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  1. Pardon me asking, when you did this comparison from BEST to WORST did you followed the same exact testing for all OS's and conditions? meaning consistently using the same player (from your 3rd line) in this case ROON? I'm asking because to me these is a difference between ROON playing and STYLUS playing in Euphony (I prefer Stylus) and would like to know your opinion. Thanks
  2. I tested desktop in Windows not in Linux and then purchased HQPe (Embedded), will run in Ubuntu in headless version, that's the way I was running it before and loved it, I know it is not as cost effective as the Desktop version but the convenience for a minimal footprint OS is there. Also if you decide to move away from Ubuntu and run Miska's image HQP OS with extra optimizations over Ubuntu you can do it with embedded as well and if you decide to try something else like Audiolinux, Euphony etc. the embedded license will work there as well. To me the headless convenience of HQPe makes all the difference. Now if you are very pragmatic and you are absolutely sure you are fine with Ubuntu and a desktop environment and that won't change then I guess you can go with Desktop. Not having to run desktop leaves more resources for HQPe upsampling and OS apps and services won't compete with it. I was running Bubble Upnp player something at some point from a tablet or something for this but don't really remember the details. but I think you can connect it to Tidal and stream to HQPe.
  3. You running multihomed? wireless to the internet and then network to an NAA? sorry not much info, I am running that config I just mentioned
  4. luisma

    HQ Player

    Oh yeah, that would be phase 2, 🙂 We can also have the player software (roon, stylus) to pass tag genre info to HQP and HQP automatically play that specific track with a selected filter for that genre.
  5. luisma

    HQ Player

    This is something interesting and that could be very useful, not an apples to apples comparison but euphony for example has a PCM conversion table where you select a conversion rate for each source material 44.1, 48, 88, 96, here we are talking about dsd with more complex options of course and will still need the auto rate option etc. Let's see what @Miskathinks about it
  6. luisma

    HQ Player

    @Miska, I am planning on getting an ADI-2 DAC supposedly the THD and noise levels for the price are great, if compared to the Pro-ject S2 with HQPe which one would you prefer? the ADI probably?
  7. Ha, I was at the Florida Audio Show at their room and I asked them about John W and they said he was still under contract with Pro-ject. Which by the way the room was another company, Merrill Audio maybe? who owns Pro-ject?
  8. Hi Bob, I am waiting as DHL just left a notice for delivering my new DAC board which upgrades my DAC to support DSD1024 and PCM 1536kHz as well as other improvements like new FPGA code, new 5 LDO voltage regulators, improved quality, which pretty much is going to send me back to zero and to the drawing board of testing , funny feeling I'm excited for what it could bring but I already got used to like the existing board (now obsolete). I have to do a test to see if Euphony works fine with this board, the old one Zeljko had to do specific adjustments to support it, and so on so it will be fun. Will report back.
  9. And since you mentioned the movies you may prefer either one because of bass reproduction is very good in both cases in PCM, upsampling DSD sounds a lot cleaner and open at the expense of bass presentation moving back IMO and OMSS (on my specific system)
  10. Agreed Well I noticed that playing PCM and even upsampling PCM as little as 44.1 to 48 in Stylus creates a difference, more IMO than going from 44.1 to 384 (with my DAC and in proportion) for example from 44.1 to 48 80% improvement from 44.1 to 384 100% to use some numbering. DSD is a different story and recently found that the only time I prefer DSD over PCM is with the new HQPe modulators with DSD128 which is the max I can reach with ASDM7EC. I have been warned to not enter into PCM / DSD discussions on other forums, I hope @bobfa doesn't consider this to be OT as I believe it is directly related to the whole AL / Euphony comparison. And I don't want to start that discussion either just posting my opinion because with my Denafrips Terminator (old Amanero board) it does makes a night and day difference to me and what software / player I prefer over another.
  11. I'm going to give HQP OS a try, I always used just the NAA image because of the smaller footprint but seems HQP OS is more complete. Thanks
  12. If you are happy with normal cables go for it but I kind of share @charlesphotoopinion, with the exception of the you don't have a clue what you are taking about comment 🙂 Ghent cables and support are great, speakers, USB, ethernet, for the money although a little more sexpensive than others the quality is great. But if you believe in other cables of course by all means, I don't have all the answers
  13. Hi, What Miska states is the regular cables with plastic connectors provides isolation, the Ghent cable not being connected on the metal plugs provides the same, with the jssg360 add on, Now the jssg360 is a cuestionable thing, many believe in it some won't, and the metal plugs like @R1200CLmentioned will provide EMI shielding. Sorry for jumping in, just going through the thread
  14. Never mind, I'm only ramroot on the naa not the server so your post explains it, sorry to hear.
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