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  1. Yes it does work, "sudo apt install linux-lowlatency-hwe-20.04" supports the Intel I219-V driver present on the Z590M boards.
  2. Better performance still with Intel than the AMD package on the Intel 11th Gen 11600K, but thanks for the tip
  3. will try it out will try both AMD and INTEL
  4. Previous post correction. Board is Z590M Pro4 which has I219-V the Z590 Pro4 has a Dragon NIC onboard.
  5. I'm listening to the Rumours - Fleetwood Mac 44.1 kHz, a recording I know well and I'm listening through my headphones testing the system, there are things there in that recording that I have never heard before with such detail, this is incredible
  6. Just finished building and testing a new HQPe server for a friend. The build has: i5-11600K Noctua NH-D15 Z590 Asrock Pro4 Seasonic fanless 600W Fractal Define 7 OC Profile 5.1 GHz CPU Ratio: 51 AVX2 Ratio Offset: 2 AVX-512 Ratio Offset: 2 Long Duration Power Limit: 180W Long Duration Maintained: 80s DRAM XMP 2.0 Profile 1 - DDR4-2666 13-15-15-35 1.35V Voltage Mode: OC Mode CPU Core / Cache Voltage: 1.52 CPU Core Cable Load Line Calibration: Level 1 Everything else on d
  7. @Miskawow perfect load distribution, the new releases gets better and better with CPU, never would have expected to see this Although when changing the source to 44.1/16 and doing DSD256 the load changes
  8. One more inquiry, which video card you would recommend to offload the filters? model, brand?
  9. What I have seen with ext3 is more intense processing but not on the main 2 cores but the other 2, Jussi really nailed down the core distribution loads on this one. So on my 5600X DSD256 ASDM7EC ext2 DSD256 ASDM7EC ext3 Same as ext2 on cores 1 and 4 but more usage on 3 and 5
  10. Can the 11600K do EC modulators with poli sinc 3? Would it be best to go with Ryzen 5600X vs 11600K ? I might go with a cheaper build now and later on Jan 2022 get the 12th gen chip
  11. @bobflood thank you for the tips, definitely would be worth waiting for. The M1X/M2 chip would be great but it seems it won't play well with HQPe, only on the MAC environment.
  12. Building a new active system with fans, it will be air cooled with a Noctua and other fans, water cooled is really a lot of hassle down the road with the pump and maintenance, I have an Intel CPU with a Noctua since 2011 (10 years) and the Noctua and the PC still usable. Which CPU of the current ones out there would you recommend for an HQPe build? 11900K / 11900KF 11700K / KF even 11600K Ryzen 5800X The target would be of course EC modulators which is achievable with any of the above listed CPU's currently (DSD256) but looking at the future which of
  13. If you are asking for a non techie way of accomplishing this with "off the shelf" devices and without needing to access a computer I hardly doubt you will find any. I personally have helped others to experience HQPlayer sending them small PC's running the software, some users have decided the sound is so good that they can't turn back to their former systems (including known speakers manufacturers). I have done this at no cost just because I'm friendly, I don't sell PC's, I don't sell HQPlayer and I'm not associated with the industry at all but I provide no cost advice, you can take it or leav
  14. Very nice article Chris, as many others I'm familiar with Mitch and his guides over the years configuring convolution software (thanks Mitch) I will definitely check HLC
  15. luisma

    HQ Player

    Hi Jussi: You have probably seen this but just in case. https://www.wireguard.com/ Much faster than IPSEC and OpenVPN Included within the Linux kernel Runs in any device, even Raspberry Pi's Seems like a good case for your VPN if you don't have it working already :) Take care
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