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  1. I just configured coincidentally this afternoon before noticing your thread a Cisco switch for the audio network, no vlans, just 1, connected the naa on port 1 and the HQPE on the last port 8 to keep the cables separated as much as possible, shutdown administratively all other ports, disabled http and http secure servers and other Cisco services like password encryption etc, now it occurs to me that maybe mtu should be kept small but at the risk of fragmentation or maybe not, honestly the SQ advantages should be in significant. Miska your multicast I haven't Wiresharked yet, is it tcp with buffering? 10 bytes or so per packet? To improve the stream? Gosh is late, I'm not making any sense here, good night everyone
  2. U guys are sick L3 switches and vlans at home, I run everything untagged but I separate at the real physical level with different switches. Bridge the networks with ruckus wave 2 aps
  3. Easier to have dual nics, never trust windows and stupid drivers, I have had problems with other versions of windows although historically Intel have been the most stable
  4. This is exactly my point, speaking lightly and without proof of course I would say a comparison between these 2 would have to be defined in advance on the HQP side, I strongly believe that implementation, hardware, software, tuning, os etc can lead to HQP to sound even better and also worse. All depends on the testing environment definition.
  5. I just finished listening to your entire playlist and it is great, this is something very helpful to have on these reviews, like it all with the exception of the Gorecki track, not one to my liking. Call me simplistic but the quality of daft punks Within I was far surprised by it.
  6. Thank you Rajiv for bringing closure, I have been following. This comparison indeed would be awesome, just that there would be more variables to consider on the software upscaling side that on the closed fixed mscaler ecosystem, some parametrization would be required
  7. Well what you are saying makes perfect sense, I actually disconnected the wireless and got in the car so the phone switched IP. It was not playing at that time during the disconnect. In both instances (WIFI and 4G) the content was offline content but of course the app still goes online for control etc. But since they confirmed it is a known issue I don't see any reason to post anything else here related to that. Thanks for the tip. I will try it regardless.
  8. @bobbmd I have no problems being patient, if the issue is known and acknowledged as I reported it before, if that's the case of course I can wait. I totally understand launching a new service like this and supporting it is very challenging, I have been 40 years in the IT industry. Note the issue I particularly had with Roon went away and I totally opened a ticket with Roon and requested Qobuz support to close the ticket as the Qobuz app was just working good. And on this post I myself stated it was a Roon's issue not Qobuz. This repeated issue I have (and the reason I mentioned ridiculous for the frustration of the moment no meaning to "hurt" any hyper sensitivities) happens with only one device with the Qobuz app installed (not Roon), an offline playlist (the song is on my phone not even streaming), played from the phone through the phone speaker is just fine, connected to bluetooth (without any other device playing etc) it says the service is personal. That's why I mentioned the bluetooth as it may provide a hint into something specific and help troubleshooting (maybe not?). I don't know where you are getting that I am making "direct" and "hurtful" comments to @dmackta or @David Craff, if I referenced an issue before (from what I recall) it was in a proper and polite way and on this thread, which last time I checked is to discuss these issues. This is public site and we (all) have to abide by the rules, we are not here for picking fights or wasting our or someone else's time. As a matter of fact the only direct addressing I have was here to @dmackta and was actually thanking him. Last but not least, your condescend comment of listening to other service or Sirius is completely out of place here, we are not acquaintances you and I and if I do have or not other services that is my own business not yours or anyone else's.
  9. This issue were I cannot use qobuz from my phone started again, I played a song on my phone with no issues 1/2 hour ago, then got in the car Bluetooth connected and tried to play another song and qobuz won't let me thinking there is another device playing, any of you experiencing this issue? I cannot use it, this is ridiculous
  10. Very true, and it was redesigned to have focused patterns, just the needed transmission power, wider bandwidth to make it more efficient, active scanning to create less interference etc.
  11. I have been asking many times on this site if someone have measure the effects of EMI (should we say RFI instead?) on digital signal integrity, RFI is overlooked and I get the impression most of us here believe aluminum and copper foil is a good way of blocking. Empirical testing has shown that foil, braided sleeving etc indeed improves (or affects) things SQ wise no doubt about it but my own testing shows this blocking depends on the power of the radio wave and affects it only by 0.01 to as much as 0.1 watts which is really nothing.
  12. I will send it back too, it is advertised and though voltage is within range and regulated for 25V there will be a difference using rated 35 vs 50 caps in terms of performance and longevity. Reminded me the issue with my project s2 pink capacitors recall.
  13. I want one but it is out of my budget
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