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  1. As per measurements is so clean, but you find skeptical opinions all the times. If you wan to see if its clean or not try optical input and the USB and if you didn't see a different then that it
  2. A18 is better optimization of A22 with better measurements.
  3. What I understood from Topping designer, some DACs uses passive LPF path for the preamp like SMSL M400. This Gustard has active LPF as per their advertisement.
  4. Is there any guidance/explaine for modulators differences ?
  5. Audio-GD not know for clean USBs. Get a well designed DAC without the hassle of digital interfaces.
  6. I believe with new AKM4499 chips and cheap option, it is going to be easy to evaluate high price DACs. Maybe after two years the market of expensive DACs will shrink dramatically. Only good R2R or FPGA will may justify there price with high cost of BOM
  7. There is a new AKM4499 DAC could outperform D90 with great Preamp section. Gustard A18
  8. You mention the peramp in D90, and FYI Topping is about to lunch P90 as preamp and going to be the cleanest in the world alongside A90 a headphone amplifier.
  9. Do you think it's better than Audio gd R7 (r2r) ?
  10. How do you evaluate the D90 compare to other DACs you tried ?
  11. Can you speech Japanese ? why not a review in Japanese
  12. I think Topping and other brand brought the best of DAC world to cheap price <1k$ everyone can affords with a lot of functions. They just implement a perfect DAC design without bullshit.
  13. Each DAC is filtering the input signal from USB, and I prefers a DAC with documented clean filtration. For isolation I read rob watt a DAC designer mentioned that the best isolation is a galvanic, so I suggest to try https://ifi-audio.com/products/nano-igalvanic3-0/
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