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  1. The little things in life
  2. Going back onto music I am just tasting freshly received high rated 6SN7WGTAs oh my, I can't stop
  3. Ha, thing with brunello is has to be ready, I enjoy it without food just like amarone, IMHO these are enjoyed without any maridaje better. Sorry Chris for going completely and utterly off topic here
  4. Calypso blues from the Voyage album is very good, that and a bottle of good brunello 2008 is an amazing experience
  5. I was referring to new music, and this is interesting to me. I was very narrowed 30 years ago into rock music then 15 years ago my taste in music changed, I diversified, now I listen more to jazz, big band, swing, bossa nova, pop, single instrument, vocals etc than rock alone. Also let's be realistic I think rock recordings for some reason are the worst for good quality, it is the hardest music to appreciate in good systems, my rock reference tracks to evaluate new equipment are supertramp school, dire Straits private investigations, Genesis abacab and very specific ones, some recordings are imposible to use for reference due to the bad source quality digital or vinyl. So Iike to discover new music usually non rock related (wife hates rock 😕) Right now I'm listening to youn sun nah which I 1st heard at axpona, wonderful soloist, for you @Johnseye is probably old for me it is revealing and new
  6. This is off topic but it might be helpful, how much time do we spend selecting new music? Every time I go to a show I try to build a Playlist with new tracks etc. If we could share these that would be helpful to minimize research and improve listening and enjoyment. I wanted to ask David Solomon as I heard he has great selections if he would be willing 2 share some of his content but again such hectic schedule I did not have the chance after Chris's panel. Is there's a topic for sharing new Playlists?
  7. Thanks @bobfaand @Johnseyefor meeting up yesterday at Chris's panel, always nice to meet in person, with the size of the show and the snow there wasn't too much time for much else. Last night wife and I went to winter's Jazz club, for $15 you are sitting 4 feet from the live performance of the Chicago jazz orchestra, all big band arrangements of Duke Ellington, Dizzie Gillespie etc., incredible, again with the rush of everything I forgot to mention that, it was a very good opportunity for big band and jazz aficionados
  8. Guys I'm here by the bar café area the only people I will be able to find are austinpop and bobfa but no one here
  9. Vinnie rossi stilettos also debuting I think
  10. I will be there I think Friday and Saturday, Sunday I'm not planning to attend so I won't be there
  11. Sure Saturday 12:30 sounds good to me, based on your photo I just don't know if they will let you in at the bar
  12. I have used Allo Bridge, custom Ubuntu and Linux custom image with no issue, you may want to be sure you have the latest and stable Amanero firmware.
  13. I'm planning right now for both shows, definitely Munich is a go for me, hope you guys can attend
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