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  1. For this to work I need some other input into hqp OS right? Currently mconnect or bubble UPnP from Android tablet can't see hqp os natively
  2. I'm currently testing the 5V on my system, I will provide feedback when I get some final results
  3. For the last 6 months or so yes it does support Qobuz
  4. ssh doesn't seem to be enabled nor installed, probably by design to create a minimum footprint and efficient OS
  5. Very nice simplification, is there anything to stream qobuz?
  6. I'm trying to figure out on Miska's @Miska HQP OS image where to add the following command to load at startup wpa_supplicant -B -i wlp3s0b1 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf I tested it and works fine I just can't find the inittab or init.d locations / files
  7. It doesn't get any more headless than that
  8. From the AL install section 6) Launch gparted and extend the ext4 partition until covering the remaining part of the hard disk (this will fix also GPT size errors. note that you will need more than the default size for Roon database) Then a little later If you install from Windows, you can use Rufus version 2.18 with option "dd" or Etcher --> In this case you will miss step 6) of installation guide above. For a possible solution see this guide case 1) but installation with these applications is not recommended.
  9. HI, don't know if could be your case but just flashing the drive doesn't expand the partition that AL uses, in my case after flashing I mount the drive on a Ubuntu virtual machine and expand it. I think this can be done within AL too I have check. When you doing the cleaning you are freeing some space and that's why it worked......... For now!
  10. Been trying to get a more powerful computer to play using HQPe. Dedicated my NUC server to NAA and a gaming rig to be the server. Can't play for some reason, RoonServer and HQPe running on Audiolinux ---> NAA ---> USB Denafrips DAC HQPe is the trial version (my license is tied to the NUC which is the NAA now). the NAA is discoverable, any ideas what could be happening? I get the no suitable output rate from the log like if the DAC is not supported but it is detected, there is a driver, even Roon can play to it with no issues. and the NAA is online. NAA log sh: /etc/networkaudiod/onconnected: No such file or directory [networkaudiod] (903): Found ALSA device: hw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 - USB HiRes Audio: USB Audio [networkaudiod] (903): begin disconnection [networkaudiod] (903): ALSA backend uninitialized sh: /etc/networkaudiod/ondisconnected: No such file or directory [networkaudiod] (903): disconnected [::ffff:]:52332 [networkaudiod] (903): discovery from [::ffff:]:47307 [networkaudiod] (903): discovery from [::ffff:]:47307 [networkaudiod] (903): discovery from [::ffff:]:38693 [networkaudiod] (903): discovery from [::ffff:]:38693 HQPe Log + 2019/08/17 19:40:21 Control connection from + 2019/08/17 19:40:21 Control started from & 2019/08/17 19:40:21 Stop... & 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Playlist clear & 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Playlist add URI: & 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Play 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Offload: resampler=disabled convolution=disabled + 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Playback engine running 2019/08/17 19:40:23 No suitable output rate for 96000, stop 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Stop request (tail) & 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Stop... 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Parallel threads: 4 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Nested parallelism: 4 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Parallel pipelines: 4 - 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Network engine stopping... - 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Playback engine stopped & 2019/08/17 19:40:23 ...stopped 2019/08/17 19:40:23 Set volume: -8
  11. Very interesting, which processor do you have?
  12. No, I wish I could but not with the filters / modulators I'm using, I am waiting on Allo @Audio_Allo but thought you / Denafrips with your resources could have a driver for Dietpi
  13. Hi Alvin @alvin1118 I cannot use the Allo Bridge with the new DSP board, the Amanero board worked fine but the Allo Bridge Dietpi have the incorrect driver. While I already turned to Allo @Allo @ALLOsupport @Audio_Allo to figure out the driver issue I'm also asking you as you or Denafrips probably would know how to support the board on these devices. Do you know any Linux Dietpi etc. drivers that could be used? Thanks
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