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  1. What I would really like (additionally from Qobuz) would be like Tidal the ability of having multiple devices registered and even maybe stream simultaneously to 2 or 3 devices, for example I used to shared my Tidal account with my daughter, I cannot do the same with Qobuz. I understand that Qobuz may not prefer to go into that model (like tidal, netflix etc) or will just prefer to simplify plans, but it would be useful and I'm sure it will move more people out or Tidal over to them ... Just a comment
  2. I had the grandfathered price too but I wasn't using it so I cancelled so I did with Tidal, too many systems, I preferred to simplify
  3. Yeah I did the same thing but did not get the pro rate, maybe because I went from Sublime+ to Premier (different classes) thank you
  4. Did you meant maybe Feb 2019? so you received the prorated price right away, I wonder why mine wasn't like that, maybe because I went from Sublime+ to Premier?
  5. Hi Charles, did you get the prorated billing already or you were billed full price and waiting for a refund?
  6. never mind there is a statement If you subscribe to Sublime+ for another 12-months at $249.99 before Nov.30, 2019, we will issue you a refund based on the value of your plan on the day you switched to the new price. Refunds will be issued starting Dec. 9, 2019. Which basically confirms there will be a refund (one month from now)
  7. Great news and good move from Qobuz, however I have a problem, I was a Sublime+ subscriber, expiring on Jan 29 2020 I decided to subscribe to Studio Premier as I really don't do purchases but only streaming. The system allowed me to do so but my card was charged $149. Now based on this page https://try.qobuz.com/faq-studio-premier/ it seems they should "discount" the remaining value of your subscription in my case almost 3 months and apply this to the new subscription therefore the charge should not have been the full subscription value of $149 Has anyone experienced the same issue?
  8. Hi, silly question but you are using all cores for your HQP correct? with HT disabled, don't know why on my NUC when HT is disabled HQPe only uses the 1st core, and I don't have core isolation of course. If I enabled HT, HQPe uses all cores
  9. that will probably work indeed, led is the best (sorry is it lead or led?) I'm not a native english person. I can't find the video where I wrapped two layers of aluminum foil over the FMC, temporarily of course because it needs to dissipate, the effects !!! NONE, then I went to amazon looking for copper foil, I ended up purchasing $600 of equipment switches, etc. and started testing the one by one, some I did return to Amazon some others I still have em in storage (after 3 years). My findings, the shielding the manufacturers uses makes all the difference, you can't contain RF but you can direct it (kind of) hence my posting above to @bobfa, I was able to use the devices on my application with careful positioning. The worst is the power cable, when FMC's radiates everywhere the DC cable becomes a powerful antenna (the ethernet not so much), yes I know get some RFI/EMI ferrite beads blockers and put it on the cable, sure, tried it and waste my money doing it.
  10. Hi Bob, there is no reference anywhere for this that I could find, this is something I accidentally discovered installing radio systems and I have documented myself with my own videos. Note there is not fact this affects SQ but we all know RFI affects sound somehow, I purchased recently a phone dac that when the tower is far away and the phone uses more power to reach the tower the DAC audio buzzes because of the phone RFI power. the FMC on my empirical measurements transmit with 30 to 40 dbm which as you could imagine is a lot for it. I mentioned this on this forum but I'll pm you my Dropbox link and you'll be the judge. Note also on my experiments the shielding quality of the FMC is paramount, and you'll be surprised finding expensive Catalyst latest Gen and HPe equipment leaking RF. Contrary to all reasoning inexpensive ubiquity equipment with their standard sfps provided excellent lateral shielding
  11. Thank you Bob for the the updates, just remember the FMC when connected to fiber will generate a 810 mhz 40db noise radio signal which may interfere with other things, this signal is highly directional if the FMC have good shielding so orienting the device to "splash" the wave where it doesn't "hurt" might make a difference. Good summer project indeed Take care
  12. Hi Alvin, yes it could be, it was only ONCE, it hasn't happened again, just the 1st time, I don't think it is important to me but reported it because it might be worth it for Denafrips BTW all my comparisons etc are done using PCM, I listen to PCM 90% of the time, so these changes on firmware Alvin maybe you could confirm if were supposed to affect only PCM or only DSD or both.... maybe I'm hearing placebo 🙂
  13. 5th song Skyfall with violinist Caroline Campbell, which I use for evaluating my system as I know it very well, detailed as I it was before, sounds little better than the Amanero board before but I just turned on my amps and pre amp and the 42 triodes have to warm up a little more and I expect the sound to further improve. Great awesome update, as I type I hear more and more improvement. I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with my system of a few months ago I would say anyone reading this with the initial iteration of the new DSP board if you are sure your board is from before Sept 15 go ahead and upgrade, if you want you can listen to a few songs before and after for ABing Thanks again Alvin
  14. Hi Alvin @alvin1118 Followed the upgrade procedure, after the upgrade turning off the Terminator and ALL of my equipment digital and analog, first song played have a horrible ringing (see video) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2a1ayiw7nl9tgsv/TERMINATOR-AFTERUPG.mp4?dl=0 After switching to another song it started playing properly, I can confirm without doubt as I noticed before reading these further posts that there is an improvement in clarity. When I installed and received the new board I missed the Amanero board, the sound clarity and articulation on the amanero PCM 384 sounded to me better than the new board with PCM 1024, the conversion and switching between DSD and PCM were mostly gone, I say mostly because maybe once I experienced the glitch with the new board but possibly related to change in the source content as well. I never said anything about the Amanero board sounding better because it is my own opinion and most reviewers and users here reported otherwise. Now with the new firmware update I just heard 3 songs, right now and I can say it is indeed an improvement (I'm not a subjective person as you can tell by the amanero board sounding better story above) maybe other users experienced the same and did not mention it neither. Maybe Denafrips would like to investigate why the ringing after the upgrade or confirm it is a known issue, it might be helpful to them.
  15. And thank you for continuing to update this great software, your contribution to the audio community it is extremely valuable
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