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  1. I have to ask though if you’ve tried at all? Sacrilegious perhaps but maybe also just continual improvement.
  2. I’ve had a good experience with a Matrix X-Spdif 2. Innuos server > usb > x-spdif 2 > optical > m scaler. The x-spdif is a reclocker and outputs optical (amongst other formats) which many say is the preferred input on the m scaler. To be honest i haven’t done deep tasting but i had an xspdif already and felt it was a slight improvement at the least. The x-spdif also allows for this party linear power supplies which is good.
  3. It seems OT now but has anyone heard the two? Love to know relative performance of each for pure signal upgrade.
  4. @The Computer Audiophile thanks for this review. I’m at my wits end running a large db on nas and a fire in my laptop. Continually rescans the library at the drop of a hat (even though set to 24hr interval) and can’t handle any dsp. So your solution is appealing. One question though, would there be any performance or sq hit in your system if you also used the same qnap for general file storage? ie photos movies files etc? To justify the cost i’d be looking for the qnap to run double duties. Thanks
  5. I have a Digione and wondering if anyone can suggest a way to setup either: a) manage playback of local files via a touchscreen (touchscreen controlling the OS directly or an ipad/android app directly connected). or b) use the digione essentially like an ipod shuffle (headless and a few physical buttons for play/pause, skip). In either case i want notging to do with a network.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. The FC9 case seems a winner and the hdplex 800w internal unit also. Can i ask what CPU you have installed?
  7. Hi @jonathan_s i can’t add much to your quest yet but think we’re on the same path. I have a Zenith MkII running Roon and love it (especially in squeeze mode). My library is too big and i want to take it to work and then home on weekends so to get 8tb internal SSD and to utilise the recent movement here to high speed cpu’s i’m making my own. HDPlex is out of the H3 cases so i’ve gone the H1 which will be great to transport but i need a thin mini-itx mobo to be able to fit a pink faun usb card. Intel based mobos that fit that profile are all long in the tooth. All this to get to my questi
  8. Thanks @Chopin75 yes portable just for the computer (so server and drives (ideally in one box). Then an HDPlex at home and one at work. Good tips there for the Apacer and I had been looking at SotM's USB card but Pink Faun looks good too. Not sure i understand the ecache suggestion as the ecache would need to be 6tb?? Thanks
  9. @romaz et al, i’m about to build a fanless case music computer as per the latest summaries on the intro post. I need it to be an all in one box that i can take to work each day (leaving LPS’s at work and home so only the computer is transported). I need internal library storage to the tune of 6tb though. I had been assuming 2x 4tb SSDs would do the trick but seeing talk that they could be noisy. Considering playback is via RAM though would a cheaper spinning drive have any worse SQ when all considered?
  10. It worked! I got a trial of Izotope's RX Elements and played around with the auto-repair which includes a de-clip function. Sounds great now! No fuzz from clipping.
  11. Thanks I had considered this but was never sure if it was the track or my system. I'll give this a go on offending pieces.
  12. Wondering how to troubleshoot what i think is called hash. On some of the lower-fi recordings in my collection it gets a little distorted when the singer hits a strong point (like a crescendo type moment in singing). Could be bad recording but some tracks i hear it more or less on different systems. I'm hearing it more now since upgrading my system a bit. The sound is great but i'm hearing the hash/distortion more. Any tips on how to troubleshoot it and get rid of the hash (or at least know if it's my system of the recordings)? And is it called hash? I tried googling but obviously the internet
  13. Sorry to bother but i'm seeing 2 options for the Netgear GS105, which is the JS recommended? https://www.umart.com.au/Netgear-GS105PE-5-Port-Gigabit--2-Port-POE--No-Power-Adapter_27922G.html https://www.umart.com.au/Netgear-GS105-5-Port-Gigabit-switch_5604G.html Thanks!
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