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  1. I got mine and these some internal pictures.
  2. You think SDA-6 good enough without U16 ?
  3. The NOS in this DAC will show more benefit if you feed it a higher sampling signal.
  4. How do you control volume ? I see -60bd for min vol.
  5. Are you using Driver 5.0 ? 广州声仕电子有限公司 - 广州声仕电子有限公司 (singxer.com) Try 5.0 and the previous one.
  6. Is there Native DSD option or only DSD DoP ?
  7. I placed an order :) to be paired with SA-1
  8. XMOS 216 has 4 times the processing power of 208 and this is needed with MQA decoding, but to receive a USB signal the 208 doing fine and the whole galvanic isolation with SDA-6 is another level to be compared with D90 implementation.
  9. @SwissBear Dear, can you confirm what is the highest sampling rate can SDA-6 accept in PCM with NOS mode. It accepted 1024dsd higher than spec so is it possible to get 1.5mhz pcm ?
  10. Just ground the mini PC. use any cable and let it touch any port.
  11. w1000i

    HQ Player

    Does HQplay support X2 power of sampling rate AUTO. I mean if I have 48khz file I want to reach 768 automatically and if 44 to 706. But it seams only I have to choose one sampling rate
  12. w1000i

    HQ Player

    New review for HQplayer vs Mscaler. 🤩 HQPlayer - Better Than a $5,000 Upscaler? - The Battle - Audio Bacon
  13. I don't think Audio GD product worth it. The can't meet there spec and noisy.
  14. انا كذلك لا أستطيع المساعدة
  15. Artist: Keiko Matsui Album: The Ring
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