry @al2813 as I don't think I ever replied to you, better late than never. always run AL on USB, at some point I ran Ubuntu on the NUC and that was on local SSD When I ran the NUC I was feeding the NUC with a 12V JS-2 LPS, I have been running a dedicated fanless Ryzen 5600X for the last 10 - 11 months I repurposed the NUC into an AKASA case but running Jellyfin (a media server like Plex) right next to my bed, works great.
  8. @hifi25nl Piero fresh install when I try to enable ramroot even different combinations of memory etc. it won't activate it, it doesn't even gives me an error trying to load Any idea what could be?
  9. @Miska Something going on with https://www.sonarnerd.net/src/focal Can't open the page
  10. luisma

    HQ Player

    I am running this exact same scenario for myself and 2 friends of mine. Roon server is an Intel i5 / i3 7th Gen type NUC fanless industrial PC, running either Ubuntu from internal SSD or Audiolinux from bootable USB, also in my case my Roon runs on an ESXi VM with minimal resources 3 virtual CPU's and 6 Gb or RAM. Cost $150 HQPlayer server running on latest gen CPU's, in my case a 5600X and my friends on Intel10600K, overclocked, Intel performs slightly better than AMD, well honestly my 5600X setup is fanless so there is no room for some light OC. Cost $1000 - $1350 NAA run
  11. Sorry, separate forum? Could you please explain? I guess I'm outdated
  12. Interesting article, apparently the bandwidth will be improved but latency might be higher too That sounds promising, actual cores doing the job instead of creating SMT chatter, I didn't really get the Threadripper comment, does AMD already doing this? It is clear it will take some time for new Linux kernels to interact with the task scheduler, now I don't really know nor I would ask you what you do on your code but if you are scheduling yourself (which I'm almost sure you do) you have the 30 micro second windows to distribute loads which of course polling and mo
  13. LNS15 preferred over TPDF? or the difference in the graph is made by 20 vs 24 bits?
  14. luisma

    HQ Player

    From PCM redbook to SDM 256
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