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  1. Just reporting back that Gentooplayer and the Denafrips Terminator are compatible. I reported an issue early on where using 1024 PCM in HQPlayer only played 768 and 705, increasing the HQP value to 1536 allowed playing at 1536 and 1411. Seemed there was an issue but it is the source content and auto bit rate feature and 48k option sometimes in HQP (which by the way it is BRILLIANT) which was limiting the playback resolution. So Gentooplayer, HQPe, Roon, Denafrips, excellent combo Last but not least special thanks to @antonellocaroli for supporting me and helping me out troubleshooting.
  2. switching now, should I run the alsa selecting tool?
  3. let me know if is still confusing and I will send step by step what I did
  4. I cannot pass 768, I am using Roon + HQplayer on a NUC running Ubuntu and the Gentooplayer is running NAA on a fanless NUC connected USB to the DAC, with other software like Audiolinux running on the fanless NUC I can send 1536 to my DAC but the Gentooplayer ALSA allows a maximum of 768 Maybe I need to select a specific driver?
  5. Maybe this has been answered before but I don't recall seeing it in this thread. Configuring the ALSA device, my DAC in this case, provides a maximum supported rate of 768000, all content played even though my DAC support 1536, plays at 768, can this be changed? In my case I'm playing PCM does this limitations apply also to DSD? I am running embedded x64 on intel.
  6. Went through the thread, it seems with Roon Squeezelite is the one to use. Will start testing different combinations on a fanless Celeron nuc
  7. Those of you reporting Squeezelite as good sounding endpoint, which one you use SQL or SQL R2 ? If I will be usin Roon as the server
  8. Does anyone knows if the Allo Sig plays along with the new board?
  9. does anyone here have a Denafrips Terminator (2nd gen board)? the original Allo Bridge+Sparky don't support the new board, I understand it is more a DietPi kernel type of issue so just wondering
  10. Well the Sparky as an NAA works just like with DietPi which is the DAC is recognized as Denafrips HiRes but when playing the audio comes out as twice or three times the speed, so that means the driver used on the Gentoo kernel is probably the same as the DietPi one. So I guess it is a dead end for now to run on Sparky. I'm going to try it next on x86 architecture Thank you
  11. Thank you so much Antonello, I think this will be a dead end for me with this Sparky board so I won't be bothering you often, I am going to get the Allo Sig eventually
  12. There is no web interface for sparky or so it seems, just the gp-menu The sparky kernel is 3.10.38, trying to find out if it can be updated
  13. so my take is you don't use this server anymore but the mac mini correct? and before the expensive server was connected directly to your DAC and now you use the MAC + the endpoint (sig in this case)
  14. I would have expected more noise coming from a USB drive that from a remotely located NAS but I read that might not be the actual case, very interesting.
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