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  1. is it possible to bridge the wifi and network interfaces together? having each a different ip and subnet?
  2. Same error I was getting @antonellocaroli @Patatorz you did not choose to uninstall here (crossed out) correct? at the same time install and uninstall
  3. I guess I can copy the USB to another and try
  4. Did the update on the web interface, intel core i7 and when rebooted did not load, gave a UEFI related error, can't remember now the exact error but it was like it couldn't find the boot files
  5. I did manually but I could not boot anymore, was like the UEFI was broken What's the proper way of doing this?
  6. With the W-2255 which provides some extra cores and same turbo speed the cost is very effective I just think I'm going to go the building route with the silent fans and board and chassis But the cost of the workstation is undeniably good
  7. @antonellocaroli Hi Antonello, hope you are safe there in Italy. I have a NUC with 2 network cards, one wired one wireless my config with other OS's is usually Wifi wlan0 - - Gateway Wired eth0 - - Gateway NONE I can configure wifi or wired but not both at the same time with the scripts Can I just edit the network files directly? where are these files? Thank you
  8. When installing a new system should we do this: - gp-update - emerge-webrsync (takes a long time) Or also add these below - emerge --update --deep --with-bdeps=y --newuse @world - emerge --depclean - revdep-rebuild
  9. Did the update CPU Microcode from the web interface, after reboot UEFI stopped loading the system, don't know really why, I am installing it again but just FYI
  10. how about the 2255? only a few bucks more but 2 more cores and price per core will be less..... I believe I misunderstood, this CPU you are considering is for your development workstation, not exactly for HQP upsampling .... I might have confused the meaning
  11. Jussi the Xeon you want to get will it outperform (in your opinion) the i9-9900K?
  12. Do you forecast Jussi this xeon will perform better than the 9900K and Ryzen 3900?
  13. To me the Terminator provides several things, the important ones are: The power supply have excellent quality and it is isolated at the bottom of the chassis, you don't need to spend any extra on an expensive LPS The final analog stage is very good The quality reproduction of native hires content is better (subjectively of course) than other DAC's, even more expensive ones. The initial stage digital filters are very good, of course many of us are using HQP to upsample but for those who don't use HQP at all the DAC can do all the functions with no issues
  14. And my advise use normal distance SFP's for single mode (less than 5 miles), the more complex and the more distance the SFP have the more RFI should generate, although shielding could be actually better on those, as a matter of fact I haven't tested those, but I know it will increase the radiated RFI. Stay away from BiDi at all cost, even wider spectrum RFI, use regular dual fibers LC's SFP's Ubiquity is a great brand and very inexpensive Avoid the FMC's (fiber media converters) if possible My 2 cents
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