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  1. Sorry for the OT but it related to the May indirectly, and this might bring more traffic to this topic, recent posts from Jussi he has recommended 18 bits LNS for most ladder DAC's, don't know if going from 20 bits to 18 bits will make a huge difference. Me too but I was never a fan of their upsampling I kind of agree, let's say 85% with this statement but once I played some files directly (not Roon) to my DAC (not the May but similar) and the sound was incredible without HQP (and without Roon), this was very subjective that's why I asked for all of your opinions regardi
  2. Oh I thought you did, ok, don't want to derail the thread just that on my DAC which is the May's competition PCM sounds better (subjectively) that DSD and was wondering if you had the May if that wasn't the case. Thanks
  3. and for what is worth have you tried the May without using (bypassing) HQP? again I will be delighted to hear your opinion ...
  4. I just noticed your previous post, so you do prefer "decisively" DSD over PCM? I'm not trying to be rhetorical just truly curious about your experience. You using EC modulators?
  5. Have you? I think they are not so much into digital processing with HQP and more into feeding standard redbook and outputting using only the DAC internals, not everyone is a fan of HQP
  6. luisma

    HQ Player

    Thank you for keeping adding functionality to HQP, @Miska, DSP processing like this is wonderful
  7. Which would it be a good place to look up info on how to configure the parametric equalizer, and what the HF filters do and how to use these? the manual at /usr/share/doc/hqplayerd ?
  8. It looks perfect, it matches what I have and of course updates the paths, the only thing I will update in my case, 1. #Download Ubuntu http://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso 2. Every download I add the -4 to wget to force IPv4, it takes some time for the download to happen otherwise "sudo wget -4" 3. Used to install these "sudo apt-get install libflac8 libasound2 libasound2-data libasound2-plugins" but not needed per Miska's comments before about dependencies getting resolved. This looks perfect, thank you and Mis
  9. Yeah I'm on the same path, I bought this fanless 1 year ago that's why I decided to finish it but I am planning to go eventually to the same build you have (which Miska have I think too) Seasonic fanless right? I get these intel computers with Celerons and Pentiums, fanless, almost no heat, you could power these with a 12V LPS if you want, very tiny NUC like for $80 - $100, no ram no ssd, you could add your own, and even wireless if you want. You can install ANY flavor of Linux in it, the BIOS is very detailed, you could disable USB ports, SATA, audio etc. if you want to disab
  10. As a matter of fact let me review my installation notes, update these with your comments and Miska's. I remember I installed alsa-utils like he recommended, and I installed one or two more things possibly, not completely related but useful, glances I think was one of them, although htop is very good these days and sometimes all that you need
  11. You did indeed :) yeah I don't like either to bug people, even when sometimes I'm entitled to support (and I'm not talking about HQPlayer but some other things), even with this entitlement I don't ask the developers unless I have no other solution.
  12. I am doing the same thing because mainly I would like to "try" kernel 6.1 for Zen3 support, if it works "better" I will use it and when Miska blends current kernels into his custom I will start using his custom. My first HQPe box 3 years ago or so was Ubuntu with custom kernel and worked flawless, I was very happy with it, then I tried Audiolinux and Gentooplayer which are great too and I support them but the distro is really a little behind compared to Ubuntu, nothing wrong with archlinux at all if you go Intel CPU and intel NIC but in my case with Realtek Nic and Zen3 I would like to tr
  13. luisma

    HQ Player

    trying to look at the parametric equalizer but I can't open all the tabs because I'm not licensed, any screenshots of the parametric equalizer?
  14. Thank you, to be honest I have no PCI cards, no extra devices at all, no updates on the BIOS were made, but something might have been detected by the system. I added a rule, this is a PC with no video card, on a different part of the house and fixing it takes some time, relocating parts etc. so I just tested it and works In my case echo "SUBSYSTEM==\"net\", ACTION==\"add\", ATTR{address}==\"8c:c6:81:f0:eb:0a\", NAME=\"wlp6s0\"" > /etc/udev/rules.d/10-network.rules Does it Thanks
  15. luisma

    HQ Player

    It will have to be tested but definitely the power budget it is critical, if you could do water cooling or very good (Noctua and such) air cooling results could be better with higher cores, I say "could" because like Miska have noted before "sluggish intracore chatter" and that (added to the high utilization on certain cores) limits the entire system. I am hopeful kernel 6.1 will bring some refreshment to the Zen3 architecture, that implies using distros suitable for such kernel, we will see. So far with my 5600X I "could" do 256 EC7 (on most filters) by means of OC. I'm on passive cooling and
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